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I don’t cease to be amazed at how fast the fast fashion conglomerate – Zara is. I have the impression that if I were to go every two weeks, almost everything would be different. It’s quick, affordable and very versatile.

Before I start raving about Zara, I need to give you a quick guide of what not to do if you actually want to purchase from them, and not just make the time pass until you go to your after work drinks.

1.Sales period

If you go during sales, expect the store to be a complete and utter mess. This is terribly annoying if you prefer clean spaces and very well organised racks. However, if you have the patience, you will find nice things and very, very low prices. Also, in case you can’t find your size where the rest of the items are, have a quick browse in the entire store, you might find it hidden somewhere else.

2.Where to buy

Again, if you like taking your time when buying, don’t go to the stores that are in the center of the city. For London those would be Bond Street, Regent Street and Oxford Street. Those are always full of tourists and people who work in Central London so these stores will be the messiest and the most crowded. If you have a shopping center close to home, that is the choice I’d suggest. I was in the Zara in Brent Cross recently (which is zone 3 for London) and I was surprised at how light and well organized the store actually was. I could concentrate and get creative – on a budget, of course.

3.Don’t shop when you’re hungry

This applies to any shopping experience, but especially in a big store, where you don’t actually get customer service – it can be draining and not necessarily a pleasure. If you are anything like me and get angry when you’re hungry aka hangry – just go for a quick bite first and then do your shopping.

4.Buy smart

Zara is really the place where you can buy fast fashion. Items that are such a big trend now, but might not be “in” next year and are not worth spending a lot – my opinion. So most often, I buy this kind of items on the high street. I am not saying that a trend item can not be worn after it goes out of trend, I am just suggesting that maybe that mermaid sequin bomber jacket can be found at a two digit price and not necessarily at a three digit one.

5.Try at home

Zara has a very friendly return policy, just like Asos. They allow you to take the clothes home and then decide if they fit what you already have in your wardrobe or not. As long as you return them before the usual one month deadline, you should be fine.

This article was inspired by my first shopping experience in Zara. It was Boxing Day! I did not necessarily plan to shop, but we were out and I was curious…and then shocked at how messy everything was so I decided to give it several tries at different times and this is what I’ve learnt. Hope this helps you in any way:)


Zara | miss casual

Zara | miss casual

Zara | miss casual

Zara | miss casual

Zara | miss casual

Zara | miss casual


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