PUNTA CANA – Bahia Principe Resort REVIEW (Part 1)

As you might have figured it out by now, mid March we went on holiday to one of the most exotic places I’ve seen! We spent 7 nights in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, in a resort that we’ve found on Expedia. The pictures on Expedia were nice enough to convince us to buy the tickets, but they did not prepare us for the beauties we were about to experience! The resort I am talking about is Bahia Principe and even now, coming home after experiencing a week of bliss and walking on the beach and peeking to see the other resorts, I am still very happy with our choice.

One of the services that we booked via Expedia was a shared shuttle that took us from the airport to the resort. Despite the fact that they waited for us and we didn’t have to figure out how to get there, we got to see a few other resorts on our way to ours. I was so surprised to see that all the resorts had a barrier and a guard so they are perfectly aware of everybody who gets in and out and then you still have to drive for a few minutes to get to the actual resort which makes them feel quite secluded. It really felt like a fantasy island created and separated from the real world, especially after we’ve got to ours, everything that they were offering distracted us so much from reality that it was hard to believe that there is anything different outside the resorts. Also, we started talking to the driver and he only had good words to say about our choice, actually he said that it was his personal favourite of all.

As I was saying (writing) before, we went for an All-inclusive package where we had accommodation, buffet at all times, and free access to drinks which we celebrated with a lot of Virgin Pina Coladas. This is not the only package they offer though, they had some with fewer services included or 4 more luxury hotels, some with that did not allow the access of children, and one that was designed as a Disney themed park, for children of all ages. From the main resort, you did not have access to the luxury ones, and the first night we actually got lost and almost went to have dinner at one but a guard stopped us, but if you opt for one of the four luxury hotels, you have access to any of the others as well…except the buffet, you had to go to yours, but more about food later.

First 6 nights, we were in the non-luxury area, but really you had everything you would have needed: one big lobby with sofas and armchairs and agencies who booked trips and activities for you, the buffet, the bar area with coffee machines and croissaints that you can have at all times, a dancing terrace where the parties were held and among the houses where we all had our rooms, there were 3 pools with their own bars and sunlounges.

Let’s talk food now because that was one of the best parts. Living in London and having too little free time to actually cook with pleasure, has taught me to value cooked food much more than I did back at home. The Buffet opened at 5.30 am and with a few breaks during the day, you could go and eat up to 10 pm. It was the tastiest and most varied buffet I’ve been to and I loved the fact that they had a different cuisine theme for each day. We tasted Italian, Asian, Dominican, Mexican, American and Spanish. This did not mean that you had to eat Italian food and you had no choice. No, they had a few stations that were permanent and you could mix and match as much as you wanted. My star foods were the glazed plantains, the beef burger and battered yucca, all the salads and fruits: papaya, pineapple that actually has a taste and the most surprising: the small banana. As Paul describes it, just imagine you take all the taste that there is in a big banana and concentrate it in one that has maximum 10 cm – food porn, believe me!

On top of the buffet, you had a selection of restaurants that, as long as you made reservations, you could have your dinner there as a service included in your package. We tried the Japanese one because we couldn’t book the rest, but except the tempura, I was not necessarily blown away.

One thing that they need to improve is their awareness to people having food allergies. They did not have any allergy notes neither in the buffet nor at any restaurant so with my dairy allergy, I was choosing food blindly, knowing that I am risking it, but mine is a mild one. I feel it for somebody who has a gluten allergy that has more severe effects and could ruin possibly bring a discomfort to their holiday.

I don’t want to end it on this low note, but I’ve just realised how much I’ve already written and I haven’t even get to the middle of my notes so I will need to split this in two, so there will be a part 2.

Also, for the first time ever, we filmed a vlog that will be up soon, but for now I will just leave you with a few pictures that we took inside the resort and around the beach.

Tropical kiss!

IMG_8614 final3

IMG_8781 final3

1 final3

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