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Not that there is any time when I am not bitten by the travel bug, but when the weather is nice, I am bitten just a bit harder. So I though, why not ask my friends what are the movies that make them want to travel…in case they need a push for it. I tried not to explain myself too much because I was curious of how their suggestions will fit into categories, but the outcome is much more diverse than I though. It also felt really good having a post written in collaboration with almost 10 people!:D

I have not watched these movies, but I took my friends’ word for them and put them on the list. For those that I was not too sure where exactly will make you want to travel, I watched the trailer – lazy girl, but brace yourself for some conventional and less conventional locations as you are hopefully, already expecting coming from me.


Paris – Moulin Rouge – how did I not see this movie? (blushing)

Paris & Monte Carlo – Monte Carlo – an 8 year oldie but it’s one that I watched and made me want to go to Paris so badly and we’ve been last year ! I wouldn’t mind going to Monte Carlo either

French countryside – The Hundred Foot Journey – this is one that makes me want to do a road trip and eat in every single village as well

La vie en rose -Good music and Paris? This one is on my list to watch!


On an island – Mamma Mia – I am pretty sure there are more movies that will make me want to jump on a plane and head to Greece, but this was the first that I thought of (When I think of Greece, I think of sun, turquoise water, cheerful music and feta cheese)


Rome – When in Rome – A cheesy romance, but one that is definitely going to cheer you up. Btw – I just wouldn’t get into the fountain

I bet you saw this coming – Roman Holiday – If this movie does not make you want to get on a Vespa and wander on the streets of Rome…I don’t know what will

Under the Tuscan Sun – that’s an impulse buy!


Barcelona – Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona – fiery at time, but the scenery….

Barcelona – this is one that I haven’t seen but honestly, I would watch anything that happens in Barcelona


Slumdog Millionaire – This suggestion comes from somebody who has been to India and she said she watches this movie every time she misses it


Ana and the King – ok, this one is a bit “back in time” when Thailand was called Siam, but a beautiful movie that I already recommended to so many


Tomb Raider – this is one that makes me want to go to many places, but the most picturesque seems to be Cambodia


City of God – This is my friend’s favourite movie but she has quite a good stomach so don’t expect a romance on the beach, it actually happens in the favelas

New York

This seems to be a favourite for movie makers as well as series – Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, Friends, The Carrie Diaries, you name it! Funny enough, nobody mentioned a movie, even though there are so many

Non-conformist places

Any jungle – Until things go wrong – Jungle and Jumanji

Underwater – Aquaman

Back in time – The Vikings and Apocalypto

In space – Passengers and A wrinkle in time (Let me check with Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos when we can start buying tickets)

Anywhere by train…but without the murder – Murder on the Orient Express

Auschwitz – Schindler’s List

Now this has been a long one in the making. The idea came to us over a coffee and I immediately texted to ask my friends’ on movies that make them want to travel. Paul’s were the weirder ones, of course – the out of space and such, mine the more conventional. I realised that I can read really tough books, but when it comes to movies I tend to choose more comfortable subjects.

But let’s make this a conversation and find all the missing links in my list (please do!) and add new movies that we should all see and daydream about places that hopefully, some day we will actually travel to see in person.

travel / covent garden / summer outfit / london / miss casual / movies that make you travel
travel / covent garden / summer outfit / london / miss casual / movies that make you travel
travel / covent garden / summer outfit / london / miss casual / movies that make you travel

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