Pastels for spring? Groundbreaking!

If you can’t hear Miranda Priestly’s voice in your head when you read this title, I don’t know if we can be friends. Hihi, just joking, but I would convince you to watch “Devil wears Prada” with me first. Pastels are already a cliche when it comes to spring, but after all the black and the rest of the stern colours that we wore during winter, we need to load up on pastel outfits, don’t we?…or maybe this is just my excuse to wear colours.

Also, if you are not yet a colour person but want to experiment with them a bit, pastels are the easiest to pull off. I promise colours can do wonders for your complexion. The right colours for you that is, because if I personally wear red without foundation, I look pinkier than a peony whereas a peachy pink makes me look awake…even when I’m sleeping (haha, not exaggerating at all)

First year that I started blogging, I was only two months into blogging when we reached a new year. I then wrote that I do not feel such a big difference between the 31 of December and the 1st of January, except that it takes me around a week to write the date correctly. For this reason, I am not really into New Year Resolutions, or at least, not during the most conventional time when people usually make these resolutions.

Spring on the other hand, always takes me by surprise. I feel like I am waking up from hibernation and am ready to change everything up. That is when I actually think of my New Year resolutions. This is when I have the extra energy to invest in thinking about changing things, making plans, improving what I am doing already. When the cherries blossom, my mind blossoms as well.

When I did my thinking through everything that I am doing, which I am still in the process of, I realised that my style has changed just slightly. I noticed that my tendency to pick really colourful outfits is slightly milder. After receiving so many compliments for the more neutral outfits that I wore lately, I realised that I am not loosing anything going down this road. At the most, I will be dressed more lady-like. The pastel outfits though are a simple compromise of the two sides of my outfit preferences: colour, but kind of neutral.

My trick to wearing pastel outfits is to combine them with more neutral colours, but light ones: white and beige being my go-tos. The outfit in the pictures below is the perfect example: a lacy white shirt with a pastel yellow satin skirt and for another pastel detail, a lilac belt. Pastel tops are even easier to wear with simple white jeans, beige trousers or if you dare, even another pastel colour skirt.

What are you saying, are you wearing pastels this spring?

P.S. pastels make me thing of ice-cream as well so…pastel kisses!

pastel outfit / yellow skirt / spring outfit / blue house / london / miss casual
SKIRT – Zara
SHIRT – Zara
BELT – River Island (similar)
pastel outfit / yellow skirt / spring outfit / blue house / london / miss casual
pastel outfit / yellow skirt / spring outfit / blue house / london / miss casual
EARRINGS – Les Georgettes (similar)
pastel outfit / yellow skirt / spring outfit / blue house / london / miss casual

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