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Ho. Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas (Eve), if you are reading this on the day that I am writing it (which means that you must have hacked into my account because I decided to post this on the 27th :)). It’s finally that time of the year that I’ve been waiting for since Boxing Day last year…almost. Paul tells me he has never seen me this excited about something as I am about Christmas this year. All I want to do is sing and dance…but for the mental health of my neighbors, I do this in little doses. Also, it’s time for our monthly round-up for the month of December and I couldn’t be happier for things slowing down a bit.

If you read my last round-up, you already know that last month was as hectic as it can get so I am in heavens over the calmness of this month. I am writing this post on the 24th of December, in the morning, when Paul is still sleeping. The Christmas tree is lit and the presents seem to be winking at me…I am so tempted! But I wouldn’t dare do them any harm until tonight. But see you later, presents! (alligator)

1. Jewellery Box event

Now it feels like the Jewellery Box event happened last month, but it actually happened on the 6th of December. Time is a funny thing! It was so much fun meeting fellow influencers, while being treated to crepes in a cute Creperie in Covent Garden. Jewellery Box is a brand that we have worked with before and loved the affordable price tag, needless to say that they have the perfect gifts for any occasion.

We have drooled over the newly launched pieces in the Rose-Gold collection, tried to make our own and met the team. When meeting the influencers, it is curious how, without seeing our Instagram profiles, we already guessed what the genre of expertise of each one might be. I was probably misleading because one of the girls thought I am on the makeup/ beauty side. To be fair, my makeup that day turned out quite nice.

2. Bookshop experience

One of the presents for my nephew, for this Christmas, were the Harry Potter books. Were I a better organised person, it would have been so easy to order them online and find them at home, no fuss, no carrying around. However, I could not be happier that I went to buy them myself – and then I needed to excuse my lack of organisational skills.

I was in Piccadilly when I remembered I still have some books to buy and was walking down from Fortnum and Mason, towards Piccadilly Circus. I remembered I saw at least one library on this side. Right after I pass Fortnum and Mason, I see Hatchards. At first I was so intimidated, it looked so posh! But I was more curious than intimidated so I went inside. Let me tell you, heaven does exist on Earth and it is a big library in Piccadilly!

After I managed to stop drooling over all the books that caught my eye, I realized that the Harry Potter books must be in the Fantasy section, maybe occupying half a shelf. When I actually found the books, I could not have been more surprised. There weren’t on the shelf with the rest of the fantasy books. They had two sections of their own with everything from the Harry Potter franchise.

Honestly, this experience was so delightful that I felt I am gifting myself actually, and not my nephew.

3. Christmas photo-shooting with Paul’s sisters

For this Christmas, we did things differently. Because we have already explored a big part of London with all it’s gorgeous decorations, we decided this year we are going to organize our background ourselves. Well, this is where Paul’s sisters come in the story. Both of them are so good with interior decorations that the first Christmas I spent with them, I thought their living room was out of a interior design catalog. They are that good!

So this year we have met up more than a month before, and did several sessions of brainstorming, including a visit to Ikea for inspiration. Unfortunately, we were more inspired by the meatballs, than by the decorations so Pinterest it was in the end. This year they went for a white Christmas, with small gold and bronze details. Except the tree, we had a faux fire place and a rocking chair – how cozier can it get?

After this experience, we will definitely do our background more often in collaboration with Paul’s sisters, for sure!

4. Best movie I’ve seen

My favourite movie that I’ve seen this month was Colette. It’s not just that I like a strong and outspoken female character, it’s also that I liked the flow of the words, the scenery and even more, the fashion. Both Paul and I were like: that could be Dior, that could be Chanel. I was so inspired! Plus, Paris is still a charming city, but in the 1850-1920 was depicted even more charming than it seems now.

5. Best book I’ve read

I am currently doing a poll on Instagram seeing how many of you prefer books to movies and I have no votes for books. Yet, Hatchards was full with people…maybe I should send them all to my Instagram account to vote.

This month I have really rediscovered my love for reading and even more so, for Haruki Murakami’s writing. I read “Kafka on the shore” which was his first book I read in English (the rest were in Romanian). I usually love reading the books in the language that they were written, but let’s be honest, if that language is not one of the two mentioned previously, I am hopeless and reading in Japanese is not one of my hidden talents.

I have told so many people about this book, while I was reading it and after. It has Murakami’s typical metaphorical style where he combines reality, meta-physics, folklore tales and music. His characters talk a lot about music and reading. Some people might not like that his books can be interpreted in so many different ways, but I do. I don’t mind re-reading a book I did read a few years ago and finding a completely different meaning to it.


By the time I am posting this, Christmas has passed, some of us (including me) are going back to work today, others can’t look towards food any more and their guilt is kicking them to go to gym. Still, I am left with a sweet after taste. This holiday was amazing and relaxing. I hope it was the same for you! Happy what’s left of December.

Cookie kisses!




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