New Year – old me, new ideas

I am not good at making New Year’s resolutions. Somehow, a year seems too short to put in the energy so I usually make plans for a few years. I like long-therm investments, but these also start with small steps.

I want to improve my English, now see – this is a New Year resolution, but I want it for the rest of my life. I am not particularly good at learning new languages and as soon as I don’t use one, I forget it. My favourite way of improving my English is to read. Ever since I moved to London, I have not read a book in a language other than English, which is a start, but this doesn’t help me with speaking that much. Every time I have the opportunity to tell a story, even though I am not the most talkative person you have met, I will try and tell that story…the long way. I want to talk in more and more of my Instagram stories because you guys seem to like those best, but these are the ones that make me shy because I know I have a strong east-European accent. Do you mind hearing the accent or do you think is part of one’s personality? Ok, now I am definitely not comparing myself to Adriana Lima, but I could not imagine her without that sexy Brazilian accent.

For the New Year, I want to travel more. There’s nothing that gives me such excitement. I love road-trips because those usually involve more than us two and it’s usually the time when we play the music really loud and try to sing over it, on our way to our next destination. I’ve noticed that the first time I visit a new city, I am the most patient. I take in every single detail that I can, I can wander on little streets for hours without feeling tired and even when I crash somewhere tired, I have such a sense of accomplishment and pure happiness.

I want to try to maintain an all blonde look. I had an Elsa (Frozen) blonde last year which I loved, but it was too hard to keep silver and not yellow at all and then I had highlights. But now I want to be blonde entirely. I am yet to find the right shade. For now I look like I am naturally ginger with blonde balayage, but what I want to get to is a sandy, slightly cold blonde shade.

I just realised that my New Year’s Eve resolutions sound a bit…on the surface, I would not want to use the ¨shallow¨ word. But the truth is, some resolutions I will keep for me and some I want you to find out step by step, next year, with every blog post you are reading.

Have a wonderful New Year!

P.S. About travelling, if you follow my Insta stories you would have seen that we thought we haven’t travelled enough in 2017 so we went to a little paradise on Earth, called the Jurassic Coast. More about it in the next post, but for now, I’ll leave you with some pictures.

IMG_4741 final

IMG_4443 final

IMG_4799 final

IMG_4402 final

IMG_4729 final

IMG_4427 final

IMG_4759 final

IMG_4360 final


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