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I found out about this app quite soon after I moved to the UK. Back home, I did a lot of beaded bracelets both as a form of keeping myself occupied until it’s finally time to completely change my life…no big deal :)) but the entrepreneur in me also sold them for some extra cash. Which is exactly the reason why I was looking for something like Depop.

It’s really easy to use the app both for the seller and the buyer. The seller just uploads pictures of the items she/he wants to sell together with a description and price. You also have a chat in case you want to discuss a price or an exchange of items which makes the seller-buyer interaction much easier and friendlier. The payment work like it does for any other website where I, the seller, won’t have access to your private details, only to your name and address of delivery.

I made my account a year ago, but didn’t really take care of it. Now I am planning on uploading books that I read once, but don’t want to put them in my collection because…rent issues, or clothes that I wore and that are in a good condition or even new, and later, who knows – jewellery maybe? It’s fair to say that the price of everything will be what I think it’s fair, but also, the more expensive items, I’ll keep for something else, on Depop I want everything to be affordable and all prices will be open to discussion.

How does it sound to you? The only disadvantage is that I will only sell to the UK, at least in the beginning. Would you buy something that was lightly worn before? For now I uploaded some bracelets and books, but clothes will be next. To see what goodies I uploaded, check me out on Depop as @anda_evelin or Evelin Miss Casual.

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IMG_5145 final2

IMG_5133 final2

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