Stripes and vinyl + High-school confession

I like dressing up, experimenting, putting on a character, exploring all those sides of who we are. My main motivation for this lately are fashion documentaries. A started (again) watching my all time favourites such as “Diana Vreeland – the eye has to travel” or “The September Issue” where you can see the new Editor of Vogue UK as a stylist.

For me fashion is kind of psychological. When we were building a character for a dance/ theatre show, clothes contributed a lot. They were the final touch that gave the character credibility to the eyes of the audience. Probably, this is how power dressing came to existence, but what I am suggesting is that “power dressing” might mean a structural dress to me, that would make me feel like the ultimate lady-boss, whereas for you, it might mean your motorbike leather suit. Ok, I must admit – that is kind of badass. The point…well the beauty, of this really, is that we can “play” with our clothes as much as we want to.

I went to a High-school where I needed to wear a uniform: a checked pleated burgundy and grey skirt, a burgundy shirt and a grey jacket. I hated it with all my heart. It was not fitted, it was unflattering and it hid our personalities. But in the end, we all wore it, with only very tiny exceptions, because the Headmistress was an ex ballet dancer who seemed to have been in the army so let’s just say that we were putting on the puppy face every time she was nearby . At that time, I thought I will never wear burgundy in my entire life. Haha, what a surprise I had when a few years later, it became one of my favourite colours to wear, not because I had the Stockholm syndrome, because I did give up wearing it for a few years, but because I found it elegant and I still do. How funny it is when things start to have a new meaning and then we fall in love with the new meaning and we forget completely about the old, un-loved one.

I must confess something from High-school. First, that I was in a dance crew, which is not such a big surprise, and all of us shortened our uniform skirts to make them easier to move in…and when I say that we shortened them, I am not saying that we were now showing our knees, but that our skirts became so short that I am now blushing at the thought of it. I think I dared to play with my clothes more then, than I do now. Second, I didn’t hate my grey jacket that much. The first year, I did, but second year, a girl that was one year younger than me, in the same class as my close friends, pimped her jacket – did anyone watch ¨Pimp my ride¨? What she did was borrow her grandfather’s badges from the army and then a few more and pin them to the jacket. That made all the difference to me. Even though I don’t own one grey jacket to this day, which is quite hard to believe after last year’s trends, I love them thanks to her creativity.

So I set myself up for a challenge and I am wearing all the things that I didn’t use to or was afraid to wear, as if clothes bite…which is why I decided to show you two of the outfits I wore lately and felt more in my element than ever before, just because I was daring and I was wearing something that I fantasised about.

I would say that we can now raise our smoothie jars (if that’s your kind of thing) for all the fashion risks we took and all the ones that we are yet to take in the future.


IMG_4977 final

IMG_5010 final

IMG_4985 final

IMG_5027 final

IMG_4987 final

IMG_5036 final

IMG_5014 final

IMG_5039 final

IMG_5332 final

IMG_5392 final

IMG_5359 final

IMG_5376 final

IMG_5346 final



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