The “R” word on everybody’s lips – Raffia

Raffia is in the air…hopefully not as much “in the air” as it is in my room, but you get what I mean. It is definitely the season for it, but even before it was hyped, raffia has slowly become my way of infusing a bit of summer into the box our room is. When you hear it, you might be thinking of hats, bags in all shape and forms and maybe even earrings and shoes, but my passion for it does not stop at clothes.

I can’t say that I’ve been into home decor because we are still renting the flat that we live in so we can’t do much to it. However, Paul and I recently discovered that when it comes to decor we are maximalists. Probably, we weren’t before but at some point we’ve put up a big board where I’d pin all my magazine cuts that I liked at that particular moment (I maybe change it once a month). The room started feeling so cosy and much more “us”. So we realised that we are that kind of people who need their room to have a personality. As much as I appreciate minimalism visually, I could not live in a minimalist place.

So where is the place where a maximalist can still find cute things in the budget? (except a flee market / Car boots) Ikea! So at the moment we have one big raffia cube and a few raffia plant pots that we’ve attached to the wall and I use them as makeup brush holders. On top of that, my eyes are doing the “Puss in boots” trick every time I see a ratan lamp shade…so there will be some changes coming forward. Can it be the summer fever that got me into this? Or is it really that my home decor instinct is starting to take shape?

Just like in the previous post, I will go back through our photos and attach the ones where I am wearing anything raffia, plus a few more inspo items that might make you feel you’re on holiday…even though you’re caught in traffic (and hopefully not driving and reading).

Summer kisses!

raffia hat / white suit / st paul's cathedral / london / office wear / miss casual / women suit
neon rose store / neon rose brand / summer outfit / Romania / miss casual
I am half-cheating with this photo because I believe that basket is actually made of rattan, but it could have been raffia 🙂
raffia / natural history museum | ootd | how to wear a printed blouse | spring outfit | london | miss casual
A Car-boots find that can hold a bottle of wine without problems…picnic anybody?
raffia / christmas tree | christmas decoration | cozy home | sequin top | river island | miss casual
This Fortnum and Mason hamper box currently holds our video games…looks nice too
raffia / summer dress / party dress / fitted dress | miss casual
raffia bag / summer outfits / beach outfit / asos | miss casual
Take me to the beach – bag

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May round-up – Holiday time!

It’s holiday time, baby! Well, it was for us, I know that the regular seaside holidays only start in July/ August, May is too cold for that, but we went to my favourite place, the place that feels most like home. Especially because it actually is home- Romania. I want to see the world and all, but I needed a recharge of my parents, my friends, my cats, that entire place! And man, did we receive it!

Even though we’ve only spent half of the month in Romania, the month of May is completely overpowered by the holiday. I can hardly remember what I did before that – actually I do, but it’s the same old routine : work, home, blog. I can hands down say that I now think of things as something that happened before holiday, and something that happened after – it was that good!

Jaw-numbing time

It was the month of catching up – not the Heinz type, but the one where you don’t know if your jaw is this sore from talking or laughing. It was the best idea to invite my friends over to our house, ready with beers and a ping-pong table. The rain came one hour into our game so we had to move inside, but even so, it was such a good catching up time.

At some point I felt like they do in the movies. Each one of your friends is already married and you are still climbing the ladder of success. Something similar happened – not all my friends are married, but half of them already have very charming children. I love it how we can have our own life, but once we get together, it feels like we are still schoolmates, like time has not passed over our friendship at all.

Cats galore

If you have ever met me, you know that I love cats. I grew up surrounded by cats and since my parents moved outside the city in a cute house, they have been a cat magnet. Living in the UK, and renting your flat, kind of keeps you from having a pet so I went home not only wanting to play with the cats, but needing it!

We knew at the beginning of May that the black cat that it’s pregnant, but we were surprised by another one of the neighbourhood’s cats who gave birth first – we didn’t even know she’s pregnant! Then, a few days into our holiday, the black cat gave birth to 5 kittens, as big as the palm of my hand. Can you imagine the high octane that I reached every time I played with them? Aawww!

It might be a little late to say, but if you don’t like cats, you might want to skip this whole bit of the post. The only cat that is actually my parents’ is the Siamese. Yes, this cat is as moody as you imagine it. We had another cat that we sterilised and became lazy and unhappy so our vet suggested that we give the Siamese their version of anti-contraceptive pills. Which we did for many years. Last month when my parents took the cat to the vet, he said that it is too old to go into heat so there is no point to giving her the pill.

Surprise, surprise! The cat is old when she wants to be old! As expected, she went into heat and miawed all day and night until she managed to lure in male cats. Then the male cats started verbally fighting for their territory – and entire cat drama. All in all, let’s just say that our old Siamese is not a maiden anymore.

Spa in the woods

This spa trip included some of my favourite things: roadtrip, pruning in a pool and laughing our posteriors off with my family…and a bit of unpredictable May weather. We went to a place in the Hungarian part of Romania that is known for their treatment baths. So that is exactly what we did – treated ourselves to a long bath, went into the different saunas that they were providing, my favourite being the Hungarian one where they had Christmas tree branches on the walls so you can imagine how good it smelt.

In between the hot saunas there was a small pool of cold water for whoever wanted to cool down quickly – nope, not my cup of tea. But it was the most entertaining sitting in the closest sauna to the pool and listening to peoples’ reactions. Did I mention that we saw 3 bears? Not in the zoo, but roaming around the touristic areas – we actually had to stay in the bus until a ranger came to “convince” the bear to go back into the woods.

All in all, it’s not even worth telling you about the part of May that we’ve spent in London. It has no spark compared to the half that we spent in Romania. However, I can tell you this: because we didn’t have an actual holiday since September, we were already so tired and stressed that we became worriers instead of warriors. This trip home helped us disconnect and come back with a fresh view of the world and much, much calmer.


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may round-up / holiday / Romania / countryside / Neon Rose outfit / miss casual
TOP – Neon Rose
TROUSERS – Neon Rose
may round-up / holiday / Romania / countryside / Neon Rose outfit / miss casual
Did you see this one coming?
may round-up / holiday / Romania / countryside / Neon Rose outfit / miss casual

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Neon Rose tea blouse with puff sleeves in check co-ord • £28
Neon Rose wide leg trousers with paper bag waist in check co-ord • £32
Hunter women’s refined adjustable tall gloss wellington boots • Hunter • £125
Nasty Gal On the Grid Check Cropped Blouse • Nasty Gal • £28
Dusty Daze high waist trousers with wicker belt in lemon co-ord • £55
AutographMarks and Spencer Leather Ankle Strap Sandals • £55
Missguided bardot crop top in blue gingham check • Missguided • £20
Wide Leg Belted High Waisted Trouser • boohoo • £22
Topshop Womens Olivia Strappy Slingback Sandals – Blush • Topshop • £32

Monthly round-up 1 (What I’ve been doing)

I don’t often sit down and open up completely over here. On one hand it’s because I’m very bad at talking about myself when it comes to serious stuff and second, I never know if anybody would be interested in reading anything that personal. However, this month I realized that the Youtubers I watch are the very honest kind of people who do talk about products, but about what goes on in their lives as well.

So I thought this might be something I’d enjoy writing about as well, and you hopefully, you reading about. I plan on doing this as a monthly round up of everything major or just majorly funny that happened in my life. You just bring your coffee, possibly wine – although, if you’re more of a beer person, I don’t mind that either.

This month that is ending soon, November, was like a ballet class. It started slow and easy to control and then we got to the piruetes (turns) and jumps and partnering and it all started feeling like a storm of so many things happening at the same time. Needless to say that I was tempted to look at it cross-eyes to make some sense…oups that must be from too many piruetes.


Daniela talked me into Vlogging

Well, she tried.

Just before she flew for her next job, Daniela came and visited us for a week. We often know that these periods that she spends with us are slightly life changing. I did ask myself actually, what is going to happen now? Between glasses of wine and cheek-cramping laughter, we always talk about what we do and how we can improve it. We are all content creators so you can imagine what kind of debates we are having.

What she tries to talk me into though, is vlogging. The elephant in the room was addressed, and I don’t mean a cute, stuffed one, and we got to the point of asking ourselves if people do still read blogs. I do, she and Paul don’t…(beeep, not even mine!). I still said I’d give vlogging a go and only a few hours before going to the airport we went to the most Christmassy part of London: Piccaddilly and Regent Street. Daniela took pictures for her Shift in Perspective project, I attempted vlogging.

What I can say is that I did not feel as uncomfortable as when we did our Punta Cana vlog, but my spoken English is still not where I would want it to be. However, I am promising you now, it is coming…at some point.


Funniest trip we could have had at the Hospital

Sunday evening, before going to the airport with Daniela and before going to central London, we went to the Hospital. If you ever went to a walk-in Hospital or Emergency in the UK, you know you can expect gray hairs before you’ll actually be seen by a doctor.

It seems it was our lucky day, because it only took us an hour. What a weird place to be lucky at…The reason we went to the Hospital makes me cringe still, and it’s because Paul had blood in his urine. Now before you click “X” thinking that this is becoming to serious for your taste, do keep reading, I promise you something unexpected.

After he was seen by a nurse, and another nurse, he was seen by the GP. They got to the point of discussing the possibility of an STD or even prostate cancer which they counted out, and in the end, it turned out he ate beetroot! Very pigmented beetroot! You can’t imagine how we couldn’t stop laughing after all that tension…what a month!


Our first magazine appearance

Yesterday, a very dear project to us was published in Bridal Musings. It was our first time modelling together (Paul and I), but we had an amazing team of photograhers, videoraphers, HMUA, florists, special stationary, cake bakers, and needless to say, the most beautiful gown I ever wore (thank you, Shikoba Bride), and a nice suit for Paul (Zebel Bespoke). Needless to say, if we needed support, we had plenty! What left me without words, and even now looking at the pictures I’m still crushing on, is the venue: Patrick’s Barn, where the most whimsical decor was created. I dare you to look at these pictures and not dream of having your wedding in this barn.

A few months back when we had the shooting, we thought it will be a good idea to surprise my parents and send them pictures from behind the scenes without telling them what was actually going on. We only told them that we have something special coming up. So we sent them the pictures…and nothing. I had so many scenarios of how they’d react, but a lack of reaction, I did not expect.

So in the evening I call my parents to get their feedback on the pictures and it turns out, the surprise was ours. They totally bit the bate…only a bit too hard. They thought we got married without them being present. OOf, how silly of us all!

All in all, I don’t expect December to be a breather either so you’ll probably see a monthly round up for the next month also. Do let me know how you like these posts. Do you prefer more outfit posts and less personal ones? I love doing both and more than that, I know I haven’t posted about beauty in a very long time, but I have something special, with something affordable for the holidays.

Wine-stained kisses!

christmas decoration / leather trousers / sock boots / winter outfit / london / monthly round up / miss casual

christmas decoration / leather trousers / sock boots / winter outfit / london / monthly round up / miss casual

christmas decoration / leather trousers / sock boots / winter outfit / london / monthly round up / miss casual


How to let autumn (DENIM) blues affect you

I am fighting against the bad kind of blues that we tend to get from the lack of light and colder weather, with light denim blues. Denim is still probably the most practical and hard-wearing of all textiles…ok, maybe not the light colour that I’m wearing here. This being said, I do have a black pair of denim jeans that if you dare to ask me how long I had it, I’ll most probably start blushing.

Let’s talk distressed now. For colder weather, I admit, I can’t wrap my mind around distressed denim jeans, but I won’t shy away from a distressed denim jacket. The one that I am wearing now is even cozier because of the shearling lining so it gives you the best of both worlds: the warmth of the shearling and the coolness of denim. Distressed jeans though…I’d rather have ventilation during spring/summer and not so much when it’s colder outside

Raise your hand if when wearing distressed denim jeans, your grandma wanted to fix them for you. I feel like this is the trend that has grandma’s generation the most confused: not lip injection, not super mini dresses, but distressed denim – actually, distressed anything.

When it comes to denim jeans, I stayed away from lighter colours because we all know by now, they give us a bit more dimension than we like having. However, these stretchy ones for some reason just work. The stretchy denim is actually my favourite style because it means that I can wear all the ruffles I have in my closet as a top. To show you how flexible this style really is, we even took pictures of them on pointe shoes which have become more and more of a challenge. Back to the gym with me, I guess 🙂

What are you more likely to wear during autumn season, a denim jacket or jeans? Would you wear them together?

no autumn blues kisses!

denim jeans and jacket / pergola hampstead/ pointe shoes / ballerina / miss casual

denim jeans and jacket / pergola hampstead/ truflair jewellery / zara outfit / miss casual

denim jeans and jacket / pergola hampstead/ truflair jewellery / zara outfit / miss casual

denim jeans and jacket / pergola hampstead/ pointe shoes / ballerina / miss casual

Jacket – ZARA

Jeans – ZARA

Shirt – ZARA

Jewellery – TruFlair


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From Edinburgh, with love!

Have I mentioned before how every now and then we like traveling, even just locally. Well, give us any excuse, no matter how little and we’ll take it to travel. This time we went to Edinburgh.

1. Why Edinburgh

Of all the places in the UK, how come we chose Edinburgh, you might ask yourself. Definitely not because how close it is to London. My parents were planning to visit us here in London, around Mom’s 50th birthday so we wanted it to be special. Actually, she was the one who came up with the idea to go to Edinburgh and it suited all of us perfectly because neither of us has been there before.

Have I told you that I almost went to University there? Haha, my English accent would have been much better by now, that’s for sure.

2. How did we travel?

Even though there were a few easier options available, we thought – why not make it a road trip? You might already know that I am a big fan of road trips but I personally did not know if it would be comfortable so I kept on having second thoughts. I must say though, with good music and just as good of a company, 7 hours flew so quickly. Plus, the landscape was exquisite! All of us, except the driver of course, were glued to those side windows, mesmerized by the view. It really is worth going by car or train just to see the landscape.

3. Where did we stay?

It was our first time trying Air Bnb…quite late, I know! But we couldn’t have been happier with both how close we were to the center – 10 minutes walking, and how beautiful the flat was. From the outside, it looked like it was the Notting Hill of Edinburgh, but on a quiet, secluded street.

I will be naughty and leave you a bit curious because I want to dedicate an entire blog post to our Air Bnb experience so before I give away too much, I will change the subject:)

4. Places to see

My personal favorite place to see and walk to was Calton Hill. It’s a 10 minutes light walk up the hill from central Edinburgh. The view from up there is breathtaking, but this time of the year, the wind was just as breathtaking. We took some of our most dynamic pictures up there, but I was quite scared the wind will take either my skirt or me.

Another good place to wander around is the Old Town. You can find absolutely everything in the little stores scattered along this hill…yes, another hill but if you take your time, it really is not hard to walk up and down. Because this one is more of a touristic area, it really is the kilt land. There are so many singers on the street, wearing the kilt of course, but everywhere you look around you, you’ll see tartan.

For some reason, the Old Town of Edinburgh made me think more of what I saw in Harry Potter than London did. Especially with the narrow streets and the multitude of boutiques – Diagon Alley anyone?

5.Best time to go

Weather wise I would say summer because I was not prepared for the cold windy weather that we experienced over the weekend that we’d spent there. I am pretty sure that for the true scotts that was just a mild autumn, but we were frozen. However, price-wise, I think this is the best period – end of September, beginning of October. Christmas is still far, yet all students are accommodated so the prices drop really nicely.

I could not have been happier with the choice for this trip even though when we came back to London, it felt like summer. The landscape is 100% worth the trip and then the entire atmosphere in Scotland. People are so much more relaxed than they are in London.

If you are curious to attach even more visuals to this blog post, check out my “Edinburgh” Highlights on Instagram. If those are still not enough, there’s nothing to worry about, we have more pictures to come.


Edinburgh | miss casual

Coat – ASOS

Calton Hill Edinburgh | miss casual

Skirt – ASOS

Earrings – BOOHOO (similar)

Edinburgh | miss casual

Blazer dress – MISSGUIDED

Edinburgh | miss casual

Edinburgh | miss casual

Edinburgh | miss casual

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Shirt dress + first place I saw in London

I dare you to name a piece of clothing that is more versatile than a shirt dress. It can easily look put together with the right accessories, but just as well could be casual with a pair of sneakers. Even better, undo those buttons and you have a throw on that you can wear over a t-shirt and jeans or even over a simple dress. Also, because we did this shooting in one of the first places that I’ve seen in London, I want to tell you a bit more about that.

My very first trip to London happened in the summer of 2016 and to tell you that it was life-changing, would be an understatement. I was always a huge advocate of how traveling takes you out of your comfort zone and makes your mind more flexible to accept new cultures. Even so, I could have not predicted how much this trip to London would change how I want my life to be. It made me recalculate everything: my career, the place I want to live in and who I want to spend my life with. It so happened that this is the summer when Paul and I re-saw each other as adults, after we haven’t spoken a word in 10 years.

On my very first day in London, my friend Daniela(who was then living here) asked me which is the first place I want to see and my answer couldn’t have been quicker: The Big Ben. Even my house keys had a Big Ben on them so I guess it was meant to be. So yes, after the airport and the tube, the first place I saw in London was Westminster with it’s beautiful Big Ben. I thought it is about time to go back to it, this time doing what I came here to do. You might have noticed that Westminster is also the beautiful background for this shooting featuring the Zara shirt dress.

We might as well go back for another shooting because we could not capture the Big Ben because it was under construction. Whenever such an iconic touristic destination is under construction I think of how annoyed I would be if this was the first time I came to see it and it’s well…still in “hospital”, however that’s exactly what happened with Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and I still enjoyed it.

Back to the shirt dress, though. This is still from my Zara haul, the same one which started our under £100 outfit from the high street brands. I have to admit that this shirt dress was actually picked by Paul. While I was trying on what I picked, he saw a lady wearing it so the moment I came out of the changing rooms he was a;; too excited to show me the dress and I loved it. The textile is so soft on the skin and because it’s not form fitted, it’s so comfortable, yet it looks so put together. Literally the easiest thing to throw on.

I am a huge print fan, you might have read my post about tropical prints, but this one is slightly different. In the grand scheme of prints, this is a mature print, yet still age versatile. It would look just as natural on both me and my Mom. Also, this print gives me huuuuge Versace vibes so if you ever looked for an affordable option for a Versace shirt dress, here you have it. What do we think about the colour? I personally love wearing this red wine burgundy during autumn.

I also saw it in a light cream option with navy and gold pattern and I must say I am quite tempted. How do you like a shirt dress? Do you prefer them to a regular one? Also, I quite love how even though I have only lived in London for almost two years now, I have memories in so many beautiful places that I love sharing with you.

Happy beginning of autumn (it just hit me:D)


shirt dress | Miss Casual

Shirt Dress – Zara

shirt dress | Miss Casual

shirt dress | Miss Casual

shirt dress | Miss Casual

shirt dress | Miss Casual

shirt dress | Miss Casual

Black and white dresses in Paris

Most of the time, when we go out shooting an outfit, I already know what blog post I will write. This time however, the idea of the post came only after we selected and edited the pictures. I started posting on Instagram a few of the pictures that we took in Paris when I realized that I have two black and white dresses. One is a more casual newspaper print that looks like an over-sized T-shirt dress and the other one is a lace, out there, elegant design.

1. The newspaper dress | Missguided

It was the morning of our birthday when, after the “meeting” that we had with the Eiffel Tower, we returned to our hotel to get changed and go out for the second coffee of the day. From what I’ve heard, it is very Parisian to stay at a terrasse, sipping coffee and people watching so of course, when you are in Paris, you do what the Parisians do. So we picked the best table at a cafe where it seemed that locals go to, not only tourists because I’ve told you before about the tourist traps related to food and beverages.

We already had breakfast so all we needed was another coffee…or that’s what I thought because Paul apparently, had another idea. When the waitress came to take our order, Paul, in a very uncharacteristic manner took the lead and started pointing on the menu. The two coffees were easy to keep track of, however, he pointed to another thing on the menu which I did not know what it is, nor did I expect it. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw the waitress bringing prosecco to go with our coffee. It was 11am! But it was our birthday also so we could do whatever we wanted to, right?

Consequently, on top of doing the very Parisian thing of people watching while sipping coffee, we were now sipping prosecco also. It might have been the coffee or it might have been the prosecco, but when I saw a lady passing by with a couple of baguettes in her hand, I knew exactly how we will photograph one of  the black and white dresses. So off we ran to buy the baguettes.

We went for a funnier vibe this time with this outfit, but from all the black and white dresses that I’ve seen before, this Missguided one told me something. Well, several things as it had a newspaper print. Needless to say that after the shooting we went to our room and devoured the two baguettes. This time I blame it on the prosecco!

black and white dress | miss casual

black and white dress | miss casual

black and white dress | miss casual

DRESS – Missguided


2. The lace mini dress | Pretty Little Thing

This black and white lace Pretty Little Thing dress is not really what I would pick normally. But being in a new city, having things to celebrate, I though – why not? I went completely out of my comfort zone with the deep plunge neckline, but surprisingly, I did not feel as bare as I though I would. After getting over wanting to cover myself, I quite enjoyed celebrating my very little curves – thank you, ballet!

This is such a girly girl design that I was almost tempted to dress it down with boots. However, those few days that we were in Paris were scorching hot so I wore the black and white dress as it was supposed to be worn – with something to enhance it’s femininity.

Walking seemed to be the chorus of this trip because we walked almost everywhere. From where we were staying close to the Louvre Museum, we walked to the Notre Dame Cathedral. First day when we went exploring it seemed so close to us, but the day we went to shoot this outfit there…omg! it seemed like it was moving further from us. However, we did manage to get there before the big crowds came.

black and white dress | miss casual

black and white dress | miss casual

black and white dress | miss casual

DRESS – Pretty Little Thing


Which of these two black and white dresses is your favourite? They are both comfortable dresses, maybe the first one a bit more versatile than the second one, but still beautiful.

This is the last post from Paris that I had planned so from now on, until we go travelling again and we do have something in mind, we are back in London.


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black and white dress | miss casual

How to wear a suit 3 ways | Paris edition

The Parisian series continue with a suit. Sounds a bit unappealing, doesn’t it? But this is not your regular Canary Wharf suit, nor for the colour or the cut. My purpose here is to show you how I styled a suit either as separates or together to make it look casual, chic or good for the after work drinks.

I was never ever into suits. It’s only recently that the tailoring bug bit me and I started looking at them not only as something functional and uniform like, but as something stylish and versatile. Watching Project Runway recently, might have influenced the way I see “the suit” now, but I honestly feel that my horizon has just expanded.

First of all, I chose a colour that is as far away from black, navy or grey as I could. Plus, this dusty purple gave me the option of making the suit more girly if I wanted or on the contrary, wear it in a true power dressing way. Just pun on a baby pink ruffle shirt and you will make this suit look like the girliest thing or wear only the jacket with some leather pants and stilettos for a cool effect.


Make it comfy

Paris…and Venice make me think of stripes. So for the most casual outfit, I paired the bottom part of the suit with a striped T-shirt and white sneakers. Hihi, Paris made me do it and this outfits was really the most comfy thing to wear when you’re exploring Paris for the first time. I am now a fan of down-dressing suits with sneakers and I guess if you travel a long way to work, this combo is also practical.

Because I wanted a playful background for this outfit, I actually did something for the first time. Went on a carousel! I don’t remember if I ever did it as a child, I guess Mom will tell me after she reads this post. Certainly, as an adult, this was my first time. Did I feel like a child? Most definitely! Did people look suprised to see me? Oh yes, but the good kind of surprised. I think they secretly wanted to do it also 🙂

suit | miss casual


Make it chic

By now you know how practical I am. I love heels, and I think the leg looks better in heels than in anything else, but when you have to walk, I’m sorry, I ditch the heels. So for this outfit, I wore both pieces of the suit, but with a twist. I have put on white sneakers instead of heels and a cross body bag. This is a style that I would call chic, but with a touch of masculinity in it.

However, when it comes to this style, it’s all about the attitude. Especially this suit, where the top is slightly over-sized, you need to be careful for it not to drown you. If the trousers are a perfect fit, everything is slightly easier and you can experiment as you wish on top. I added the bag – one for practical reasons, and two: because I wear it cross body and that makes my entire outfit look more casual. This makes the entire outfit look like I don’t take my suit for what it is, I won’t let it make me look too polished and put together when it’s not really what I was aiming for.

suit | miss casual


Make it evening

I am a big fan of underwear. I think it can really change our perception of ourselves. When it comes to underwear worn as if they’re clothes…I’ve been reluctant for the longest time. However, I did find a way to wear a bodysuit, without making it look like it belongs underneath.

Again, I am very practical so I would wear the suit to work and then, when it’s evening drinks’ time, I would just unbutton/ get rid of the jacket and taaa-daa! a completely new outfit. This bodysuit in particular is quite sexy, but without really showing anything too much.

For this shoot, we almost ran (actually we walked really fast) from the Eiffel Tower to this beautiful bridge to be mesmerized by the most beautiful sunset that we’ve ever seen. Just as usual, we were surrounded by wedding photographers and other Instagrammers…it was a popular shooting place, what can I say. A cliche, but a must!

suit | miss casual

suit | miss casual

suit | miss casual


Suit blazer – Vila

Suit trousers – Vila

Bodysuit – Asos

I am very curious now if you like wearing suits and if you didn’t use to like them before reading this post, have I changed your opinion…maybe just a bit? As I said before, I was really not a fan of suits, I thought they make me look plain and masculine, but gladly, fashion has evolved quite a lot and now we can easily find a feminine suit that we can wear as we wish.



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Jewellery that screams summer

I almost jumped and started telling you more about our Paris trip when I realized that I still have so many things to say that needs its own blog post. Would be a pity not to dedicate even more space to a birthday trip that felt like a honeymoon for us. This blog post though, is something long coming and it’s all about that summer jewellery.

From all the jewellery that I own, earrings are probably my most favourite so I need to warn you now, you’ll see plenty of them. Second favourite must be necklaces for which the “more is more” rule applies perfectly. Especially after this Parisian weekend, I feel more inspired to experiment with my clothes and especially summer jewellery. We might have sat down at a few of the chic cafes, sipping on coffee and people watching so you can imagine we are now full of ideas.

When I choose my jewellery that I wear, I am highly influenced by the season. I wish I could go against it and wear pineapple earrings for Christmas, but something just feels forced for me. I love the playfulness of summer accessories, just as much as I love the elegance of the winter ones, so why not wear both style at their own time.

There is no secret that I like statement earrings so you will see plenty of them here. The secret with them is to test to see if they are light enough.  There is nothing worse than feeling your beloved earring dragging down your earlobe. When I was in high school, I still loved statement earring, it’s just then, the earrings were really, really heavy and my ears suffered tremendously.

At the moment, I am more understated when it comes to necklaces, I prefer the dainty type. But only a few years ago, I would always borrow Mom’s semi-precious stone necklaces, especially the turquoise one because ever since I know myself, I have been into turquoise.

Enough rambling, let’s get into the photos of my summer jewellery.


summer jewellery | miss casual

Earrings – Claire Hill

summer jewellery | miss casual

Top Necklace – Lola Rose

summer jewellery | miss casual
@alinaraducea for Lola Rose

Pebble Necklace – Lola Rose

Oval Necklace – Lola Rose

summer jewellery | miss casual

Necklace – Claire Hill

summer jewellery | miss casual

Earrings – Weekday

summer jewellery | miss casual

Earrings – Asos

Paris for my birthday

I have told you before that I’ve got the travel bug so what better occasion to travel than on your birthday. I have not been to Paris before…surprising, right? But I am glad I waited until I went with the right person to understand the romantic quality of the city also. Actually, it was a double celebration because Paul and I are born on the same day, but 5 years apart so we were celebrating both our birthdays.

I have heard so many mixed opinions about Paris. It was probably because of this that I just listened to the before mentioned opinions but did not go with preconceptions. Of course, I have seen so many movies that happen in Paris, but we all know how different reality can be from the movies. Only that, in the main touristic places, the reality is not much different than what we do see in the movies.

Our favorite way to explore the city was by foot. Not the best because it’s huge so you can be walking for hours and  being distracted by all the beauties you see, you will not feel that your feet are hurting. As a former dancer and somebody who works in retail, I know a thing or two about feet hurting, but that was nothing like what Paris did. Haha, I am saying this as if Paris, the city is guilty for the pain, but honestly it was so worth it that I would do it again…with more comfortable shoes.

One of the purposes of the trip, except celebrating our birthday, was to take many pictures. Gladly, Paris is so photogenic from almost any angle so it was harder to choose how to take the picture than where to do it. We dedicated our first day there to scouting, people watching, a lot of walking and in the evening – sunset time, we did take a few pictures ourselves. The movies show a fantasy version of Paris, but it is truly the most romantic city I have been to. There were so many people enjoying a picnic or sparkly on the bank of the Seine, watching the Eiffel Tower bathing in sunset light. (something to do next time)

Our second day there, was our birthday and we woke up just as early as we do every day. We took the worst metro ride to the Eiffel Tower,but the view made in worth it. And the picture that we took without any people in it was worth it also. It is a cliche, but it’s so beautiful that we wanted to do it ourselves. At nine in the morning, we were on our way up the Eiffel Tower.

The view that you get from up there is impressive! Don’t do the same mistake that we did tough. When we bought out ticket online, we did not see options so we bought the only ticket that we saw. This one only took us to the second floor where the view is still gorgeous, but there is one more floor up that you can see. Well, next time I guess.

There are a few more things that I want to tell you about, but at least one of them I will keep for another blog post in which I will show you more of my Parisian outfits. Until then, I will tell you that on our last day in Paris, we were as lucky as one could get.

Again, we woke up as a Romanian would say, at the same time as the chickens. Which basically means the moment there is any light out so really early. It’s the weirdest thing putting on makeup when you still have pillow lines on your face and your eyes are swollen with sleep, but if you have a sense of humor, you can roll with it. This particular morning we wanted to shoot at the Louvre Museum so we got there at 7 because we knew how packed with people it can get.

Now comes the lucky part – the security guy opened the gates just in front of us, so we were the very first ones to enter the outside area of the Louvre where the pyramids are that day. We knew we wanted something different so we posed on pointe shoes, with no people in the background, just the beautiful Louvre. That was a bliss!



One of the most useful tips that we have got was how to get to the airport. The metro (tube) has a direct line to the airport which we would need in London so badly. The trick is to check which stations it stops at. When your train is the next one in line, there is a table with all the stations and you can check which light is on – showing you which stations it stops at. You will want to take the one that only stops at the Train Station and the two terminals in the airport. It is so fast and comfortable.

The second most useful tip was related to food. I am so glad for this advice because on our first day – we kind of got scammed. We look like tourists and we were charged like tourists. Compared to the price of food in the UK, in that particular place and I’ve heard there’re many like this, we paid double the price. The advice that we received was to have a look where the locals eat and go there. And we did exactly this for the rest of our meals and we were happy to pay a normal price for yummi French food.

If you want to see even more from our Paris trip, I have saved every single Insta Story that I did in Highlights. I look at the pictures now and I am wondering, why did we stay so little? I guess we needed a very good excuse to go back soon.


Paris | Miss Casual

Paris | Miss Casual

Paris | Miss Casual

Paris | Miss Casual

Paris | Miss Casual

Paris | Miss Casual

Paris | Miss Casual

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