Monthly round-up – MARCH

Another one of the calmer months has past, that if we exclude Brexit of course. March was a bit of all – relaxing, productive at times, found us thinking of re-branding ourselves, changing up small things related to the blog and social media. Also, March is when we decided we’ll go back to Romania in May for a two weeks which gets me skyrocketed excited.

About the new neighbourhood

I have more observations about the new neighbourhood. The last one which was cleaner and not crowded at all did not inspire me as this big mess of a neighbourhood does. One thing that this one is not lacking is bet houses. Not that I’d be interested in them, but I have one on my way to the tube so I see it every day. Silly me, I thought it’s something that only men are interested in, but I was going to be proved wrong. Haven’t really noticed it until one morning, a lady around 65 was coming out of the betting house with a shopping trolley – not the metal one but the fabric one. Has she been lucky that day?

Another one of the beauties of this area is that there are a lot of houses. Nothing wrong so far, on the contrary. Small gardens with flowers, a magnolia tree here and there, a beauty…if you fail looking at your feet. Problem is, people are producing more trash than the council is picking up. Unfortunately, the proof of it stays at every corner of a street where trash bags stay proud like flowers.

Related to the trash problem, in March we have won ourselves a new tenant. A rat has helped itself to our eggs from the storeroom (which is on the balcony) and keeps on coming back for more. My city girl ass has no idea how to deal with it, I rely on Paul’s family completely. Would it be better if it was a fox? Probably not, it can eat even more eggs.


Especially towards the beginning of March, London has been so, so windy. And I don’t mean that if it’s raining you are thinking twice if you should open your umbrella – windy. (which I do) I am saying that it was so windy that I was thinking of going to the gym just to be able to walk to the tube station. It got better now.

What a blondie! I just realised that I can reserve books at my local library. I am so happy because all of my favourite authors were missing from the book shelves and I can not stand another love story. Ah, and I am only the 22nd in line for Michele Obama’s autobiography:)

This happened the weekend before Brexit deadline. I was going to work on Saturday and had no idea why the station was so crowded and the entire traffic redirected. Until I got to the “surface” and I started seeing the EU hats and all the banners. It was the #peoplesvote march. Did you ever feel that something you are living through will go into history books? This is what I feel about this Brexit mess. We’ll live and see…and march sometimes.

Ok, darlings, this was it for the month of March. I was glad to have another chill month before summer comes and time seems to rush just a bit more. See you Monday!


highgate / spring coat / spring outfit / march round-up / miss casual
COAT – Asos
highgate / spring coat / spring outfit / march round-up / miss casual
highgate / spring coat / spring outfit / march round-up / miss casual

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