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When you are reading this post, we are either on our way or we have already landed to Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic. I hope you can imagine my enthusiasm since this is the first time that I am traveling outside of Europe. I was so ready to explore other continents, to make this step…in the sand, even better. It is not Paul’s first time out of Europe though, he has also been to Bolivia and most recently, to Thailand. (without me! how dare he?)

I am not the best trip organizer, which is one of the reasons that I love spontaneous road trips, but this is different – this is worth polishing those skills. Although, we did have help. From his holiday to Thailand, Paul already knew that Expedia is a site he can rely on.

I was very surprised to see that they make it very easy even for a newbie like me – piece of cake! (dairy free preferably). So right after Christmas when all those juicy bonuses should be in, was the perfect time for us to plan this trip. We couldn’t decide between Vietnam and the Dominican Republic so we did our research on Google for the places that we liked and then on Expedia for actual Accommodation options.

But this is not all that Expedia can offer. We almost indulged in a spontaneous city break in Barcelona, but the flight tickets discouraged us since it was the Holiday’s time,  but should you decide to do so, Expedia will help you find your accommodation, flight tickets and transport from the airport to your stay.  Also, once you have reached your destination, you can still search for things to do on the site and most of the time, they will have offers like a few attractions at a lower price than if you would buy them individually.

Please expect to be bombarded with swimsuit pictures, turquoise and a lot of sunny pictures in the next week or so and of course, on Instagram even more. It is by far my favourite app and it’s my social media platform where I am the most active….as long as I have internet connection.

Hopefully I am checking if this post has been put up as scheduled, on the pool side, with only one eye open because of all the sun and with a fresh coconut by my side…and Paul, of course.


Screenshot (2) final

Screenshot (3) final

IMG_7114 final

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