Skin journey and Kiehl’s rescue

I’ve fought my oily skin my entire life, which is just half of my life really because the beauties of puberty made me the honour of only hitting me when I was 12/13. With this came all those funny things making a home out of my face, things that I still hear adults experiencing, people who didn’t have a spot in their teens, but then start having them in their 20’s/ 30’s.

Bad skin leads to bad self-esteem, insecurities and all that jazz. I had a period when, seeing how much sebum my face produces, I asked myself “why should I hydrate my face if it’s already naturally hydrated”…well, over-hydrated as I saw it then. When I told my dermatologist this story, she just gave me a cold glance but on the inside I bet she was pulling her hair out. That’s when she explained to me that my skin is actually dehydrated which is why it’s producing this much sebum, which makes the cosiest “habitat” for break-outs.

That was a turning point: I felt like I was looking at my skin…upside down and only realising this, I really started taking care of it.

When mom visited over the Christmas Holidays, she noticed that I started using the Kiehl’s moisturiser (Ultra facial oil-free gel cream) and the very popular avocado eye-cream. ( I am still in the give-me-all-avocado-stuff faze). Frankly, she was most surprised of the eye cream: ¨when did you start using one of these?¨…I somehow felt like a teenager again, going through a lot of body changes and then you see your auntie who always seems to have lost that filter between her brain and her mouth and asked you ¨When did you start wearing a bra?¨…what can I say? I’m a big girl now. This is something that you learn when you move to a big city: not the bra part, but the fact that you start seeing the effects of pollution on your face.

Moving past, the second thing mom said was: ¨did you know that they (Kiehls) do a full diagnostic to find out your skin type and then recommend products based on that? ¨ I didn’t know, but what I do know is that next time I go to replace my moisturiser which I just repurchased, I might say ¨yes¨ to one of those.

In  case you have any other moisturisers for oily skin that you think that I should try, let me know:)

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