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I don’t know about you, but even though I love crazy lip colours, I just can’t see myself wearing them for everyday so what I wear the most is nudes. I am thinking that if you don’t work for a makeup brand that is known for their colours, such as Kat von D, Mac or Urban Decay, you are also mostly wearing nudes to work or the occasional red. I thought this post might be helpful not for the colours, because every skin tone/ hair colour has it’s very own nude, but for the formula.

Are you looking for something long-wearing or hydrating, an opaque colour or a sheer stain? To make it even easier to reach to, I am only doing reviews on the lip products that you can find at the drugstore. If you are from the UK, that would be Boots and Superdrug or at least that’s where I bought them from.

First of all, even though I love makeup, every trip to the drugstore overwhelmes me. So many brands to choose from, you can’t always find testers and even if you do, you can’t always tell from swatching the product on the hand if the colour or the formula will be suitable for you.

My lips are perpetually desert-like even though I drink water like a duck (this is a Romanian expression – it means that I drink a lot of water:) ) so keep in mind when you read these reviews that if you don’t suffer from dehydrated lips as I do, you might find the formula more comfortable than I do. This being said, let’s get into the reviews.

L’OREAL – Balmain collection

I have reviewed the entire collection of  the L’oreal X Balmain collab I was that excited when it first came out. This is probably one of the most comfortable formulas I tried: it’s hydrating and it doesn’t dry your lips out even if you wear it for a few hours. However, because it’s this hydrating, you will most likely need to wear a lip liner to keep it “in between the lines” because it suffers from wanderlust and tends to go to undesired places.

IMG_6659 final


BOURJOIS – Velvet Rouge Edition

The one that I tried is the liquid formula of it so I do not know if the lipstick version is the same or not. This one is the second longest wearing of all of the ones I am reviewing now. Also, it has a really interesting formula: it is moussy so you can draw you lip shape easily and after a minute or so it dries down to a comfortable matte. It is not kiss-proof though, but if you just leave it be, it will stay on the lips for hours and even when it starts fading, it fades in a very natural way without looking messy.

IMG_6672 final


SLEEK – Matte me

This one is again one of the moussier ones that are really easy to apply and draw your lip shape, or may I say, overdraw for those of us who were not born with plump movie star lips ( I have Scarlett Johansson in mind at the moment). However, I can’t wear this liquid lipstick for more than an hour. It dries my lips out like nothing else, but I did see it on other people who can wear it for hours. For this reason I know for sure that if your lips are not as dry as mine, you’ll love this and the colour selection.

IMG_6674 final


NYX – Butter Gloss

This ones I have in several colours and are probably my most worn lip products. As a proof of this, I almost used up “Tiramisu”. They smell like the cheesecake that mom makes and they are a bit of a thicker consistency than your regular lip gloss so if you live in a windy city, you need to tie your hair back. Sorry! They are worth it though for the range of colours and for how good they feel on the lips.

IMG_6651 final


BARRY M – Matte me up

This was the first time I tried a lip product from Barry M and I am so surprised at how comfortable it is. After a few hours it starts feeling slightly drying but being quite a sheer formula that doesn’t compromise on the colour though, it is definitely a liquid lipstick that I will reach for again.

IMG_6698 final


RIMMEL – Stay Matte

Instagram made me buy this, and I am not mad at it. It is very similar to the Barry M one: it’s a sheer liquid and a pigmented colour. With the colour that I chose – 600 Coral sass, because it has a bit of neon in it, I had to apply a thicker layer but it was still comfortable. Now I want to try more.

IMG_6716 final


MAYBELLINE – Super stay matte ink

This is the hero of the review! I bought it because of Instagram, yet again, but I was more than surprised, I was shocked, at how good this one lasts on the lips. I had it for a few hours when I ate pasta and I took a shower and washed my face and it was still there, unimpressed by anything I tried to do to it. It is not drying at all, in fact, I  was so surprised that I kept on saying this during the day. I did have some problems when I wanted to take it off, but nothing can stand against coconut oil. It is safe to say that I want every single colour now!

IMG_6741 final


I hope you enjoyed this kind of a review and let me know if you want me to do more of these.

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