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The only two things I disliked about that period in my life when I was dancing a lot, was that I didn’t have time and energy for my friends outside of the arts community and second, that it was no point on wearing jewellery. If I decided to wear any, I could only wear jewellery on my way to rehearsals, than take them off if I didn’t want to scratch everybody, including myself, worse than a wild cat. After rehearsals I would put them on again, on my trip home. Not much point in wearing it, right? This might be one of the reasons that I am going crazy with jewellery now.

This was the first time that I asked for your opinion on Insta Stories. I asked if you wish to see a “Rings Collection” and the votes were almost unanimous, except the two gentlemen who voted against. My first thought was to make it into a longer Insta Story, but then I realised that I actually have a lot of rings and if I do this as a blog post, I might even get creative with it. I must say that I had an even wider range of rings, but I’ve only taken the ones with sentimental value or the ones that I liked and wore a lot, when I moved to the UK. I had a period in which I loved semi-precious gemstones, than statement rings and now I am in my brilliant stone faze. I like really, really elegant designs, but also vintage looking ones, geometric (even though I don’t have a lot), bohemian or even out there designs that I suppose would be considered costume jewellery. Also, I would wear a singular piece, as much as I like stacking rings up, sometimes I feel that my fingers are not long enough for all the rings I want to stack together.

I’m just saying that I know for a fact that I’ll be one of those grandmas who will workout just by walking from the amount of jewellery she is wearing. A chic grandma, of course!

As you might have noticed, I don’t have many yellow gold pieces. I find that because of my skin tone (pink!), yellow gold only looks good on me when I am tanned, whereas I can wear rose gold or silver anytime.

As you might notice after you go through my collection, is that more than half of my collection is from TJC, which is a place I love buying jewellery from, but more about them and the whole experience, in another blog post.


  1. The gemstones

IMG_5523 final

IMG_5520 final

Most of these, I received as presents from mom and dad so I won’t be able to give you a brand name, but the gemstones are as follow, from left to right : Tiger eye, Sand stone, Coral and Jade.


2. The vintage-looking ones

IMG_5527 final

These were the kind of rings that I loved even before wearing them. I always admired my grandma, and how well this kind of rings looked on her and I loved that she always let me go through her collection . From left to right, the first ring is my most valued one as it is my engagement ring, second one is a present from my parents after I finished High-school, third is from my mother’s collection, a Sapphire, the one with the gemstone is one from my mother’s collection again, with Garnet, and the one that I stacked is one from TJC that you can still find on their site.


3. Statement flower ring

IMG_5541 final

IMG_5537 final

Believe it or not, this is one of my most worn rings. I always loved statement rings and this one in particular is from a very old collection of Stradivarius, maybe from 5-6 years ago.


4. Elegant flower rings

IMG_5565 final

IMG_5571 final

These three rings are all from TJC and gladly, I kept all my invoices with the details on the designer and the stone that they used. From left to right: J Francis Crystal from Swarovski, second one is Elanza AAA simulated White Diamond, and for the third one I don’t have a designer’s name, just that is simulated Diamond again.


5. Cocktail rings

IMG_5546 final

IMG_5551 final

I must say that these are my favourite rings and they are all from TJC, what a surprise!:) The first two are AAA simulated Ruby and simulated Emerald, the third one, and I really hope you can see both the tones of the gemstone which is a Peacock Quartz, the forth one is one of those impulse buys that I am really glad I did. On the site, this ring was not calling my name that much, but after I bought it and put it on, it’s absolutely gorgeous! This one is a AAA simulated Tanzanite, and the last one is a Elanza AAA simulated Colombian Emerald.


I really hope you enjoyed them and if you did, please give me your feedback here or on Instagram if I should continue the Collection series.

Have a wonderful day! :*

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