My most-used eyeshadow palettes – HUDA Beauty

These are hands-down my most used palettes, except maybe the original Naked one from Urban Decay that I used for years, but not since the Huda Beauty palettes came out.

Huda is probably one of the most charismatic women in the beauty industry and I love it that even though she was born in the USA, she takes a lot of inspiration from her Arab roots. Although, what I like most about her, which is the same with Anastasia Beverly Hills, is that they support the new-commers in the industry by reposting them which most often kick-starts their carrer which you can imagine I can appreciate very much.

She started in the UK with a few of her products on Cult Beauty, then extended to Harrods, and finally, last year into Selfriedges. Her first palette, Texture Shadows – Rose Gold edition, I bought to review when I was still doing Instagram make-up videos…pfff, sounds so long ago now. The matte colours I have to say that were not my favourite because they were a bit drier than I was used to, but didn’t have problems blending them, they just needed a bit of extra work. The “textured eyeshadows” as she called them, I loved! They reminded me of the Inglot pigments both because of the texture, the eyeshadow looks a bit chunckier like pigment flakes, in the best way possible, plus they were just as pigmented as the above mentioned Inglot pigments that stole my heart a few years ago. I used this palette a lot, but I couldn’t use it for work because it was a bit too bold for that.

When the second palette, Desert Dusk, came out though, actually when I first saw it on Instagram then on Huda’s blog, I knew we’ll be a match made in heaven. The colours are easier to wear and the quality of the shadows has improved a lot with this one. This was the only palette that I ordered on the day it was released, I was that eager to have it and I did have it two days later – Thanks Cult beauty!

Ever since I bought it, I used it every day for work and in most of our photos which is why, together with some close-ups of the palettes, I am attaching makeup looks that were either partly or exclusively created with this palette.


IMG_5634 final

IMG_5644 final

IMG_5619 final

IMG_5628 final

IMG_5656 final

IMG_5662 final

IMG_5671 final

IMG_4132 final

IMG_3237 final

IMG_3445 final1

IMG_3117 final

IMG_1981 final

IMG_1236 final

IMG_1465 final

IMG_9891 final2

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  1. Wow I love all of your photos! They were all so well done! I think this palette is definitely very pretty. I own it but for some reason haven’t played with it a ton. I agree that the mattes are very dry and dusty, however they blend flawlessly, so I really can’t fault them!

    1. I am so glad that you like the photos!😘 I get your feeling, I was a bit intimidated at first but I tried to pick one of the crazy colours and just put it all over the lid with a neutral colour in the crease

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