Pointe shoes hunt

When I’m having a pedicure, I always feel like I need to entertain the lady to distract her from the battlefield she’s dealing with. Ever since I was a child, I was a runner so you can imagine that my nails have suffered from running in inappropriate shoes. Now, I could only run to save my life so no treadmill for me, thank you!

Then dancing, and especially dancing without shoes was a killer. Let’s just put it like this: I will never be a foot model. When I’ve tried my first pair of pointe shoes I thought that they were the most beautiful torture instruments I have worn in my life but then, there was not much damage to do to my feet anymore.

I am in no way a ballerina! I did have classical ballet training with a few wonderful teachers, but I started a bit too late and I was distracted by the more psychological style¬† – contemporary dance. I bought my first pair of pointe shoes to start training more seriously but, as you might have heard, it is safer to have a few years of technique behind when you start using the pointe shoes. These ones¬†were the Debutante from Sansha. I bought them at the suggestion of my then teacher so I didn’t know much about styles and how to find the perfect one for the shape of your feet.

Officially, my first pair of pointe shoes are dead, but long live the new ones. Google maps was the one suggesting me to go to the Bloch store that was really close to the Royal Opera House, so I thought it must be a good one. I got there and I was awestruck, a child in candy-land! So many pink satin beautiful torture machines! I had something that I’ve never had before: a fitting! Which makes sense now that I know what to look for in a pointe shoes. The sales assistant (who was a ballerina) asked me to go to the barre and tendu to the side, plie and releve to see how arched my feet are so that she will try shoes that are more or less flexible, accordingly. Gladly, she was a perfectionist so we tried 5 styles until we’ve found the right one. Let me tell you, every single style that I tried for beginners was hurting so badly. She wanted a tapered style for me because I have what you would call an Egyptian style of feet where the big toe is the biggest. Just when we were about to give up and try the boxier style that I had before, she had an idea to try another tapered style even though it was for intermediates. And these were the winners: Triomphe…well yes, literally! These were as comfortable as a pointe shoe can get and because of the tapered style, my body weight was dispersed on all my toes, not just my big one.

I guess it is safe to say that you will be seeing more and more pictures on pointe shoes, especially on my Instagram, which in case you don’t follow, I believe you should;). Do you like these or prefer normal shoes?

IMG_2350 final

IMG_2342 final

IMG_2389 final

IMG_2414 final

IMG_2451 final

IMG_2466 final

IMG_2480 final

IMG_2325 final

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