Spring clean for your face

I was reading an article in Vogue just a few days ago where the fact that our faces are our future business cards was debated. I was suprised to read that in China they have actually developed the technology to be able to pay by face recognition. Sounds a bit simplistic, but starring into a machine will access your bank account and the transaction is done…I find this exciting and alarming at the same time, but regardless, our face is the one that we ‘use’ for any superficial or not interaction and most of the time we feel more confident if we are happy with how our face looks. This can mean wearing a makeup that you feel suits you, or not wearing any makeup at all but having a radiant, healthy skin.

Talking about skin, I feel more motivated to take care of it not as a new year’s resolution, but as a spring one. I like preparing my skin for summer, even though it’s prodigious that we take care of our skin regardless the season, I have to admit that I am a bit lazy in the winter, but then, when I see the first signs of spring, my skin ritual awakens from the hibernation it seem it has been into.

Let me tell you what is the new tool that I am trying out. I was watching Triny Woodhall on Youtube, and she is the one who really introduced me to dermarolling. What she uses it for is as a prep before applying her masks and skincare because it absorbs better due to the micro channels that the derma roll has created. This tool is most effective when you use it yourself because this way you’ll feel exactly how much pressure you need to apply. Certain parts of your face are more sensitive, and on others, you can really be a bit more energetic with the rolling motion. When you use the dermaroll on your skin, the  micro-needles made of Japanese surgical steel will stimulate the production of collagen, increase your blood circulation which will help your skin regenerate quicker.

The one that I have is the one from Swiss Clinic with a 0.5 mm needle and I use it for my face and neck the same. The only difference comes when we talk about the pressure. I will probably be more gentle on the neck and chest which are quite sensitive for me, and be more vigorous on my T-zone where the skin is thicker and also more problematic.

Piercing your skin might sound scary, but truth be told, it’s not that unpleasant – you’ll only have a slight stinging feeling and in places, your skin might get red, but that’s the whole drama.

I use the dermaroller mostly for my acne scarring, but also to prep my skin on those pampering evenings, before putting on a mask. I’ve seen the biggest improvement in my skin while I was in Punta Cana so in humidity, heath and salty water combined. I was using it regularly with my usual skincare but also added the Pixi – Rose Glow which besides that it smells divine, like a garden on a late spring day, also calmed my sun-burnt recently derma rolled skin. I have noticed the difference quickly, but I thought it’s just the sun, but coming back to rainy and cold London (I feel like this is almost a pleonasm already), and it still worked beautifully.

Have you tried a dermaroller, or anything else from Swiss Clinic? I’ve heard so many good things about their skin care that now I am really curious to see how it works especially for my very fussy oily skin.

What beauty rituals do you like doing when Spring comes? Do you do anything differently?


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DERMAROLLER –  Swiss Clinic


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