Silver biker jacket

I have to admit, the first time I saw this jacket on Mango’s site, my first thought was ¨that is a dupe of Chanel¨ and second one ¨that is so cool!¨ I love biker jackets, I’ve been wearing them for years. I had cropped ones, faux leather ones, suede, more fitted ones, but never an oversized one and I don’t mean one that I bought in a size too big, but a design that is meant to be oversized. This is me outside of my comfort zone again.

Besides the style, I love love love the colour of it. Ok, my mind might have been a tiny bit influenced by that Chanel show where they have a rocket in the middle. Was it AW 2017? I’m still not over it, hence, for somebody who never owned a piece of clothing in silver, now I have the silver trousers that I shot a month ago and this jacket.

I will keep today’s post short not to bore you with long stories. Or do you prefer longer posts? I am so excited that the weather is changing here in the UK, can’t wait for spring and summer where I don’t need to take 3 layers off until I get to the one I want in the picture, if you know what I mean.

I also have quite an exciting project coming up, but I’ll tell you more about it on Wednesday’s post.


IMG_5883 final

IMG_5772 final

IMG_5865 final

IMG_5755 final

IMG_5908 final

IMG_5905 final

IMG_5829 final

Bonus picture with the photographer


Jacket – Mango

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