3 Christmas makeup looks

The countdown to Christmas has started: we only have one week left. Yuppi! Wait, what are we wearing on Christmas Eve, do we have enough presents for everybody, what makeup look should we do? This time, I can help you with the last part. I promised you I will do a beauty related post because I haven’t done one in ages I feel like, and having such a good occasion and such a nice palette on hand, I just had to. You’ll have three makeup looks to choose from: a more natural one, a warm rusty toned one and for the most daring, a smokey galaxy one.

This is one of the palettes that I have seen numerous Youtube tutorials on, and I was on the hunt for it for a while, but being an American brand, it takes some time for it to be available in the UK. Then, I completely forgot about it until Daniela has gifted it to me. You can’t imagine how I jumped up and down, I was that happy. I almost wanted to close  myself in a room and just stare and swatch the palette. The one that I am talking about is the Jaclyn Hill palette from Morphe that, if you are from the UK, you can find on Cult Beauty.

This is such a versatile palette, with a good proportion of matte and metallic eyeshadows. Most colours are warm-toned which is what I prefer anyways, but you do have a few cool-toned eyeshadows that look surprisingly good on most skin tones I saw them used on. I am still enthusiastic about this palette and want to use it as much as possible, so I thought, what better time to challenge myself to do 3 very different makeup looks for Christmas or any other party, with the Morphe palette.

1. The neutral makeup look

This is for the ladies who maybe meet their future mother in law on Christmas Eve. If I sound like I am talking from experience, that is exactly what I do. Two years ago I moved to London, and on Christmas Eve, I met Paul’s entire family: mother, father, 3 sisters, 3 brothers in law, 2 nephews. Not intimidating at all…so the last thing we want on such a night is to think about what they think about our makeup look. Does this make sense?

This is the prefect time to play it safe. Even if you are not in this situation, but you are on the hunt for some inspiration and you are not used to wearing a lot of makeup but you do want something simple and fairly easy to do, I’ve got you, girl! This is your neutral makeup look.

IMG_5945 final blog

2. The Fire place makeup look

This is a look that I have not planned ahead, I just knew I wanted to do something warm-toned. With all the red toned palettes that have come out lately, I feel like we start being less and less intimidated by red. Something that helps me, because I do tend to look pink so my first though is that I would never do something to enhance that, I take good care that my foundation and bronzer are even and flattering. After this, I can bath in red…oh, sorry, this sounds just a bit weird…I guess it’s all the vampire series that have been out for the past years.

Back to the makeup look, this one does look considerably more colourful than the first, but to me, nothing says holiday and coziness more than a fire place. Plus, if you have hazel eyes, the red makes your eyes look lighter or at least that’s what is happening with mine.

IMG_7017 final blog

3. The Galaxy makeup look

I love doing smokey, pigmented eyeshadow looks. I know this is not everybody’s cup of tea, like I rarely drink tea, but can talk about coffee, but just once in life, promise me you’ll give it a try. The inspiration for this makeup look was the palette itself. Jaclyn Hill has chosen a few dark velvet vibrant colours that I love staring at, but I feel intimidated wearing them on their own. All of them together, on the other hand…I am not intimidated to wear.

If you are in a playful mood, or are into vibrant but dark colours, this is your look. Would I wear it to this year’s Christmas party with Paul’s family? Probably not, but I will wear it in our nocturnal photo shoots. Still the important part is not whether I’d wear it, it is if you would?

IMG_6999 final blog

Let me know in the comments below which is your favourite one of these three Christmas makeup looks. It is not necessary that you use this eyeshadow palette that I did to accomplish them, but I know it’s been a very popular choice and it’s still in stock. So if you do own it, I hope I have you some cute ideas on how to use it further.

Colouful kisses!

christmas makeup / jaclyn hill morphe / miss casual
christmas makeup / jaclyn hill morphe / miss casual
christmas makeup / jaclyn hill morphe / miss casual


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Under £100 winter outfit from ASOS

A few posts ago we decided we are in need for knit. Just try to say that out loud, and if you had no problems saying it, say it twice as fast, repeatedly. That’s a tongue twister, isn’t it? Back to outfits, as an extension to that post, I went to check out some more knits from Asos which, if you have read my blog before, you know I love for the huge selection. Since the holiday  is coming and we might feel more like giving/buying presents for others, I have put together an outfit that is even less than £100 which is the usual in these series – this time it is under £70.

I love wearing skirts during winter, with a good pair of tights and a cozy sweater. I also find this combination a bit more girly – knits with skirts, than my usual knits with trousers. This is probably one of the most bohemian looks that I have ever put together, which really grows on me. It might be the holiday spirit that is making me all mushy, but I definitely have my bohemian side.

1. Asymmetric hem skirt | £38 ASOS

As much as I am in love with knits, this skirt is what started the whole outfit. It has a very soft jacquard look to it, but without becoming heavy looking or feeling for that matter. Do I need to say anything about the colour? It’s like I need to compensate for all my childhood when I didn’t want to wear pink and I am wearing it all now.

When I choose outfits lately, I also think of how they will look in pictures, and how will I feel moving in them. I don’t know if you noticed, but lately, we take more and more dynamic pictures and less static ones. This is just my personal preference and especially when you have a garment that flows and moves with you, it’s a bliss. And this skirt in particular, is exactly that. First, it’s as light as silk so it moved wherever I wanted it to, plus the asymmetric hem gives it another kind of movement.

You might have noticed, but I am not that much into classic skirts. This one is not classic at all and fulfills all my wishes: it’s pink, flowy and has an interesting architecture to it. What more can a girl ask? Swarovskies?

2. Multi-stripe knit | £24.99 BERSHKA

When it comes to knits, it’s very hard to go wrong for me. But one thing that puts me off for life is scratchy knits. I have quite a reactive skin so I get all red if I wear one of those hedgehog knits, but it is not the case with this one. When I saw the price tag, I did not have my hopes up, but I was most pleasantly surprised! It is so soft, even for me and I test drove it for the entire day and had no hedgehog issues.

Again, do I need to say anything about the colour? I love the coral with the pastel blue combination, makes me feel like I am in candy land without ruining my teeth. This is a chunkier design so at first I was not sure it would go with a voluminous skirt, but it totally did! I added a belt just to have a bit of a waist line, but it would honestly go without the belt also. Maybe just tuck the knit in, in front of the skirt for a longer legs effect. This is my most used trick:D


I have the impression that you will see this combination a lot: knits with skirts, because I am in that kind of a mood and then, the possibilities are endless. My Christmas tree is already giving me the looks, so I will finish the post now and start making my flat all Christmassy together with a well-caffeinated Paul.

Carols singing kisses!

christmas decoration / london / bershka knit / pink skirt / asos outfit / miss casual
christmas decoration / london / bershka knit / pink skirt / asos outfit / miss casual
christmas decoration / london / bershka knit / pink skirt / asos outfit / miss casual

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How Christmas looked like when I was a child

I will be awfully honest with you and tell you that this post is the most egoistical one I have ever wrote. I am writing about how Christmas was when I was a child, in the hopes of reliving those magical moments. I am always curious to know what traditions people have for the holidays in different parts of the world, but whether you want it or not, I will share how my kind of a holiday looks like.

Disclaimer: if you are a Grinch, absolutely every word in this post will annoy you and probably your doctor would recommend you skip it. Before you go though, Grinchy, I just want to let you know that I am writing this post surrounded by flickering lights and listening to carols in the background, the only thing that’s missing, is mulled wine.

I will stop being naughty and teasing the Grinches of the world now, because I still want Santa to leave something under the tree for me.

Christmas Eve morning

This is one part of the holidays that has not changed much along the years. Remember that I said that I remember Christmas as being magical when I was a child? First magical thing that happened is that I did not need an alarm clock to wake me up really early in the morning. This was the most exciting day of the year, why waste time sleeping?

First things first, I would have hot cocoa when I was younger, coffee when I was a teenager. At this point, my parents would have been awake and probably having their second coffee of the day – it’s still a mystery how they actually manage to wake up that early.

After coffee/ hot cocoa and a quick, always forgettable breakfast, Mom would start (well, continue) the baking she started days ago. Dad would go out to buy what we always forgot even though we double and triple checked and I would start dusting and cleaning. I can guarantee that you have never seen me as excited for cleaning as you do on Christmas Eve. Also, while cleaning, I also clean Mom’s dishes that have some extra cream or chocolate – I am that dedicated this time of the year.

Mid-day Christmas Eve

At some point around around mid-day, lunch will follow, but it will be just as forgettable as the breakfast. Who can have lunch after testing if Mom’s cookies and cakes are poisoned or not, anyways? That used to be my favourite excuse to “test” Mom’s cooking before anyone else.

After lunch, something would be boiling, cookies baking in the oven and time would start slowing down. When I was really little, this would be the moment when we’d bring our natural tree in the house and Dad would “chop” the ends so that they would fit in the tree stand. I don’t remember if my parents ever enjoyed decorating the tree, or was it that they realized quite early on that I loved it and just left this task for me.

This is literally my favourite part of Christmas, except maybe watching others unbox the presents I prepared for them…ok, opening those that are for me also, I admit! Now queue the song “Pentatonix – Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” and try to imagine how I decorated – part show, part decorating.

Christmas Eve afternoon (as a child)

Something that might not be the most familiar to most people and we used to do it every holiday, is caroling. Around 4/5 pm, we’d find a friend, sometimes even more than one, and go from door to door. We sometimes checked off the list the entire street, nobody was left un-caroled. We’d knock on doors, ask them if they are receiving carolers and if they did, we started singing. After we finished, probably to get rid of us, they would either give us cookies or 1 leu (Romanian currency) which is like 25p. But those were our hard earned/sung money. At 9/10 we were so proud that we earned our own money while encouraging the holiday spirit.

Evening/ Night (as a child)

This is the part that looked considerably different when I was a child and when I was in high-school / uni. When I was a child, we used to have my grandparents over for dinner. Do I need to say that Christmas food is the best food there is? That, if you’re not on a diet, or you have a slow metabolism. Romanian food is so heavy, it even kept Santa from coming down the chimney these past few years.

After dinner, we’d do the Rolling Stones move, and roll on to the floor, surrounding the presents. You guessed well, it’s unwrapping time! Is it only for Romanians that we associate Christmas with the smell of oranges? Without exception, we’d receive oranges every single year and we loved them.

Christmas Eve night as a teenager

This is the part that gets very different once that I am of the age to stay up at night. I don’t remember at what age we started doing this, but all my classmates and I would gather somewhere and then go caroling to each of our parents. We were absolutely unable to go to all of them, but we did go to at least 8 houses every Christmas.

As we were getting older, this tuned into a all night thing that we did. We knew which of the parents has the best stuffed cabbage and they knew we come hungry so that was kind of a meet-cute (any “The Holiday” fans here?) Other parents were offering us drinks and we would dance, or some where going caroling themselves so we knew that we were welcome to have our own little party…which always ended up in a sleep-over.

Point is, I would always return home from caroling at the break of dawn. Tired and happy. Also, excited because when I was in high-school, I convinced my parents to only open the presents on Christmas morning so I always had something to be excited about when I got home.

First thing when I got home was eating stuffed cabbage. Looking back, I can’t believe that at 5/6am I had the hardest to digest food that I have ever eaten, but that’s tradition, isn’t it? After stuffing myself with stuffed cabbage, it was unwrapping time! Up to a certain age, it seemed like all the Harry Potter books were translated in Romanian and sold around Christmas time because I would receive one every holiday. You can’t imagine how much those books made my childhood, and Mom’s adulthood also.

Let me explain this: after unwrapping all the presents, I would lay in bed reading my new Harry Potter book, until I fell asleep. My routine on Christmas Day was easy : sleep – eat – read – sleep. Only that, once I woke up and my book was nowhere to be found. So I went to ask my parents if they’ve seen it and surprise, surprise: Mom was reading it. I bet she was waiting like the cutest hawk for me to fall asleep.


It took us a few years to build our Christmas traditions – some where borrowed from my grandparents and some we made ourselves, but still to the day, those are the warmest memories that I have of my childhood. Nah, I am getting emotional now, I need some ice to cool me off…see you soon!

Salty kiss!

christmas lights / christmas jumper / missguided knit / vinyl trousers / london / chunky knit / miss casual
TROUSERS – Missguided
KNIT – Missguided (similar)

christmas lights / christmas jumper / missguided knit / vinyl trousers / london / chunky knit / miss casual
christmas lights / christmas jumper / missguided knit / vinyl trousers / london / chunky knit / miss casual / mustard knit / london / christmas decorations / vinyl pants / miss casual
covent garden / christmas decorations / christmas car / scandi knit / christmas jumper / sequin trousers / london / miss casual

KNIT – Asos
covent garden / christmas decorations / christmas car / scandi knit / christmas jumper / sequin trousers / london / miss casual

In need for knit – Winter essentials

I can’t imagine how I’d survive any winter without knit. For me, knits are just as much about the cold as they are about the feeling : cosyness! So bring your mulled wine, the peanuts, the coffee if you must, light that pine and cinnamon candle, and let’s get cracking with all the knit I have worn so far. Winter has not even started officially, but I feel that after all the leaves have fallen, autumn is done, so what else could be next? Plus, I am one of the weird ones who immediately after it gets chilly, will be wearing something knit.

missguided knit / mustard knit / chunky knit / london/ christmas lights / miss casual
KNIT – Missguided (similar)
covent garden / christmas decorations / christmas car / scandi knit / christmas jumper / sequin trousers / london / miss casual
KNIT – Asos
christmas decoration / leather trousers / sock boots / winter outfit / london / monthly round up / miss casual
KNIT – Missguided
river island outfit / london / animal print sweater / leather skirt / regent street / miss casual
KNIT – River Island (similar)
pink jumper / harrods laduree / jewellerybox / coffee time / miss casual
KNIT – Pretty Little Thing
espirt knit / pumpkin patch / stripe knit / hippie car / moving to London / personal story / crockford bridge farm / stripe sweater sequin dress / miss casual
KNIT – Esprit 
Pleated skirt chunky knit Chelsea pink house Mango outfit | Miss Casual
KNIT – Mango (similar)
london/ white knit / neal's yard / white outfit / transitional season outfit | Miss Casual
KNIT – Zara (similar)

Bonus part

I am late to post about this, but on December the 1st, which is Romania’s National Day, my friend Daniela Buda who I mentioned in my last post, has published a short film about what Romania used to look like when we were children. She filmed in the countryside, in the place where she spent most of her summer holidays, with a gorgeous model, all dressed in what our grandparents used to wear as a folk costume.

In the past 100 years, Romania has been through heaven and hell, people have moved from the countryside to the cities, and now back to the countryside, factories have opened and closed, communism is still on the lips of my parent’s generation and too many of the young people are leaving for countries with better economies – me included. Still, because for 24 years it was my home, it has something charming to it and I can hands-down recommend a trip to Romania if you are into wonderful scenery.

Harry Potter fans have asked me if we have Dragons – sorry, darlings, this is a national secret I can’t talk about 😛 still, go and visit (but maybe choose Sibiu instead of the capital, Bucharest). Now, back to Daniela’s video. Enjoy!

cosy kisses!

Monthly round-up 1 (What I’ve been doing)

I don’t often sit down and open up completely over here. On one hand it’s because I’m very bad at talking about myself when it comes to serious stuff and second, I never know if anybody would be interested in reading anything that personal. However, this month I realized that the Youtubers I watch are the very honest kind of people who do talk about products, but about what goes on in their lives as well.

So I thought this might be something I’d enjoy writing about as well, and you hopefully, you reading about. I plan on doing this as a monthly round up of everything major or just majorly funny that happened in my life. You just bring your coffee, possibly wine – although, if you’re more of a beer person, I don’t mind that either.

This month that is ending soon, November, was like a ballet class. It started slow and easy to control and then we got to the piruetes (turns) and jumps and partnering and it all started feeling like a storm of so many things happening at the same time. Needless to say that I was tempted to look at it cross-eyes to make some sense…oups that must be from too many piruetes.


Daniela talked me into Vlogging

Well, she tried.

Just before she flew for her next job, Daniela came and visited us for a week. We often know that these periods that she spends with us are slightly life changing. I did ask myself actually, what is going to happen now? Between glasses of wine and cheek-cramping laughter, we always talk about what we do and how we can improve it. We are all content creators so you can imagine what kind of debates we are having.

What she tries to talk me into though, is vlogging. The elephant in the room was addressed, and I don’t mean a cute, stuffed one, and we got to the point of asking ourselves if people do still read blogs. I do, she and Paul don’t…(beeep, not even mine!). I still said I’d give vlogging a go and only a few hours before going to the airport we went to the most Christmassy part of London: Piccaddilly and Regent Street. Daniela took pictures for her Shift in Perspective project, I attempted vlogging.

What I can say is that I did not feel as uncomfortable as when we did our Punta Cana vlog, but my spoken English is still not where I would want it to be. However, I am promising you now, it is coming…at some point.


Funniest trip we could have had at the Hospital

Sunday evening, before going to the airport with Daniela and before going to central London, we went to the Hospital. If you ever went to a walk-in Hospital or Emergency in the UK, you know you can expect gray hairs before you’ll actually be seen by a doctor.

It seems it was our lucky day, because it only took us an hour. What a weird place to be lucky at…The reason we went to the Hospital makes me cringe still, and it’s because Paul had blood in his urine. Now before you click “X” thinking that this is becoming to serious for your taste, do keep reading, I promise you something unexpected.

After he was seen by a nurse, and another nurse, he was seen by the GP. They got to the point of discussing the possibility of an STD or even prostate cancer which they counted out, and in the end, it turned out he ate beetroot! Very pigmented beetroot! You can’t imagine how we couldn’t stop laughing after all that tension…what a month!


Our first magazine appearance

Yesterday, a very dear project to us was published in Bridal Musings. It was our first time modelling together (Paul and I), but we had an amazing team of photograhers, videoraphers, HMUA, florists, special stationary, cake bakers, and needless to say, the most beautiful gown I ever wore (thank you, Shikoba Bride), and a nice suit for Paul (Zebel Bespoke). Needless to say, if we needed support, we had plenty! What left me without words, and even now looking at the pictures I’m still crushing on, is the venue: Patrick’s Barn, where the most whimsical decor was created. I dare you to look at these pictures and not dream of having your wedding in this barn.

A few months back when we had the shooting, we thought it will be a good idea to surprise my parents and send them pictures from behind the scenes without telling them what was actually going on. We only told them that we have something special coming up. So we sent them the pictures…and nothing. I had so many scenarios of how they’d react, but a lack of reaction, I did not expect.

So in the evening I call my parents to get their feedback on the pictures and it turns out, the surprise was ours. They totally bit the bate…only a bit too hard. They thought we got married without them being present. OOf, how silly of us all!

All in all, I don’t expect December to be a breather either so you’ll probably see a monthly round up for the next month also. Do let me know how you like these posts. Do you prefer more outfit posts and less personal ones? I love doing both and more than that, I know I haven’t posted about beauty in a very long time, but I have something special, with something affordable for the holidays.

Wine-stained kisses!

christmas decoration / leather trousers / sock boots / winter outfit / london / monthly round up / miss casual

christmas decoration / leather trousers / sock boots / winter outfit / london / monthly round up / miss casual

christmas decoration / leather trousers / sock boots / winter outfit / london / monthly round up / miss casual


(Photo) Shooting at night: adventure and fun?

I find it quite funny how I started writing this post right before we are going shooting at night again. We’ve been doing this for a few weeks now and I can’t wait to tell you all the pros and cons of doing this. Plus they say creative minds are awake at night! I can’t subscribe to this, sometimes my creativity is hibernating and I have to temp it with honey for the mind. For example, all these very early Christmas decoration displays all around London are inspiring me so much. There is something so childlike joyful about flickering lights, don;t you think?


I will start with the pros, and continue with the pros and probably three quarters of the post will be about the advantages of shooting at night in London. I believe all of this will apply to any big, overcrowded city so even if you re not from London, read on. Now the reason both Paul and I love shooting at night is because the streets are emptier so we can get to any location really fast…as fast as you can in London where everything is far. More than that, there will be considerably less people in our pictures so less people distracting you from our well chosen or not always so well chosen background and from my outfit.

I should have gotten over people stopping and watching us really quickly when we were still shooting mostly under daylight, but I must be very honest and tell you that it took me almost a year to get used to this. “What are they shooting?”, “Do you know her?”, but nothing compared to when I have my pointe shoes on – those are like candy for children. Sorry, Mums and Dads when you had to stop because of me 🙂 So another advantage about shooting at night, there’s hardly anybody around to stop and stare.

Although, today happened the cutest thing. We already shot two outfits around midday and at some point a couple is approaching us from behind my back. I can’t see them, but I see Paul pointing to the woman’s feet and smiling and at this point I couldn’t feel any blonder. He never stops like this when we are shooting. Then the couple gets in my view and I see that we were wearing a very similar vinyl pair of trousers and the girl has cheekily said :”We’re matching trousers”. Hihi, cute! And when I remember how shy I used to be when people approached me on the street.

Back to our shooting at night…now I feel like I write as my grandpa used to speak. He started with a subject and when you thought you knew what you were talking about, he already changed the subject several times and you could not remember where it started to save your life.

A huge pro when shooting at night are lights. From working at the theatre, I got such a big fascination for creating the atmosphere with different colour lights coming from different directions. That was slightly different because everything was controlled and “scripted”, but when shooting at night, you will find these games of light spontaneously.

My favourite light that we had so far was in my recent dancey picture with a pink dress. We were on Tower Bridge, at night and the traffic was minimal so the traffic lights were always green. The bridge is blue so it actually reflected a turquoise light which if you know me at all, you know it’s my favourite colour, and on top of that, I was wearing a dusty pink dress. Yumm combo!


Not many cons, but if you must I can tell you that with the camera we have now, I am not the happiest with the quality of our night pictures. On one hand, I light the roughness, almost like a painting of the grainy image, but on the other, I am a little perfectionist who wished everything was as sharp as a knife…I would use for the yummi watermelon I have in the fridge at the moment.

Fun fact about shooting at night: there are so many paparazzi in London. When we shot around The Ritz Hotel, there were at least 7 and they probably shot somebody who they shouldn’t have because the security guards were on them and the situation was quite tense…let’s just say, I do not enjoy being around them.

Another disadvantage would be the weather. If you live in a windy city like London, at night it has the “gift” of getting even colder and windier so be prepared for goosebumps or shaky knees. My trick to this is that I start jumping around while posing. So now you know, if we’re shooting at night and you see a lot of dancey, jumpy pictures, that must mean that I was at least slightly cold or that I am singing Drake and Bad Bunny’s song in my head: “Dile que tu eres mia, mia”

Now my question to you: which of our pictures do you prefer more? The daylight ones or the ones at night? Now with this many Christmas lights I must warn you that you might be seeing more night pictures than before…which was 0…but we will definitely try to shoot during the day, before it gets too crowded for the holidays.

Frozen kisses!

bbc london / autumn outfit / shooting at night / london / leather trousers / velvet top / miss casual

river island outfit / london / animal print sweater / leather skirt / regent street / miss casual

white dress / grandpa's cardigan / outfit / ritz hotel / london / miss casual

bbc london / autumn outfit / shooting at night / london / leather trousers / velvet top / miss casual

river island outfit / london / animal print sweater / leather skirt / regent street / miss casual

white dress / grandpa's cardigan / outfit / ritz hotel / london / miss casual

bbc london / autumn outfit / shooting at night / london / leather trousers / velvet top / miss casual

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Under £100 outfit from River Island

Autumn is almost gone but before it’s too late, I thought I’d share another autumn outfit with you. The “under £100 outfit series” continue with River Island, a brand I did not know much about until one day I went into the Oxford Street store and the time just flew. They have a huge range of everything, from shoes to bags, to clothing…which is what I am the most interested in, anyway. I feel like soon the time will come when I’ll be talking more about shoes and bags, but for now – let’s focus on clothes.

1. The orange animal print jumper – £38

Hey, kitty, kitty! If you know me well, you have probably never seen me wearing animal print. It is just not my style. I am a huge cat lover, but I prefer petting them and not wearing them. However, this animal print rung a bell for me. To me it looks more like a remastered animal print, something closer to a tribal print. For sure the fact that the jumper is orange and not the typical brown with black combination, helps a lot.

Technicalities: this jumper is cropped so what I like to wear it with is high-waisted everything. I need to have my waist covered at all times because for some weird reason, I get cold really easily so a high-waisted skirt or a pair of trousers are my go-to to complete the outfit. Gladly, the jumper is not scratchy -this kitty does not scratch! but it does shed hairs. One thing to keep in mind is that I have not noticed any shedding on the coat, but I did notice fluffs on the tank top I was wearing underneath the jumper.  Cats…

2. High-waisted leather skirt – £42

Funniest thing: we have been re-watching America’s Next Top Model partly as entertainment and inspiration and partly to educate ourselves. In one episode where they had a runway challenge, one of the girls had the tightest pencil skirt and she could barely walk, it was easier for her to jump. So she was advised to sway her hips so that she’d give herself “more space in the skirt” – as unusual as that might sound. And that is exactly what happened to me with this skirt.

It is the most figure hugging skirt that I have ever worn, high waisted, a nice thick belt to accentuate my waist and a nice little split in the front that is more for practical reasons than for “bringing sexy back”. That split and my ANTM teachings are the only reason I could actually walk in this skirt. I am obviously exaggerating, but truth is that when I walk naturally, my step is quite long so with pencil skirts, I might find myself fighting my outfit and not just wearing it.

Did I mention that this was a leather skirt? To me it seems like this River Island outfit could have gone wrong in so many ways – the animal print, then the pencil skirt and then putting these two “strong” pieces together…it could have been a train wreck. But for some reason, this outfit worked out. Do you agree with me or am I just staying here, at 8 am, writing this post and lying to myself. My coffee made me do it!


Coffee kisses!

river island outfit / london / animal print sweater / leather skirt / regent street / miss casual

river island outfit / london / animal print sweater / leather skirt / regent street / miss casual

river island outfit / london / animal print sweater / leather skirt / regent street / miss casual

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Feather dress and grandpa’s cardigan

How appealing does this title sound? It almost makes me frown and think – there is no way in the world that these two will work together. I am not the most experimenting when it comes to outfit combination, but because of my eclectic style, weird things can come out. Or is it just me that I find strange even using “a dress with feathers” and “grandpa’s cardigan” in the same sentence? Do this two work together in this outfit? You tell me.

Grandpa’s cardigan

Let me just start by explaining that the grandpa we are talking about now is a very stylish one. He might have whisky when he reads those books that we’d fall asleep, have we tried to read them and he might or might not have a secret stash of Cuban cigars. This grandpa might be a fan of Gucci, but because we also wanted a cardigan like his, he suggested we try the more affordable version that River Island has. And that is exactly where the cardigan is from.

Most often a cardigan is something that we just throw on our shoulders because we are cold, it’s rarely a piece of clothing that we’d think much of. Or at least I didn’t. It was just practical, meant to keep me warm under my coat, and that was it. But slowly cardigans, and especially grandpa’s cardigan are becoming something that we are not ashamed of wearing and do more than keep us warm. I personally love the ones with contrasting stitching and the military type buttons. I must say, if it doesn’t have buttons, it might be even more versatile because then I can wear it with a belt to accentuate my waistline – ha grandpa, try that!

Feather detail dress

This outfit might have looked very preppy and behaved have we not had a cocktail dress underneath. Of course you can change the feather dress to a sequin one and it’s still an eyebrow-raising outfit, but feathers? This dress blew me away! When I first saw it I didn’t even know if I should think of a Victoria Secret Angel dress, was it a White Swan costume or did the feather boa that is never missing from a cheesy Cabaret show just escape?

This dress is the best example of how you can elevate a simple design with one detail – a very fluffy one, that is. Without the feathers at the bottom, this would have been a simple white dress. We’ve seen that before. But with the feathers I find that is has something of an Old Hollywood elegance to it.

The juxtaposition of the feather dress and grandpa’s cardigan is just such an unusual outfit. Not bad unusual, but the kind that you need to give another look to decide if you like it or not. I decided I did and surprisingly, I did not feel uncomfortable wearing it. Would you try it for a Christmas party maybe? How would you change the outfit?

white dress / grandpa's cardigan / outfit / ritz hotel / london / miss casual

white dress / grandpa's cardigan / outfit / ritz hotel / london / miss casual

white dress / grandpa's cardigan / outfit / ritz hotel / london / miss casual

Cardigan – River Island

Dress – River Island

Sock Boots – Mango

Feathery kisses! <sneeze>


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It is only now that I can say it hands-down, feels like autumn. I have difficulties waking up in the morning, it’s that dark, and then when it rains, it feels like it’s going to break my windows. Am I the only one who needs all those extra layers as much for warmth as for keeping me on my feet with this terribly strong wind. The entire city (London) is already decorated for Christmas so it actually feels like it’s a very early winter and I am still in the mood for pastels, no black yet.

When I plan out my outfit, of course all those burgundies and emerald greens are making their way into them, but I am consciously trying to stay away from black. I think it is a very elegant color, but it is also a very safe one and I am planning on keeping your eyes on my outfit at the end of the day:)

So I thought, why not keep myself from going with the flow and stay as far away from black as possible for my autumn outfit choices. Have a look on the tube on any of the morning rides and your eyes will get lazy from how much black, navy and grey you see. Can you imagine yourself not wearing black at all for what’s left of autumn?

Honestly, I have told you before, but one of my favorite activities ever since I moved to London, is people watching. You can get so much fashion inspo from just stopping for 5 minutes and looking around. My favourite spot is Piccadilly Circus, but Oxford Circus is not too bad either. I can almost guarantee you that you’ll get at least one idea for your next outfit.

Now, another place where you can go and get yourself inspired is Harrods, which is where we took these pictures also. If you do need inspiration with an opulent outfit, here is the place to sit in a nice cafe and while you are sipping on your coffee/ tea, watch the people outside.

If you do have another place where you like going to get yourself inspired in London, don’t hesitate to DM me. What do you think about the “no black outfit” challenge. Are you up for it?

Pumpkin Spice Latte kisses!

harrods / london / autumn outfit / religion clothing / miss casual

pink jumper / harrods laduree / jewellerybox / coffee time / miss casual

harrods / autumn outfit / religion clothing / miss casual

harrods / autumn outfit / london / religion clothing / miss casual


Trousers – ASOS




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