Put a mask on it! (Korean Beauty)

I’ve been into sports my entire life. I was an awkward child and the only thing that truly made me feel like I am that “myself” that I want to be, was sports. I am not good with doing series of exercise though. My favourite way of working out is to forget that I am and just have fun with it. I was more into team sports, but I did have a loved one that was a solitary sport – swimming.

I started swimming when I was 8 years old and I do it now with the same pleasure I did then. So you can imagine that I was more than thrilled when I found out that we have a pool so close to where we live. This is the way I kept in shape for the past half a year, even more so now that we are preparing for that holiday that I kept of hinting at.

I find swimming very appropriate because it forces you to use your left and right side equally. The downside to it though, is the chlorine and what it does to your harr and skin. For my hair’s health and colour, I am yet to find a solution, whereas for my skin – a good body cream will do the trick easily. My face though, regardless of how oily I get on dry land, after a good session at the pool, it craves for moisture really badly.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Korean beauty brands and I’ve seen that Beauty Bay stocks quite a large variety. I only took the plunge after a friend gifted me the cutest packaged hand cream – a panda. This seems to be the  theme with Korean brands – cute packaging, but at least what I tried, I was really impressed with.

Both Paul and I have tried the sheet masks from TonyMoly and especially after the pool, they feel so refreshing on the skin. Any gourmand will fall for the packaging that’s for sure because they have the main ingredient on it – it can be an avocado, aloe, wine, cucumber and so on. I’ve bought a few to try, the ones that I’ve found in the Topshop on Oxford Street because my patience did not allow me to buy them online and then wait for them to be shipped – I am impatient like that. They are the regular sheet mask that is soaked in liquid, but it’s quite thin and with a tiny gap for your eyes, nose and mouth. If you’ve used a sheet mask before, you’ll find that there is nothing unusual about these one, but they are cute and efficient.

Should we use one on the place, on our way to the holiday destination? I think we should.


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