My go-to Spring accessories

As the sun is making it’s way back into our lives (even in the UK), it’s time to get our outfits out of the neutral hibernation and infuse them with some colour. One way to transition from kind of a monochromatic winter style to a colourful summer one is to start with accessories. They do make a big difference, but most of the time they are not the biggest statement – like wearing a yellow jumpsuit is (more on that exact subject later).

My style when it comes to accessories is even more eclectic than the way I dress. Both of them though, are mostly determined by my mood. In the following pictures you’ll see the accessories that I have worn in the past month or so, both on our tropical getaway and the ones that have spiced up my outfits in London.

I do not discriminate when it comes to jewellery/ accessories: I wear costume jewellery, statement ones, chic but subtle or fine jewellery, anything – you name it. The only constant is my engagement ring which can have no competition.

I’ll keep this post short and visual and with a lot of links to the pieces I am wearing or similar ones.

Accessories can really transform an otherwise simple outfit, don’t you agree? Some people don’t like wearing earrings for example, but out of all, I feel attracted to earrings the most. What accessories do you like wearing?

P.S. I did not forget about belts, shoes and handbags, but more on those in a later post.

1. Earrings

PIECES (ASOS) – similar here

ASOS – here

TJC – similar MANGO


2. Necklaces

TJC – similar MANGO

ACCESSORIZE – similar here

ASOS – similar here

ACCESSORIZE – similar here

UK Glamorous -similar Accessorize


3. Rings

UK Glamorous – similar Accessorize


4. Belts

Asos – here

Necklace worn as a belt


! The links that I have used are not affiliate, they are purely informative.


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