Pin it baby one more time! Hair accessories for grown-ups

I am sure you’ve spotted that pearls are everywhere lately! Handbags made out of pearls, shoes embellishments, dresses, shirts with pearl buttons and even more – pearls in our hairs. Hair accessories really had a come-back last year. I always loved pearls so this trend was right up my alley, but if you still think pearl accessories are too granny or reminiscent of your childhood, I have a few more options for grown-ups.

I am currently in Romania and so tempted to make this post all about the new born kitties I have at home. I am a huge cat lover and very few things make me more excited than being surrounded by them, but this was the first time I saw new-born cats…fresh out the oven. However, I will not make this post about the trip to Romania, but we’ll end this intermezzo and go back to hair accessories.

My absolute favourites are the pearl ones, but I do agree that they are more of a statement piece. Because I normally wear my glasses, I feel that I have too many elements going on if both my hair accessories are very visible and my earrings. So for me pearl pins are a compromise – I usually wear them with understated earrings, or I put my hair in a high bun, with a big pearl pin underneath it. My hair is quite short still for a high bun so that is more practical than it seems.

However, I do not discriminate a simple gold/ silver or even a rose gold hair pin. You can wear them alone for a classy but very practical look, or you can “stack” them for a statement one. In the pictures that we took, I wore them in a fan shape, to keep my hair out of my eyes…as if I needed 4 of them for how much hair I have. Another look that I love is to twist two section from the front of the hair back and pin them in an “X”.

Other accessories that I love and are quite versatile are scarves – all shapes, all sizes. There is nothing that makes your look more relaxed than a loosely tied scarf in your hair. So if you’re trying to grow your bangs or you simply want to spice up your outfit with some hair accessories, this is the right time to do it. We now have so many options for grown-ups also, not only the unicorn glittery ones for kids, but elegant pins, scarves, bands, you name it!

To tell you the truth, I took a few years break from wearing hair accessories, but quite recently my hair has suffered a chemical burn from my hair dye and I was left with shorter hair. I don’t mind having my hair loose, but something that I can’t stand is for it to go into my eyes and this is how I rediscovered my pearl pins which made me curious to find even more accessories that fit my style. Which hair accessories do you like best?

hair accessories | miss casual
SHIRT – River Island
hair accessories | miss casual
hair accessories | miss casual
hair accessories | miss casual
hair accessories | miss casual
hair accessories | miss casual
hair accessories | miss casual
hair accessories | miss casual

Oasis SPOT BUTTON THROUGH TOP • Oasis • £20.30
Bl Nk Beckie Spot-Print Pussybow Blouse • £48.95
Womens Blue spot tie front crop shirt • River Island • £22
Womens Light Blue tea top • River Island • £28
Anthropologie Lauren Knotted Headband • Anthropologie • Sold Out
Anthropologie Watercolor Hair Clip Set • Anthropologie • £18.72
Farrow Leia Shell Hair Pin • £14.04
Farrow Mona Mini Hair Clip • £17.16
Farrow Camille Pearl Hair Pin • £10.92
Farrow Michelle Pearl Hair Clip • £10.92

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