Paris for my birthday

I have told you before that I’ve got the travel bug so what better occasion to travel than on your birthday. I have not been to Paris before…surprising, right? But I am glad I waited until I went with the right person to understand the romantic quality of the city also. Actually, it was a double celebration because Paul and I are born on the same day, but 5 years apart so we were celebrating both our birthdays.

I have heard so many mixed opinions about Paris. It was probably because of this that I just listened to the before mentioned opinions but did not go with preconceptions. Of course, I have seen so many movies that happen in Paris, but we all know how different reality can be from the movies. Only that, in the main touristic places, the reality is not much different than what we do see in the movies.

Our favorite way to explore the city was by foot. Not the best because it’s huge so you can be walking for hours and  being distracted by all the beauties you see, you will not feel that your feet are hurting. As a former dancer and somebody who works in retail, I know a thing or two about feet hurting, but that was nothing like what Paris did. Haha, I am saying this as if Paris, the city is guilty for the pain, but honestly it was so worth it that I would do it again…with more comfortable shoes.

One of the purposes of the trip, except celebrating our birthday, was to take many pictures. Gladly, Paris is so photogenic from almost any angle so it was harder to choose how to take the picture than where to do it. We dedicated our first day there to scouting, people watching, a lot of walking and in the evening – sunset time, we did take a few pictures ourselves. The movies show a fantasy version of Paris, but it is truly the most romantic city I have been to. There were so many people enjoying a picnic or sparkly on the bank of the Seine, watching the Eiffel Tower bathing in sunset light. (something to do next time)

Our second day there, was our birthday and we woke up just as early as we do every day. We took the worst metro ride to the Eiffel Tower,but the view made in worth it. And the picture that we took without any people in it was worth it also. It is a cliche, but it’s so beautiful that we wanted to do it ourselves. At nine in the morning, we were on our way up the Eiffel Tower.

The view that you get from up there is impressive! Don’t do the same mistake that we did tough. When we bought out ticket online, we did not see options so we bought the only ticket that we saw. This one only took us to the second floor where the view is still gorgeous, but there is one more floor up that you can see. Well, next time I guess.

There are a few more things that I want to tell you about, but at least one of them I will keep for another blog post in which I will show you more of my Parisian outfits. Until then, I will tell you that on our last day in Paris, we were as lucky as one could get.

Again, we woke up as a Romanian would say, at the same time as the chickens. Which basically means the moment there is any light out so really early. It’s the weirdest thing putting on makeup when you still have pillow lines on your face and your eyes are swollen with sleep, but if you have a sense of humor, you can roll with it. This particular morning we wanted to shoot at the Louvre Museum so we got there at 7 because we knew how packed with people it can get.

Now comes the lucky part – the security guy opened the gates just in front of us, so we were the very first ones to enter the outside area of the Louvre where the pyramids are that day. We knew we wanted something different so we posed on pointe shoes, with no people in the background, just the beautiful Louvre. That was a bliss!



One of the most useful tips that we have got was how to get to the airport. The metro (tube) has a direct line to the airport which we would need in London so badly. The trick is to check which stations it stops at. When your train is the next one in line, there is a table with all the stations and you can check which light is on – showing you which stations it stops at. You will want to take the one that only stops at the Train Station and the two terminals in the airport. It is so fast and comfortable.

The second most useful tip was related to food. I am so glad for this advice because on our first day – we kind of got scammed. We look like tourists and we were charged like tourists. Compared to the price of food in the UK, in that particular place and I’ve heard there’re many like this, we paid double the price. The advice that we received was to have a look where the locals eat and go there. And we did exactly this for the rest of our meals and we were happy to pay a normal price for yummi French food.

If you want to see even more from our Paris trip, I have saved every single Insta Story that I did in Highlights. I look at the pictures now and I am wondering, why did we stay so little? I guess we needed a very good excuse to go back soon.


Paris | Miss Casual

Paris | Miss Casual

Paris | Miss Casual

Paris | Miss Casual

Paris | Miss Casual

Paris | Miss Casual

Paris | Miss Casual

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