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Hi, there! I took a short break last week to think things through and it seems it was fruitful. Except the fact that I slept like a baby which seems I needed to do (who knew?), came home to Romania, ate Mom’s food and played Remi into the night, I came up with a few new ideas for the blog and Instagram. One of the ideas is to create a new series on the blog about what was terribly exciting for the week and I couldn’t help myself and share the info with you. For this week, we start with a book – Michelle Obama “Becoming”.

So now, if you come to the blog, on Monday and on Friday, you can still read my longer posts about fashion, travelling, social observations – well, anything that tickles my fingers into writing a long post. Whereas shorter blog posts will be on Wednesday about anything exciting that happened in the world that week or to me: books (I am a book worm), TV series, events, skincare and makeup, anything really.

Now that I’ve set the rules for myself, let’s break them and start telling you about the book that I recently read even though normally, this kind of post (a shorter version) will go out on Wednesday from now on…guilty smile:)

Michelle Obama – Becoming

This is an “Oprah Book Club” find and you might remember that I mentioned that I was the 22 in line to wait to borrow it. Yuppi! It’s finally here! I asked Mom if she’s read it and she has, but her feedback was quite contrasting. She said that she went through all kind of ups and lows when reading the book.

At that time, I had no idea what she is referring to, but after reading it, I understand it perfectly. There are parts that are so warmly and kind-heartedly written that you feel like hugging Michelle Obama. Other parts are just summarizing things that happened without much insight into them and this is when your patience might be challenged.

This kind of reminds me of Game of Thrones. I just happened to be reading Michelle Obama’s book between episodes 3 and 4. Episode 3 [spoiler] with the war against the Undead was a a cinematic masterpiece where they created so much tension with slow motion and chill music whereas in most movies, on a similar scene, your speakers would probably yell like crazy. I digress…let’s go back. After this amazing episode 3, episode 4 felt like a transition one, where they started building a different plot, but all in all, it feels much lower than episode 3.

This is how the book is written as well – really high moments, followed by chill or full of information, that I only realised later that is more for her to show how much the people that she has met then, still mean to her today.

Fav part

My favourite part of the book is “Becoming more”. Now this might be a very subjective view, and probably is, but it seems I am more interested in the politics of her life even though I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her humble beginnings, determination in school and time at Princeton.

I think I was too scared that “Becoming us” will be too lovey dovey and I read it with prejudice, but if you feel anything like I did, give her time. At some point, she will slip into your heart as well and win you over. This is a book that I definitely recommend reading…and if you are a borrower like I am, libraries seem to have it.

P.S. Bloody hell, I cried! Several times!

You might be asking yourself if I’d tell you if I didn’t like the book. Because it’s from the “Amazingness of the week” series, I would simply not write about it or I would have told you that it wasn’t for me and that I couldn’t appreciate it. I think many things should be much more transparent in this world than they are, so I plan on keeping them crystal clear over here on the Blog.

Have you read Michelle Obama’s – Becoming book? How did you find it?

For the audiobook type: Michele Obama – Becoming

For the physical book type: Michelle Obama – Becoming

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