Should we leave the nest?

Is this something that we really need to do because it is beneficial to us or are we leaving the nest because society tells us that around 25 we have to give mom and dad some space and start being independent? There are so many advantages to either of the roads that we could take but I was always curious what motivates us to leave the comfort of our parents’ house (hopefully not a kick in the bum) and start making a living of our own.

Being responsible and the decision maker

Leaving the nest is like having a big pizza that was eaten for you until you actually started knowing life away from the comfort that your parents created for you. But just like with any other dish, some like pizza, others leave the crust on the side, untouched, and others won’t even glance in its direction. Hihi, I hope I am not making you hungry with this analogy. I am writing this blog post Sunday morning, just after I had my coffee so I am kind of making myself hungry.

Let’s continue with the pizza: after you do start eating your own, gaining your independence, responsibilities come. Have you finished it? If no, are you putting it the remaining bit in the fridge so that you can have some later, are you wasting it and just throw it away, are you sharing it? All this things that you need to do after the main action happened – and the most enjoyable if you ask me – eating the pizza, are your responsibilities. Not to make your stomach churn now that you ate this yummi pizza, but leaving the nest puts you in the position where you are providing for yourself : food, a place to live, toiletries, clothes – everything is on you now.


This might all sound discouraging but in fact I find it quite the opposite – if you are leaving the nest and gaining the independence – you are the decision maker. Basically, you can do anything you want, in the limits of the law that is.

My parents were quite open-minded and so I don’t remember not being allowed to do anything major. Actually there was something – I was not allowed to slide with my head first, that’s where I stopped being cool. Leaving this to the side, nothing that I write comes from a place were I’ve been restricted. Even so, nothing felt as good as when I was able to do it myself – and I am not talking about finishing an entire pizza – how dare you test me on that?:)

Different generations – different mentalities

When mom was my age now, I was already 2 years old. I am pretty sure that most of us though about this – our parents and their parent even more, were much quicker to tie the knot and start building that family…horizontally. Nowadays, it’s either that we want to have a career and a stable income before having children, or more and more of us really consider the possibility of not having any. For some reason Elton John’s voice just popped into my head with “Sorry seems to be the hardest world” – and I contradicted him with “I am not having children” seems to be the hardest phrase.

Imagine telling your parents that. Imagine telling your grandparents that! How many of them will be supportive and how many will be outraged? Another advantage of leaving the nest is that we distance ourselves from the other generations and live with the mentality of our generation. We don’t need to have children to take care of us when we’re old anymore, now really is the time when we do have a choice – as I said, different generations, different mentalities.

Should we continue living with our parents as long as possible?

How many times have I not thought: how much money would I have been able to save if I still lived with my parents. I guess London rent does that to you. This is one of the situations where it would be such a huge advantage to still be able to live in the nest: when you have a business and every penny you save could go into it. This is a situation where everybody will have to compromise a lot, but I do have to mention my biggest motivator – mom’s cooking. There is just something so deliciously familiar about the food that we used to have since we were children, don’t you think?


What is your opinion on this? Are you still living with your parents, are you enjoying it? I might be seeing things all wrong so please do challenge me on that. I can only talk about my personal experience and that of my friends’. So what do you prefer: leaving the nest or staying?


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