Sequin overdose

I was never one to go crazy with sequins, I’m more of a lace person for party outfits. My trick has always been to dress up and down the lace, not necessarily go for other kind of textures that draw attention. So this is me taking myself out of my comfort zone šŸ˜€

This was not a particularly difficult intervention though, considering that even before I went inside of the Zara store, what I saw in the windows was luring me in…badly! For the first time ever since I started writing the blog, all the outfits that I am showing you, are from the same brand. So many people like Zara, just as many people dislike it, really. What I like about this Spanish brand is that they come up with so many collections that you’ll always see something new in their stores.

When I was a child, I didn’t like the typically girly stuff. I didn’t wear pink, I was not drawn to glitter, I was terrible at makeup and at doing my hair (that I still am). I think I just wanted to be a grown-up already. Haha, how much things have changed! I don’t know when exactly, but I started being really into ballet, pink, sequins, glitter everywhere, rose-gold and so on. When I was 13 my mom told me that I act as if I am 30. Now, I am not 30 yet, and hopefully I am not acting as if I am 13 either, but I really am rediscovering, or better said, I am discovering my inner girly girl and Zara’s collection is helping me a lot. They use what I would call “grown-up sequins”: deep teal colours, black, rose-gold and one of my favourites : the stripey skirt that makes me think of Rio de Janeiro more than X-mas, but I just fell in love with it. As much as you could fall in love with an object…you know what I mean, don’t you?

Well, there’s nothing left to say except to show you the pictures and wish you “Happy glitter your way through the Holidays”!


  1. The “I need some Samba music” skirtĀ here

IMG_2627 final

IMG_2662 final

IMG_2646 final


2. The “you have to come closer to see the beauty of it” topĀ here

IMG_2726 final

IMG_2802 final

IMG_2796 final


3. The “highlighter” dressĀ here

IMG_3060 final2

IMG_3050 final2

IMG_3065 final2


4. The “can you see my inner mermaid?” dressĀ here

IMG_3086 final

IMG_3117 final

IMG_3106 final



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