My top 4 sources of inspiration

We all have a choice of what we put into our brain every single day which is why I am always looking for things that will inspire me to become a better blogger, a better writer, to take better pictures to better everything. I am looking for things that inspire me, educate me but not in a classroom kind of way and why not, things that entertain me, but at least two of the three must be reached…or that’s the point either way.

You already know about my blog reading on my way to work, but as I get ready for work, I like people talking to me…in a way, so most of the time I watch youtube. One channel that I follow is ALUX. They claim to be the place where future billionaires come to get inspired, as they remind us at the beginning of every video, which I don’t mind really. I came across their channel a few months ago and I’ve been subscribed ever since. Most of their videos are called “15 things you didn’t know about” someone, something. I go there for juicy details about fashion brands, about travelling destinations but also to get some business training. They summarize the informationn so well, which saves you the time of reading all the books. Even though, knowing myself, I will probably read the books also.

When it comes to fashion documentaries, I must admit that from time to time I indulged in fashion reality shows also. I grew up watching America’s Next Top Model and learned how to smize from Tyra Banks, also here is where I heard new names from the industry except the ones in the magazines. Some of the documentaries that I watched recently and enjoyed are “Diana Vreeland: The eye has to travel” and “The September issue” which I have to admit that I watched before and just the fact that I am mentioning them is not suggestive enough, I am totally recommending these together with “Dior and I” and “Balmain”. Can’t wait to watch “Manolo: The boy who made shoes for lizards” also!

I wrote about Aimee Song’s Youtube channel in my previous post about influencers that inspire me, but this time I want to talk to you (in writing) about her book – “Capture your style”. Don’t start reading this book wishing she will help you learn how to use Instagram with all it’s nooks and crannies. This book has been written a few years ago and Instagram comes up with new features almost every month. This is an excellent book if you want to know more about her mental process from behind the photos, outfits and so on. It is slightly technical, but not boring at all, plus for all of us visuals out there, she has put enough pictures in the book to feed our appetite.

Another way to inspire myself is to read biographies. This one is a diary written by the ex Editor-in-Chiel of Vogue UK, Alexandra Sculman, about an entire year in her life. There are stories of really glam occasions, but also hard work, personal life-work balance issues and one of my favourite parts: the organizing of Vogue’s 100 years anniversary and everything that comes with it,  no  wonder is called “Inside Vogue””. You will recognize a lot of names and you will have a personal view into the fashion industry, which you already know I am fascinated with, and all this from Alexandra Schulman who has been with Vogue since 1992. Sounds interesting, right?

What inspires you? Do you prefer a video, or are you still into books?


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