Reinterpreted shirt-dress and retro styling

How many of you have watched Gossip Girl just as much for the outfits as for the intrigue? I absolutely loved it! All the mean girls with their reinterpreted sexy uniforms, Serena with her more relaxed style and then Jenny who always found a solution…my shirt-dress outfit today reminds me of the series especially for the retro styling.

I remember doing marathons with my friends, staying in all day and watching the series. I liked Serena and Dan, another friend liked Blair and Chuck, we had really mixed opinions. What we did agree upon though is that we needed to go raiding the second hand shops / charity shops for interesting looking clothes, even retro looking sometimes that we could wear as if we were in Gossip girl.

Another more recent series where the fashion is absolutely amazing is Marvelous Mrs Maisel. I might be in a retro mood now, but honestly this is what inspires me the most at the moment: really feminine silhouettes, big earrings and hair accessories. My shirt-dress is not far from that either: looking at it, it makes me think of the kind of dresses Self Portrait used to do a few years ago with the many ruffles, but a bit more office appropriate with the shirt sleeves.

This might have been my favourite outfit of this year, but I am more curious of which is yours. This just gave me an idea…should I do a blog post about this year’s outfits that you liked the most on Instagram based on Impressions?

Retro kisses!

shirt dress / retro styling / covent garden / office wear / office outfit / summer outfit / london / miss casual / the new fashion rules inthefrow
SANDALS – Topshop (similar)
Reusable Coffee Cup – Starbucks
Earrings & scarf from Grandma’s collection (really!:D)
shirt dress / retro styling / covent garden / office wear / office outfit / summer outfit / london / miss casual / the new fashion rules inthefrow
shirt dress / retro styling / covent garden / office wear / office outfit / summer outfit / london / miss casual / the new fashion rules inthefrow
shirt dress / retro styling / covent garden / office wear / office outfit / summer outfit / london / miss casual / the new fashion rules inthefrow
shirt dress / retro styling / covent garden / office wear / office outfit / summer outfit / london / miss casual / the new fashion rules inthefrow

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Under £100 glam outfit from ASOS

Ok, I admit I am late writing this post. Christmas parties are long gone, even New Years parties are now just a memory, but I am not over the glamorous side of the season. Are you? This Asos outfit would have been gorgeous for New Year no doubt, but I did things differently this year. I actually started my year in a pink silk pyjama…it doesn’t get lazier than this, but now I am making up for the glam time I lost.

If you are anything like me and maybe need inspiration for a birthday party coming up or any kind of party where you want to dress up to, I have the solution. When I think glam, I envision sparkly textures, transparencies, maybe even metallic fabrics, heels, always heels and a bright lipstick. My choice is usually pink , but I’ve heard red is quite popular also (much more than pink, in fact).

I wish I could tell you that I am writing this post from a cafe with huge windows, overlooking a foggy London, not able to decide between another coffee or Prosecco, it would have been much more appropriate for the outfit. However, I am at my desk, cuddled up in a soft fleece turquoise throw on, sipping coffee from my fat cat mug. How glamorous reality is!:)

1. Embellished mesh top – Bershka (Asos)

This is the kind of top that you can wear with jeans and make them look less casual or you can wear it with the fanciest skirt and heels. It is however completely see-through so you might want to wear it with a bralette or a body-suit, or not…who am I to judge?

Even though it is a mesh top and my first instinct would be to stay away from it because it looks too fragile, it is surprisingly not. The mesh is quite sturdy but elastic and if you have a sensitive skin like I do, you should not that is perfectly comfortable. That was a nice surprise!


2. Pleated metallic skirt – Warehouse (Asos)

This skirt does not photograph as nicely as it looks in person…what can I say, we are not all photogenic:)) On the Asos site, I don’t always watch the videos, but this skirt needed the video. Even so, it did not do it justice. Because it’s a pleated one and has these very fine metallic lines along, it is hard to capture it’s beauty on camera.

This is another of those very versatile pieces. You can dress it down with a sweater, make it more serious with a shirt or party-worthy with an embellished top.


BTS aka. Behind the Scenes

We decided to start the year with our favourite thing to do, after travelling, and that is shooting. Who knows, maybe if you start the year this way, you keep on doing it more and more, and more successfully should I say, throughout the year. It literally was the 1st of January, the 1st day of the new year when we went to China Town in the heart of London, hoping that people are too hungover from last night to start overpopulating the streets.

Ha! How silly of us. China Town is almost never empty and surely, it was not empty on the 1st of the year either. However, I knew where we wanted to shoot and we decided some time ago that we should curate our Instagram feed a bit less and take pictures in the moment. If it was full of people, then let there be people.

Have you shot on a busy London street? It is intimidating! Even after almost 2 years, it still gets intimidating. Paul has seen that my energy starts going low, I start going back into my shell and be naturally, intimidated. So he starts almost yelling instructions (many people on the street) so I raise my energy’s pants up and crack on with it. I probably went into full entertainer/ diva mode because I see a funny thing happening at the corner of my eyes.

We were in the middle of the street…well I was, Paul was just a bit lower down so not really in the way. This couple sees us taking pictures, I presume, and decides to not intervene. Very nice of them! Next thing I see is that the woman does a few back and forward steps to go right between Paul and I and the man tries to go behind me. The man then sees that she can’t decide if she should in fact get in the picture, in between Paul and I, or go around, so he comes back to grab her anxiously.

We of course stop shooting and thank them and they were very politely apologizing for disturbing us when I started thinking. Who knows what kind of a witch look I had that I confused them so much.


Happy New Year kisses! (still)

TOP – Bershka
SKIRT – Warehouse
COAT – QED London
china town / embellished top / bershka top / black outfit / metallic skirt / winter outfit / party outfit / miss casual
china town / embellished top / bershka top / black outfit / metallic skirt / winter outfit / party outfit / miss casual

Under £100 winter outfit from ASOS

A few posts ago we decided we are in need for knit. Just try to say that out loud, and if you had no problems saying it, say it twice as fast, repeatedly. That’s a tongue twister, isn’t it? Back to outfits, as an extension to that post, I went to check out some more knits from Asos which, if you have read my blog before, you know I love for the huge selection. Since the holiday  is coming and we might feel more like giving/buying presents for others, I have put together an outfit that is even less than £100 which is the usual in these series – this time it is under £70.

I love wearing skirts during winter, with a good pair of tights and a cozy sweater. I also find this combination a bit more girly – knits with skirts, than my usual knits with trousers. This is probably one of the most bohemian looks that I have ever put together, which really grows on me. It might be the holiday spirit that is making me all mushy, but I definitely have my bohemian side.

1. Asymmetric hem skirt | £38 ASOS

As much as I am in love with knits, this skirt is what started the whole outfit. It has a very soft jacquard look to it, but without becoming heavy looking or feeling for that matter. Do I need to say anything about the colour? It’s like I need to compensate for all my childhood when I didn’t want to wear pink and I am wearing it all now.

When I choose outfits lately, I also think of how they will look in pictures, and how will I feel moving in them. I don’t know if you noticed, but lately, we take more and more dynamic pictures and less static ones. This is just my personal preference and especially when you have a garment that flows and moves with you, it’s a bliss. And this skirt in particular, is exactly that. First, it’s as light as silk so it moved wherever I wanted it to, plus the asymmetric hem gives it another kind of movement.

You might have noticed, but I am not that much into classic skirts. This one is not classic at all and fulfills all my wishes: it’s pink, flowy and has an interesting architecture to it. What more can a girl ask? Swarovskies?

2. Multi-stripe knit | £24.99 BERSHKA

When it comes to knits, it’s very hard to go wrong for me. But one thing that puts me off for life is scratchy knits. I have quite a reactive skin so I get all red if I wear one of those hedgehog knits, but it is not the case with this one. When I saw the price tag, I did not have my hopes up, but I was most pleasantly surprised! It is so soft, even for me and I test drove it for the entire day and had no hedgehog issues.

Again, do I need to say anything about the colour? I love the coral with the pastel blue combination, makes me feel like I am in candy land without ruining my teeth. This is a chunkier design so at first I was not sure it would go with a voluminous skirt, but it totally did! I added a belt just to have a bit of a waist line, but it would honestly go without the belt also. Maybe just tuck the knit in, in front of the skirt for a longer legs effect. This is my most used trick:D


I have the impression that you will see this combination a lot: knits with skirts, because I am in that kind of a mood and then, the possibilities are endless. My Christmas tree is already giving me the looks, so I will finish the post now and start making my flat all Christmassy together with a well-caffeinated Paul.

Carols singing kisses!

christmas decoration / london / bershka knit / pink skirt / asos outfit / miss casual
christmas decoration / london / bershka knit / pink skirt / asos outfit / miss casual
christmas decoration / london / bershka knit / pink skirt / asos outfit / miss casual

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Morning at The Louvre | Red dress

Where better to spend our last morning in Paris than at the Louvre? And when I say morning, that means that we woke up at 6am, which is 5am in the UK by the way, and by 7 we where in front of this mesmerizing Museum. Makeup and hair was done, we were just not caffeinated enough.

If you are travelling to a new city, or really, even in the one that you leave, try to explore it early in the morning. Preferably during the weekend because we all know how fierce people can be when they go to work. You will find that the city looks so different to how you are used to seeing it. I found that Paris, just like London, is much more beautiful in the soft morning light, where you actually have space to see and take in all the beauty.

I am writing this post two weeks after we’ve returned from our Parisian trip, but the whole morning is as clear as yesterday. Social media is full of pictures with the Louvre, but in all the pictures you see one huge constant. It’s full of people! So we thought we have no chance of taking pictures at the Louvre without having at least 10 more curious tourists like us. However, we couldn’t have been more surprised.

Paul and I were getting close to the Louvre, when we saw a family running. Mom, dad and sun looked like they were running from behind the gates that the security team has put to keep the tourist attractions safe at night. They were holding a camera so we thought they were trespassing to take those spectacular pictures that we wanted to take also. This would explain why one of the security guards was walking in their direction and them running from him.

By this time,  confused from the lack of caffeine and the scene that was happening before our eyes, we just continued our way towards the museum. When we got to the before mentioned gates, the security guard was just unlocking them – he actually wanted to let the family know that the Louvre Museum is now opened and not at all what they probably thought was coming.

I thought this was the perfect occasion to wipe the dust off of my pointe shoes. I have not trained for them in what feels like ages, but I still love this beautiful little torturous dancing shoes. A red dress was just a must, really! I especially loved this one from Warehouse because it was so light, had the slit for any dance pose I wanted to do and it is perfect for those who can’t decide between a flower print or stripes. Haha, I am one of those. I did not do my research on the Warehouse brand before, but after wearing this dress,  am curious what more they have in store.

Now, because I am already nostalgic of summer and a big glass of rum and tropical juice is waiting for me, I will end the blog post here. From all the shots that we’ve taking in this past year and a bit when we started, it would be unfair to pick only one, but this would definitely be in my top 3. Can it get better than this? Paris, summer, my man, our birthday celebrations and Louvre?


Louvre | miss casual

Louvre | miss casual

Louvre | miss casual

Louvre | miss casual

Louvre | miss casual

Louvre | miss casual

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Fitted dresses – pros and cons

There is no better feeling than when we are so confident in our bodies that we just want to put on a very fitted dress and rock the city/club, whatever is your scene. However, this boost of confidence does not happen all the time, might be something to do with our natural cycles, or with the lack of sleep, but one day we might feel on top of the world…and heels, other days, we just want to hide under layers and layers of clothes.

Unfortunately, women more than man are still judged much more because of their bodies. This does not mean that one constitution is beautiful, whereas another one is less beautiful. On the contrary, as superficial as the world we live in is, beauty is still in the eyes of the admirer. On top of everything, we should seek to be healthy. However, for some reason, the way we see our body is influenced a lot by how people react to us and their own opinion of it…hence the fluctuations in confidence.

So, I was curious to see when is it that I am more prone to wear fitted dresses and when I try to stay as away from them as possible.


Before moving to the UK, my diet was very different. You might remember that I mentioned in a previous post that I realized I am dairy intolerant only after I started living in London. This has led me to give up absolutely any product that contains dairy which was a hassle at first because I used to eat cheese with cheese if you know what I mean. So in the beginning, I tried all the dairy alternatives there are such as Soy yogurt, Coconut yogurt, soy cheese, the different nut milks and so on. Because my body was not used to them, I would bloat like never before which made wearing a fitted dress a big no-no.

Another case in which I stay away from them is when I am tired. In some weird way, my self confidence is directly related to my level of energy. When I am tired, I feel I can’t pull off a fitted dress and most likely, my posture will be the very attractive hunched back…and I haven’t even been to Notre Dame yet.

On a more positive note, if I know I’ll be dancing a lot, I prefer trousers. Reason being, a fitted dress tends to roll up plus, if you have the moves like Jagger, people will have to take your word for it because you will not be able to prove that in a fitted dress.

It’s been a long time since I went on a first date and I’m not planning to go on one either, but I would not wear a fitted, revealing dress on a first date if I wanted him to actually listen to what I say. You do you girl, but keep this in mind if you want some quality conversation and not just the sensual gains of a date.



If I remember correctly, it is around our mid cycles that we are the most fertile which translates into a boost of confidence. This is probably the time when we are most likely to let our hair down, put on a fitted dress and just have fun.

Also, let’s say you’ve set yourself a target when it comes to your body image and you’ve eaten healthy for the longest time and you’ve worked out regularly. Now, you are the happiest you’ve been with your body. Isn’t this the best time to celebrate your success and put on a fitted dress that will show how proud you are of what you’ve achieved?

Let’s say you want to dress to impress. Let’s play with our imagination and say we need to go to a red carpet event. The best and most common option is a fitted dress. Depending on the length, it can be really elegant, it’s guaranteed that it will photograph well and something that is the closest to living a nightmare…it does not get stuck under your heel and makes you trip over.

Another good enough reason to wear fitted dresses is because they suit you. If you have beautiful curves and you want to show them, why not do so?


What I actually did is cheating a bit. In the pictures below, I am wearing a very short fitted dress, but the lace makes it a bit more forgiving because it doesn’t show it all. How do you like wearing dresses that are a second skin and how many times you ditch them for something more comfortable maybe?


fitted dress | miss casual

fitted dress | miss casual
No eyes kind of laugh 😀

fitted dress | miss casual


Dress – Missguided (on sale)

Black dress for summer?

You already know my opinion on breaking the rules of fashion – sometimes, it’s even better if you do. However, wearing a black dress during the scorching summer months is more of a practical rule. You don’t want to be sweating in your dress from the moment you get outside until you find shelter somewhere in AC.

Would you believe me if I told you that I’ve found a black summer dress that keeps you cool? It’s definitely not a bodycon, but a loose one made of a quite heavy material with ruffles that lets the wind keep you cool without flashing people on the street. Normally I would not even think about a black dress in the summer but this design that gives me the ethnic vibes, is a must try. It’s not that black either: the pattern is so colourful that it distracts you from the fact that the background of the dress is actually black.

We’re always scouting when we’re in central London, or anywhere in London really and because everyone I know is on holiday at the moment, subconsciously we found a more tropical place…as tropical as London gets. A colonial house with a big white door, huge plants to the left and right and black and white tiles – perfect for shooting a black dress.

I am having major wanderlust or how we’d say it in Romanian – my heels are burning. I want to travel so badly! My Instagram account is now full of the Revolve influencers’ trip- worth checking out but I must warn you, it might intensify any FOMO you might already have. Still, I feel like it’s time to go places. Any suggestions?

These photos were taken on the day when we went to Saint Aymes with Paul and his sisters and I might have borrowed their accessories. Both the bag and the sunglasses are courtesy of one of them and the scarf that I’ve put in my hair is something that I received from my grandmother when I was still a child. That’s what I remember at least, that I received it from her but I might have gone through her wardrobe and spotted it and then she gave it to me. I always liked the idea of having a sister or at least very close friends that you can borrow your clothes and accessories to and from. This time, it happened and they suited the black dress so perfectly. Thank you, girls!

Until Sunday…kisses!

black dress | miss casual

black dress | miss casual

black dress | miss casual

black dress | miss casual

Dress – Asos


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ASOS | Made in Kenya

I’ve been reluctant to writing about this Made in Kenya collaboration because I thought it’s not my place to. I’ve never been to Kenya, I can’t assume I’m familiar with the local community’s difficulties, but then I couldn’t take the subject out of my mind either. At the end of the day, the purpose of this blog is to write about what I am passionate about.

I am a big Asos fan (and customer – oups!) so at the end of the day, if my purchase is indeed creating more jobs, I am even happier to make it and tell you all about this collection too.

It’s the ninth year when ASOS has the Made in Kenya collection and this time they’ve teemed up with brother and sister duo 2ManySiblings, radio presenter Julie Adenuga and model Leomie Anderson to bring us a ton of floral, fruity and abstract prints.

The clothes in this collection are made in Kenyan factories which offer a fairly paid wage, training and safe employment for the local community. In short, it created jobs where these are lacking, and more importantly quality jobs. We’ve all heard the horror stories, but just like you maybe, I haven’t seen with my own eyes if these horrible things do happen. Although, if they do happen and I can make a change while treating myself to some new clothes, I am more than happy to do it.

A part of  the Made in Kenya collection is already  available on the Asos site and the rest will be launching in August. Another exciting part this year is that they introduced a selection of menswear. You can find really easy to wear pieces. There is something for those who are not shy from colour and then something for those who are. I was in the mood for colour so I went for this bright yellow jumpsuit that is also handmade.

I’ve always been a fan of Asos with their huge selection when it comes to brands, designs and pricing. As mentioned in a previous post why there in the UK, we need that next day delivery. I’ve signed up for it a while ago and I don’t regret it at all. I also really appreciate the fact that they encourage you to try the clothes one, at home, at your own pace and with access to your wardrobe. We’ve all been guilty of buying almost the same thing over and over again so this is a good, comfortable way to double-check against your own collection.

Have your heard of Asos X Made in Kenya before? The collection really caught my eye with the bold colours and fun patterns and I can’t wait for the release in August. Now all we need is for the  weather to let us wear these beauties!

made in kenya | miss casual

made in kenya | miss casual

made in kenya | miss casual

made in kenya | miss casual

made in kenya | miss casual

made in kenya | miss casual

made in kenya | miss casual

made in kenya | miss casual

made in kenya | miss casual

made in kenya | miss casual

made in kenya | miss casual

made in kenya | miss casual

made in kenya | miss casual

ASOS – Made in Kenya collection


Heat wave – the yellow outfit

Now this is a colour that I almost never wore. I don’t remember wearing it when I was a child and I could count on a hand, the times that I wore a yellow outfit as a grown up.

After seeing InTheFrow’s pictures with the yellow dress against a beautiful Maldives sunset, I was irremediably sold! I had to put together a yellow outfit. So I went crazy and picked more shades of yellow just to make sure there’s one for anyone.

When wearing yellow, I don’t believe that your complexion will be decisive, I believe it’s more about the hair color. And as we, ladies (but not only), like to experiment with out hairstyle and colour a lot, things might get tricky sometimes.

There are a few ways to wear a yellow outfit: you either go full on with it, or you start shy by wearing yellow accessories or a print that has a touch of yellow. As you might know by now, I like experimenting and getting myself outside my comfort zone, so I went all in with the outfits that you are to soon see. I admit, I do not feel comfortable wearing a yellow lipstick yet (does one exist?), but I would gladly rock a yellow eyeshadow with maybe a black eyeliner to make it a touch more wearable.

I am posting this blog after a week the pictures were taken. Sometimes, because we like an outfit too much and we have no patience to wait for the British weather to get better, we get out into the cold and we shoot the outfit. However, this time, there were summer temperatures when we shot the yellow outfits. One week later, it feels like autumn again, not even spring which got me thinking about why the next day delivery service works so well in the UK. We joke a lot about the weather, but the truth is, if you want to wear something specific, the sooner it gets to you, the more chances you have wearing it.

As one of the information boards was saying in one of the tube stations: “British summer (16 – 22 April) – gone but never  forgotten”

1. The yellow details

yellow outfit | miss casual

yellow outfit | miss casual

yellow outfit | miss casual


2. The daring print

yellow outfit | miss casual

yellow outfit | miss casual

yellow outfit | miss casual

JUMPSUIT – Asos (Made in Kenya collection)


3. The out-the-window-with-shyness yellow

yellow outfit | miss casual

yellow outfit | miss casual

yellow outfit | miss casual


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My go-to Spring accessories

As the sun is making it’s way back into our lives (even in the UK), it’s time to get our outfits out of the neutral hibernation and infuse them with some colour. One way to transition from kind of a monochromatic winter style to a colourful summer one is to start with accessories. They do make a big difference, but most of the time they are not the biggest statement – like wearing a yellow jumpsuit is (more on that exact subject later).

My style when it comes to accessories is even more eclectic than the way I dress. Both of them though, are mostly determined by my mood. In the following pictures you’ll see the accessories that I have worn in the past month or so, both on our tropical getaway and the ones that have spiced up my outfits in London.

I do not discriminate when it comes to jewellery/ accessories: I wear costume jewellery, statement ones, chic but subtle or fine jewellery, anything – you name it. The only constant is my engagement ring which can have no competition.

I’ll keep this post short and visual and with a lot of links to the pieces I am wearing or similar ones.

Accessories can really transform an otherwise simple outfit, don’t you agree? Some people don’t like wearing earrings for example, but out of all, I feel attracted to earrings the most. What accessories do you like wearing?

P.S. I did not forget about belts, shoes and handbags, but more on those in a later post.

1. Earrings

PIECES (ASOS) – similar here

ASOS – here

TJC – similar MANGO


2. Necklaces

TJC – similar MANGO

ACCESSORIZE – similar here

ASOS – similar here

ACCESSORIZE – similar here

UK Glamorous -similar Accessorize


3. Rings

UK Glamorous – similar Accessorize


4. Belts

Asos – here

Necklace worn as a belt


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