Monthly round-up : FEBRUARY

If January was a slow-paced, calming river, February was more like a quick-ish mountain spring: refreshing and activating. Do you know the feeling when you’ve already done everything you could, you just need to wait for thing to happen? That was January for us, gladly February was when things actually happened.

Mi casa…no es mi casa anymore

We moved out of our flat! Somewhere just a bit further away from central London, but enough for our wallet to feel the difference. Who even keeps cash with them? The bank account feels the difference and so do I when I check the balance. Haha, don’t worry, I will not start talking about money now, as controversial as that might be. I will just say that I have many things to observe in this lively neighbourhood that we live in now.

At night when I come home from work and I am hungry like a hyena (I dare you to picture me), I walk past a few…how should I call them – smell spots sounds too rough, scented areas sounds too posh – no Jo Malone around here – well, two of them are restaurants, one of them is a tanning place. The smell at night kills me gently, first the spicy Lebanese food, at this point I start drooling, then the tanning place which smells like sun, like holiday, like Pina Colada, all the good things and then a chicken place. At this point it might not sound appetising, but believe me, on an empty stomach it would.

I realise I just started filling you up on my adventures in the month of February, and I already wrote half of the number of words I’d usually write, just describing my new neighbourhood. Another thing that’s different about this place, and this might be a marketing strategy, please let it be a marketing strategy: the ladies at the till are eating sunflower seeds. You can only be disgusted or go buy yourself a bag. Another thing, if you are really bored and look at everything around you, you will notice an elastic band at approximately every 200 m. Cool, right?

Blondie, you are not a Barbie girl anymore!

Now this is something out of a horror movie for most girls. Dying your hair in the UK is terribly expensive, especially if you have a quick metabolism like I do and in a month my roots are already out and about. So I was cheap like that and I started dying my hair at home. It worked fine for a few months, then I wanted to go lighter and I did, then I realised I can go even lighter.

Can you picture the rings on a tree trunk? That’s how you could see all the different stages that my hair went through. I’ve been using this hair dye for months now and I loved the results, but this month I decided I wanted to get rid of the tree trunks. And man, that’s exactly what I did!

Even though everybody you ask from mum to grandma, to the cat, will tell you that with blondes, you are never to dye your entire hair, just touch up the roots. Did I listen? Hell, no! Did I suffer? Hell, yes! Half of my hair turned out as healthy as a sweep, as sticky as a nasty chewing gum on the tube sit – do you need more details to be able to imagine it? Yuk! So half my hair is now in the bin and long live the medium length bob!

Is Christmas over?

The weird series continue with me randomly still murmuring Christmas songs…in February. I can’t control it! I haven’t listened to any carols since Christmas but still, it’s like I haven’t fulfilled my quota this year. Am I the only weirdo?

Fashion is in fashion

This month I have been chained to my Insta stories watching all the content from the fashion weeks. Oh, how I longed to be there! I watched all the vlogs – Song of Style does some really nice ones about NYFW, I have read the articles on the Business of Fashion site, and most of what I did was watching Leonie Hanne’s insta stories. Can’t how these girls can do this many things…hoping I will find out.

I don’t want to end it on a low note because all in all it’s been a beautiful and active month, but when Karl Lagerfeld died, I felt like such a big egoistic person. I wanted to meet him and I wanted time to get up there to be able to work with him…but I did fear this will happen.

Ok, darlings, I will end my February round-up here, literally on the last day of the month looking forward for spring. A friend of mine was noticing that all I write in my captions on Instagram is about sun and coffee…but anyone who lives in London will understand – we are deprived. Of sun that is, so we try to make it up with coffee.

So coffee kisses…in the sun!

february round-up / silk top / sequin skirt / winter outfit / elegant outfit / nobu london / miss casual
TOP – Asos
SKIRT – Warehouse
february round-up / silk top / sequin skirt / winter outfit / elegant outfit / nobu london / miss casual
february round-up / silk top / sequin skirt / winter outfit / elegant outfit / nobu london / miss casual

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