MOVING TO LONDON: CAREER CHANGE – from dancer to blogger

This is the most intimidating blog post I’ve ever written so far. Every time I thought “Ok. It’s time to do it” I would find an outfit that I just needed to write about so I kept on postponing this one. This is the 100th post on the blog so I though I will finally just sit down and have a very honest moment with you. I will tell you all about my journey when it comes moving to London, how I changed my career, the struggles and beauties of life in a big city and how I started blogging.

Moving to London

Initially, I planned on moving to London in the summer of 2017, after I had my final exam at the University of Arts where I was studying choreography. First of all, I loved what I was studying and I started becoming mildly successful in the sense that I was part of a Private Dance Company, working with the National Theatre and teaching a few very dear classes to me. I was 100% in it to the point that I was so tired that I could barely sleep. I loved what I was doing so much that I could hardly say “no” to a new opportunity.

This being said, I was neglecting my personal life, my parents, my friends and all in all, I was not doing much else than dance. I closed myself into this bubble where I knew that if I stop training even for a day, I will loose something, was it strength or flexibility wise. It just got too much. I knew I needed a change and I knew I wanted to find a way to make time for my other passions, makeup and fashion, but I didn’t yet know how to do that.

That’s when Brexit came. It is almost ironic to say that something good came out of Brexit, but it made me think fast and not look back. It made me more determined than I ever was and it made me stupidly brave. The kind of blind braveness that only the innocent have. The innocent should be translated as the dreamy person who has no idea what the implications are. To come back to the point, because Brexit happened, I didn’t know that if I waited until summer, there would still be the possibility of moving to London. So I moved here in the winter of 2016.

Telling everybody I was moving to London

Looking back, I see now how blindly determined I was. When I was telling people that I’m moving to London, I would not hear a word people said when I didn’t like the answer. I was stubborn and I would not accept them changing my mind or more so in this situation, preparing my mind for what it was to come.

Before moving to London I’ve met up with one of my best friends from school who has recently worked in London and I told her about my experience when I came to the city as a tourist. I was telling her how much I loved the city and that it inspired me so much – I could take a picture almost in any point of the city so you can imagine I was on a real high when she just bluntly asked me: “have you been outside of central London?” I didn’t understand what she was asking me then because yes, I have been outside of central London, but I guess my tourist eyes could not see what I was going to soon see when I actually started living in London.

Telling everybody I’m not dancing anymore

Wait, this actually didn’t happen. I was either a coward or I haven’t decided yet, but I didn’t dare tell anybody that I will most probably stop dancing. I mentioned before that I wanted time for makeup and fashion, but I didn’t actually realize that there is no time left for dancing. This passion is like a very consuming relationship – you’re either all in and do it professionally or you treat it as a hobby without hopes of becoming more. I did dance professionally and my mind was already so used to analyzing and creating dance moves that I could not wrap my mind around doing it as a hobby.

It’s either that I made a subconscious choice of giving it up or it was chosen for me. With this I mean that it took me 1 month and a half to find a job that pays the rent. It’s only that that job that I had no qualifications for was hardly paying my rent so I needed to work more hours. With working more hours, I had less hours to dedicate to my training and slowly I fell out of shape and got intimidated. We all know that the competition is big cities is even more ardent than in small cities.

I started blogging

However, I didn’t take this as a negative but started being conscious of all those other things that I always wanted to do when all I did was dancing. I started doing Instagram makeup videos that I enjoyed so much. Those really unleashed my creativity. One day after the Chinese New Year when those beautiful red lanterns where still up, Paul took like an outfit picture of me that I naturally posted on Instagram. Surprise, surprise : it was even more successful than the makeup videos that I did. That is when I knew there is space for another personal style Instagrammer.

I had two blogs before starting this one you are reading now. The first one I wrote when I was a broken hearted teenager and it was full of cheesy poems and stories that make me cringe when I remember them. (It’s deleted btw so don’t even think about finding it – you’d be luckier finding Nemo). The second one was done in collaboration with two dear friends of mine but we all got caught up in something else so we gave up.

After the second one I was left with such a sweet after taste that I always fantasized about having a blog. It took me a while to get to the point where I had the courage of doing it on my own. Well, I can’t say that I am on my own because Paul (my fiancee) is just as invested in it as I am.

All in all, moving to London was a brave decision so after I overcame all the initial struggles, I wanted to make the most of it. And what better than writing a blog where you can share all your experiences, all the things that excite you in a city that is full of everything. There is no chance you can get bored here. Tired? Yes, but bored? No way!

By the way, on the first of November we are also celebrating a year since this blog was made public and I couldn’t be more excited. If I could do this for years and years from now on, I wouldn’t be mad at all. It is hard sometimes to not let life get in the way of your dreams? Yes, it is. But it pays off so, so well!

This is officially the longest blog post I wrote so I will leave you here asking what do you think, is it worth following your own dreams?


moving to London / personal story / crockford bridge farm / stripe sweater sequin dress / miss casual

moving to London / personal story / crockford bridge farm / stripe sweater sequin dress / miss casual

moving to London / personal story / crockford bridge farm / stripe sweater sequin dress / miss casual

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