Statement earrings

As I said before, with the Holiday season approaching, all I can think about is mulled wine, marshmello hot chocolates, chunky sweaters, gingerbread, candles and pixie lights, glamorous outfits, or if not glamorous at least really, really shiny ones, and the statement earrings to go with the crazy outfits. You know how we see that influencers give their best during fashion shows. That’s when they go crazy with creativity and their outfits are jaw dropping? That is how I feel about this season! I want to wear cosy knits, with just a bit of lace peeking from underneath and the statement earring that catches your eye when you stay in line for you coffee and you’re glad to be distracted by something nice, other than a sandwich.

I always loved jewellery. For me jewellery is like music. You listen to a song a lot in a certain period of time, and then after you replay it years later, you remember most of the things that happened around that time. That is jewellery for me, a mirror to the past, if we are to say it metaphorically. I remembered who gifted it to me, I remember when and what I was doing around that time. Problem was, especially with earrings, I always seem to loose one of the pair. But no worries, I would either wear just one of them, or I would mix and match. And now, surprise, surprise, this is the trend of the moment: single earrings. Love it!

With the pictures I am simply suggesting to go outside your comfort zone when it comes to earrings but not necessarily start looking like a Christmas tree…as I did:))

IMG_2578 final

IMG_2575 final

Mango similar here


IMG_2596 final

IMG_2592 finalBoohoo here


IMG_2507 final

IMG_2503 final

Boohoo similar here


IMG_2569 final

IMG_2560 final

Mango similar here


IMG_2524 final

IMG_2553 final

Mango here


IMG_2516 final

IMG_2512 final

Mango my personal favourite – here


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