Dior Capture Youth – changing up my skincare

Is it too soon at 25 (almost 26) to start introducing age-delaying products to my skin care? I’ve read all kind of opinions, but I can’t really make up my mind. However, the age-delaying properties are not what I had in mind when I purchased the Matte Maximizer from the Dior Capture Youth collection.

I’ve been watching Youtube makeup tutorials regularly for almost three years now and I’m always drawn and mesmerized by the amount of skincare products the girls use. As much as I would like to introduce the Farsali Oil or the Guerlain L’Or primer serum to my routine, I have to keep in mind that I have oily skin and these products might not work.

This time, not on Youtube, but on the blogs of my favourite influencers, I started reading about the new Dior Capture Youth collection. As much as the price tag was scaring me off, I kept on thinking about the collection. I felt like this time, there really is something for my skin too.

One of the Dior Capture Youth serums is a Matte Maximizer. Anyone who gets as shiny as a disco ball (like me) after just a few hours from applying makeup, will surely relate.

The Matte Maximizer is a treatment serum – so don’t expect instant results. Even so, you will feel a slight tingle immediately after application which I’ve found quite unusual because it is refreshing also. The instructions suggest to put on the serum first and then your moisturizer, SPF and makeup. You’ll find it unusually tacky but this just makes me think that anything I put on top, will cling to it.

If you like knowing about the ingredients, I have to tell you that a combination of lactic acid derived from sugar cane, pink clay, iris extract and zinc gluconate are the ones to keep your sebum at bay and give the appearance of softer pores. I can hands down vouch for the pores part. It is not as miraculous as a silicone primer that hides the pores almost completely, but is it nonetheless giving them a softer look.

I will keep you posted regarding its shine reducing effects, but for now it just gives my skin the most beautiful natural healthy matte look – that’s a mouthful! Also, minimized pores and the slight tingling sensation that I mentioned before.

Have you tried anything from the Dior Capture Youth collection? I feel like finally this is a collection that targets almost all skin little issues – from redness to fine lines, dehydrated skin to the excessively shiny one.

Check out the comments in a few weeks for feedback on the shine-reducing properties! ūüėÄ


dior capture youth | miss casual

dior capture youth | miss casual

dior capture youth | miss casual

dior capture youth | miss casual

dior capture youth | miss casual

A day in London

You would not believe how different a sunny day in London is from a gloomy one. Before living here, I did not understand the obsession with the weather, but after a few months, I started feeling it on my own skin. Let’s just say that the vitamin D deficiency is a common thing over here.

Lately, however, we’ve been lucky enough to have a beautiful weather and together with it, is seemed like everybody’s mood took a plunge in the right direction. The moment the weather in London is sunny and even just slightly warm, people start smiling more, giving way to other to pass, which if you’ve taken the tube long enough, you know it’s a big deal. My favourite part though, is the way people dress: you start seeing colour, and now I am not referring to pastels, but to bright neon orange, chartreuse, bubble pink and so on. It’s a bliss! I’ve told you before that London is the perfect place for people watching because there is so much diversity in any way or form.

When we go out shooting, we usually wake up either at 5.30 or 6. It’s most likely that by 7, I am wearing a full face of makeup and sometimes glitter, but a constant is that we are always so excited to go out, explore London and take pictures of it.

This time we went to a place where we took pictures before, but wanted to explore a bit more – South Bank. We would walk along the Thames with out eyes wide open, taking in the scenery and always looking for that perfect shot. This time we went on a Bank Holiday and up until 10 in the morning, it was so quiet. After 10, people started coming – it was one of the sunniest and warmest days of the year so far so everybody wanted to recharge their vitamin D reservoirs and what better place than South Bank with the Theater and the cute cafes?

I am leaving you with some pictures from that day, but I have to warn you, you might be craving for bubble tea after seeing them! ūüôā


London | miss casual

London | miss casual

London | miss casual

London | miss casual

London | miss casual

London | miss casual


T-shirt – Stradivarius (similar)

Trousers – Stradivarius


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Fashion catch-up

I was reading the British Vogue a few days ago and besides the fashion, the articles in it spoke to me louder than usual. The UK is already making preparations for the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and former “Suits” series actor, Megan Markle. This was actually one of the subjects in the article, but the emphasis was on what Megan can do to British fashion – and she already did. The handbag that she wore on their engagement announcement, sold out in a matter of hours, this being only of the cases in which she inspired us to up our fashion game.

Also, you need to read the article about Karl Lagerfeld, who is just as immersed in his work as he always was despite his beautiful age and still jokes about his contract ending in 2045. Wait, was that actually true? Another exciting news, from the same article, was that two more collections will be added to the Chanel repertoire – Chanel Beach and Chanel Snow which are pretty self- explanatory, but even so, they got me overly excited…maybe more the Chanel Beach one, being such a summer lover.

All of these articles got me thinking of what is actually the thing that I love about fashion? Is it the people, is it the garments? I believe it’s more about the people who wore the garments, the people who made the garments and all the stories in between. Can a person really change what they are wearing with the “glow” of their personalities?

I was left in awe at the MET Gala outfit pictures. Everybody is expecting the event to be extraordinary, at the end of the day, Anna Wintour is the one organizing it, but this year’s controversial theme inspired so many heavenly beautiful dresses. (Theme : Heavenly Bodies)

I know this post is not really about myself as the posts usually are, but I felt the need to share what is inspiring me at the moment, so a fashion catch-up was in order. It feels like we are living exciting times and art (fashion ), is an outspoken way of showing it – with good and bad.


fashion | miss casual

fashion | miss casual

fashion | miss casual

DRESS- Asos (similar)

fashion | miss casual

fashion | miss casual

fashion | miss casual

T-shirt – Stradivarius

Trousers – Stradivarius


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Beauty Box mania

I’ve always loved the concept of a beauty box. Skincare, tools and makeup all in one cute box, in travel-friendly sizes. It’s also about the surprise of what you’ll receive each month, that if you’re not sneaky and take a peek on the site.

If you’re into testing products, a beauty box kind of subscription is the perfect way to do so. Did I mention that it’s also affordable? Ok, most of the products inside the box are not full-size, most of them are “tester-size” or travel size, but you do get the odd full size. This always left me wondering how can they do it? Sometimes the value of that single full-size product is what we pay for the entire beauty box.

How do we choose which beauty box to subscribe to? If you go on to their site, you can kind of see the style of the boxes, even get a sneek peak into the previous month’s box and see if you like what they normally choose.

I first chose Lookfantastic, but then – for the end of April, Birchbox had a promotion where they were gifting you a box when you purchased one so I tried it out also. The only thing is, I did not think I needed to cancel the renewal of the subscription since I only ordered one box and not onw of the 3/6 months options. So in the first week of May, another Lookfantastic box has arrived at my door together with the Birchbox one. I am not angry at this though, I quite like what I received in the beauty boxes but I would have wanted to have a choice about the renewal.

This been said, at the moment I will not subscribe to any other beauty box because I have a few other products that I want to try myself, but in the future, I might.

From the two beauty boxes that I tried, I actually prefer Birchbox for their more practical packaging and for me, more exciting products (aka more makeup)

Which beauty box subscription have you tried? Which one you think I should try? Keep in mind that I live in the UK so what I might have access to, you might not and the other way around.

Now, I leave you with a sneek peak into the beauty boxes I received, but this time without product reviews because there was not enough time for that, yet!



beauty box | miss casual

beauty box | miss casual

April’s box

beauty box | miss casual

May’s box

beauty box | miss casual

beauty box | miss casual

beauty box | miss casual

Candy lips | Bourjois

I mentioned this before, but I for one, am incapable of making changes when the clock hits the hour that changes the years. No New Year resolutions for me, more like Spring resolutions. This is the season when I get out of hibernation and start making plans of a healthy diet, more exercise and so on. With this new, like reborn energy (what can a little sun do), I start trying out new things when it comes to makeup (or makeup reviews), skincare and clothing. I am in a florals phase – groundbreaking, I know, Miranda (for the “Devil wears Prada” fans) and with this, I am tempted to wear more colours on my face also.

As there are just this many things you can do when it comes to blush and highlighter, I switch up my eyeshadows and lip products. In the pictures that you are going to see below – even though they are meant to be more about the lip product that is featured, I want to tell you about my eyeshadow first.

I used a palette that has been hibernating – completely unused for the past year. Does anyone remember my Instagram makeup videos? I don’t even remember if I posted the video in which I used the eyeshadows in the Urban Decay “Full Spectrum” Palette. I remember though, not being impressed by them so I’ve put the palette on the reserves bench for exactly one year when I took it out for this shooting. This time I needed pastels and bright matte colours and I fell in love with the palette for this. Paul always encourages me to do more colourful makeup looks, but I always reach for my trusty Huda Beauty or Too Faced.

Now back to the star of the show/post – The Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lip mousses, if I may call them like that. I mentioned this lip product before, in my favourite nude lip products at the drugstore when I only had one colour that I kept on reaching for when I went to work but I thought it’s time to do a makeup review on them also.

After writing that post, I kept on watching my favourite influencers unboxing huge PR packages from Bourjois and trying the products. So I am guilty of being influenced, but I just loved the colour selection and the formula that I was already familiar with. In store, when I last checked, they still had a very (!) limited selection, but if you go on the Boots site, which is where I bought them from – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

A few thoughts on the lip products (short makeup review) – they are buildable which means that you will not get an opaque application just with one swipe, but you won’t feel like your lips are falling off either.¬† The purples are a bit trickier than the rest that are easy to apply. With these ones, I needed 2-3 layers for an even colour and my lips had to be as soft as a baby’s bum (Romanian expression), if not the lipstick will cling to¬† your dry portions. With Kat von D’s liquid lipsticks, I used to apply a lip balm underneath¬† because they were just too drying for my lips, but with the Bourjois ones, you can’t. Because of the mousse formula, it needs to “grab” to your lips and the lip balm will prevent that – aka skip a beat.

All in all, my favourite colours are 07 – Nude-ist, my first love, then 36 – In mauve which is still easy to apply and 20 – Poppy days which is an almost neon red/orange. I would love at some point to try the entire collection, but for now, I have my most used shades.

Which one is your personal favourite? Have you tried any of the Bourjois lip products before? After trying these Rouge Edition Velvet , I am really curious what else they have in store. Let me know if there is any other makeup review that you  want me to do.


Lipstick - Trop Bruche | Bourjois
Lipstick – Trop Bruche | Bourjois
Lipstick swatch - Trop bruche ! Bourjois
Lipstick swatch – Trop bruche ! Bourjois



















Nude lip products at the drugstore

I don’t know about you, but even though I love crazy lip colours, I just can’t see myself wearing them for everyday so what I wear the most is nudes. I am thinking that if you don’t work for a makeup brand that is known for their colours, such as Kat von D, Mac or Urban Decay, you are also mostly wearing nudes to work or the occasional red. I thought this post might be helpful not for the colours, because every skin tone/ hair colour has it’s very own nude, but for the formula.

Are you looking for something long-wearing or hydrating, an opaque colour or a sheer stain? To make it even easier to reach to, I am only doing reviews on the lip products that you can find at the drugstore. If you are from the UK, that would be Boots and Superdrug or at least that’s where I bought them from.

First of all, even though I love makeup, every trip to the drugstore overwhelmes me. So many brands to choose from, you can’t always find testers and even if you do, you can’t always tell from swatching the product on the hand if the colour or the formula¬†will be suitable for you.

My lips are perpetually desert-like even though I drink water like a duck (this is a Romanian expression – it means that I drink a lot of water:) ) so keep in mind when you read these reviews that if you don’t suffer from dehydrated lips as I do, you might find the formula more comfortable than I do. This being said, let’s get into the reviews.

L’OREAL – Balmain collection

I have reviewed the entire collection of¬† the L’oreal X Balmain¬†collab I was that excited when it first came out. This is probably one of the most comfortable formulas I tried: it’s hydrating and it doesn’t dry your lips out even if you wear it for a few hours. However, because it’s this hydrating, you will most likely need to wear a lip liner to keep it “in between the lines” because it suffers from wanderlust and tends to go to undesired places.

IMG_6659 final


BOURJOIS – Velvet Rouge Edition

The one that I tried is the liquid formula of it so I do not know if the lipstick version is the same or not. This one is the second longest wearing of all of the ones I am reviewing now. Also, it has a really interesting formula: it is moussy so you can draw you lip shape easily and after a minute or so it dries down to a comfortable matte. It is not kiss-proof though, but if you just leave it be, it will stay on the lips for hours and even when it starts fading, it fades in a very natural way without looking messy.

IMG_6672 final


SLEEK – Matte me

This one is again one of the moussier ones that are really easy to apply and draw your lip shape, or may I say, overdraw for those of us who were not born with plump movie star lips ( I have Scarlett Johansson in mind at the moment). However, I can’t wear this liquid lipstick for more than an hour. It dries my lips out like nothing else, but I did see it on other people who can wear it for hours. For this reason I know for sure that if your lips are not as dry as mine, you’ll love this and the colour selection.

IMG_6674 final


NYX – Butter Gloss

This ones I have in several colours and are probably my most worn lip products. As a proof of this, I almost used up “Tiramisu”. They smell like the cheesecake that mom makes and they are a bit of a thicker consistency than your regular lip gloss so if you live in a windy city, you need to tie your hair back. Sorry! They are worth it though for the range of colours and for how good they feel on the lips.

IMG_6651 final


BARRY M – Matte me up

This was the first time I tried a lip product from Barry M and I am so surprised at how comfortable it is. After a few hours it starts feeling slightly drying but being quite a sheer formula that doesn’t compromise on the colour though, it is definitely a liquid lipstick that I will reach for again.

IMG_6698 final


RIMMEL – Stay Matte

Instagram made me buy this, and I am not mad at it. It is very similar to the Barry M one: it’s a sheer liquid and a pigmented colour. With the colour that I chose – 600 Coral sass, because it has a bit of neon in it, I had to apply a thicker layer but it was still comfortable. Now I want to try more.

IMG_6716 final


MAYBELLINE – Super stay matte ink

This is the hero of the review! I bought it because of Instagram, yet again, but I was more than surprised, I was shocked, at how good this one lasts on the lips. I had it for a few hours when I ate pasta and I took a shower and washed my face and it was still there, unimpressed by anything I tried to do to it. It is not drying at all, in fact, I  was so surprised that I kept on saying this during the day. I did have some problems when I wanted to take it off, but nothing can stand against coconut oil. It is safe to say that I want every single colour now!

IMG_6741 final


I hope you enjoyed this kind of a review and let me know if you want me to do more of these.

Also, The Jord Watches GIVEAWAY is still available until the 11th of March so if you want to enter, click the link here



Boyfriend buys my makeup – Too faced

If you’ve checked out my Instagram Stories from Monday, you already know what this all is about. I have challenged Paul (my fiance) to go into the beautiful Too Faced boutique in Carnaby, that really is my favourite place to go and buy makeup. He had a limit of 100 pounds to buy me makeup he thinks I would wear and love. I was curious if he would go crazy and pick daring colours or, he would think of what I like to wear and base his purchases on that. Let me tell you one thing, when we go to buy a lipstick together, he is the kind of person who gets exited over really strange colours like navy and green, which is the reason we don’t do this challenge in Kat von D. But now, thinking of it, that might be quite fun also.

I tried to not influence him very much, I just told him to buy Insta worthy makeup and by this, I mean makeup that is really photogenic which is not difficult with Too Faced because their packaging is to die for. He exceeded the limit by a few pounds, which I expected him to do, but that being said, I was so impressed by what he chose. I waited for him outside the boutique, somewhere where I could not see what he was buying because that is how I like torturing myself. He came out with a sealed bag and I was not aloud to peek until we got home. I was curious how he found the experience and he said that he was all sweaty by the end of it…and then, of course he had to said that this was not because he was anxious or anything, but because the heater was on. Yeah, right, as if anyone would believe that.

Finally, we got home and it was time to open the bag. I couldn’t be more surprised and impressed by his choices. First thing I spotted was the Chocolate Gold palette which I swatched and used this two days in which I had it. I can’t give you a full review on it yet, because there are just this many times you can do your makeup in two days, but at a first glance, the quality of it, is the best I tried from Too Faced. It’s very smartly set up with 4 matted – 2 transitions, an ivory colour and a black – and the rest of the colours are very pigmented metallics which I couldn’t be happier about. The colours are just up my alley and because of the choice of colours and the big mirror, I am pretty sure this palette will travel a lot in the future months.

Second item I saw was the Melted Gold lip gloss. This is exactly the kind of rebel choice I was expecting from him. My skin tone does not allow me to wear this one on it’s own, but I love it as a lip topper on a burgundy or even nudes and especially in the middle of the lips, as a highlight.

Third item was the cutest ever, the Sweetie Pie Bronzer! This is what I meant Instagram worthy makeup. This bronzer is just gorgeous and I am so glad to notice that it is not as heavily scented as the Sweet Peach palette. I forgot to say about the Chocolate Gold palette that it also has that yummy cocoa scent, but a very pleasant one, not overwhelming at all. A doubt that I had when it came to this bronzer were the glittery particles that it has which luckily, I found out later that is only a gold overlay which fades after a few uses and the bronzer is actually a really healthy matte finish which I can use on my uber oily skin and it has the right amount of pigment so you won’t have to do a small workout with your brush too get any pigment on your cheeks.

Last, but not least, this is the second highlighter he buys me, the first one being Mac’s Soft and Gentle. I knew it then that he is a keeper! This one is the Diamond Light highlighter which is a very soft green-blue duochrome which looks gorgeous on the high points of the cheeks. I won’t be able to wear this at work, but other than that, it is really wearable, it only gives you a slight, very slight mermaid vibe.

All in all, I am impressed by how Too Faced as a company are evolving. I find that they always had it with their packaging but sometimes I did not like their formula. That being said, absolutely everything that I tried lately, I just love and I don’t have the easiest to please skin, but still, their products work really well on me. And yes, I am a big big fan of the packaging, I feel like keeping everything out on my vanity to stare at it.

Do let me know if you liked this kind of a challenge and if we should do some more with other brands. maybe next time we try one where Paul will make it a bit harder for me. In a week we’ll have another post with a few looks with these products so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, the post that I planned for Wednesday (today) will be delayed for Sunday because this one was just too exciting. I hope you don’t mind that.



IMG_5946 final

IMG_5983 final

IMG_5992 final

IMG_5990 final

IMG_5993 final

IMG_5985 final

IMG_5977 final

My most-used eyeshadow palettes – HUDA Beauty

These are hands-down my most used palettes, except maybe the original Naked one from Urban Decay that I used for years, but not since the Huda Beauty palettes came out.

Huda is probably one of the most charismatic women in the beauty industry and I love it that even though she was born in the USA, she takes a lot of inspiration from her Arab roots. Although, what I like most about her, which is the same with Anastasia Beverly Hills, is that they support the new-commers in the industry by reposting them which most often kick-starts their carrer which you can imagine I can appreciate very much.

She started in the UK with a few of her products on Cult Beauty, then extended to Harrods, and finally, last year into Selfriedges. Her first palette, Texture Shadows – Rose Gold edition, I bought to review when I was still doing Instagram make-up videos…pfff, sounds so long ago now. The matte colours I have to say that were not my favourite because they were a bit drier than I was used to, but didn’t have problems blending them, they just needed a bit of extra work. The “textured eyeshadows” as she called them, I loved! They reminded me of the Inglot pigments both because of the texture, the eyeshadow looks a bit chunckier like pigment flakes, in the best way possible, plus they were just as pigmented as the above mentioned Inglot pigments that stole my heart a few years ago. I used this palette a lot, but I couldn’t use it for work because it was a bit too bold for that.

When the second palette, Desert Dusk, came out though, actually when I first saw it on Instagram then on Huda’s blog, I knew we’ll be a match made in heaven. The colours are easier to wear and the quality of the shadows has improved a lot with this one. This was the only palette that I ordered on the day it was released, I was that eager to have it and I did have it two days later – Thanks Cult beauty!

Ever since I bought it, I used it every day for work and in most of our photos which is why, together with some close-ups of the palettes, I am attaching makeup looks that were either partly or exclusively created with this palette.


IMG_5634 final

IMG_5644 final

IMG_5619 final

IMG_5628 final

IMG_5656 final

IMG_5662 final

IMG_5671 final

IMG_4132 final

IMG_3237 final

IMG_3445 final1

IMG_3117 final

IMG_1981 final

IMG_1236 final

IMG_1465 final

IMG_9891 final2

Christmas and glitter

I feel like for the past 100 posts I wrote only about Christmas or Christmas-related subjects. Haha, I haven’t even posted that much.

When you think of Christmas, you also think, before your tummy is full because that makes it difficult to think, about glitter, glitter everywhere. On the baubles, on the Christmas cards, on our Lush bath bombs, on our clothes, nails and on our eyes. I am surprised we didn’t find a way to eat it yet. But we can wear glitter whenever we want: music festivals would be our safest choice, parties, themed parks, when we do our groceries. Just kidding, but if that’s your thing, you would for sure make me smile.

I’ve found these glitters from Nyx. The packaging says ¬®Face and Body¬® glitters but I asked one of the sales assistants and he said that it is safe to use on the eyes and then went back to singing one of Beyonce’s songs. These glitters are quite affordable and the packaging is practical because you have a sifter so you won’t have glitter particles everywhere. I like applying them with the Nyx glitter Base that again, is very affordable and does the job. If you apply too much of the base though, it might move your eyeshadow from beneath, but if you apply an even layer of glitter, this doesn’t really matter, does it?

I will keep this post short because I am sure that you still have some presents to wrap or if you are one of the quick ones, to unwrap.

Have a glittery merry Christmas!


  1. A little touch of glitter – shade Bronze

IMG_3619 final

IMG_3621 final


2. Only glitter makeup look – shade Gunmetal

IMG_3662 final

IMG_3672 final


3. Glitter lips – shade Red

IMG_3968 final

IMG_3962 final


4. Disco ball – shade Violet

IMG_3947 final

IMG_3956 final


5. Drama queen – shade Crystal, shade Red on lips

IMG_3990 final

IMG_3982 final


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