Inglot wonder-pigments

A year ago from now, I was already finishing a makeup course and preparing for the final exam. It feels so different to attend a course where absolutely everybody is interested in the subject not as it happens most of the time in school. We could have talked and talked for hours about makeup, and then on our way home, talk a little more. A big “Hi” too all my girls from Cluj.

I loved my teacher’s collection! In my hometown I didn’t even have a Sephora, so I didn’t have access to most of the brands she had on the table. What I was most interested in though, were pigments and glitters. At one point, when she did a demonstration, she used a pigment from Inglot and I gasped: “Is this number 85?” She looked at me in surprise and nodded. It was the only one I knew at that time and is still my favourite to this day. So from time to time, I went through her pigment collection for some eye candy.

Luckily, London is quite good when it comes to makeup, even though it doesn’t have a Sephora. By the way, does anybody know why? But it does have a few Inglot boutiques, Illamasqua, Urban Decay, a ton of Mac stores, Benefit…I am sure I am forgetting a few, and then, when it comes to counters in department stores:  Kat von D, Makeup Forever, Huda Beauty, recently Buxom and a lot of other exciting brands. By the way, I just saw that Too Faced is finally opening a boutique in Carnaby. Yuppi!

Back to Inglot pigments. There are two ways I like using them: either mixing them with Inglot’s own Duraline which will turn them into a paste so they become really easy to apply but you won’t get that typical texture which I personally like. Another way to avoid fall out is to use them wet. What I usually do is spray my brush with Urban Decay’s “De-slick” fixing spray as I can’t use it for fixing my entire makeup. Even though almost every beauty guru swears by it, for me it just doesn’t work. I think my skin is this oily because it is existentially dehydrated! :))

I am leaving you with 4 of my favourite pigments, swatched on the lids, just with a few random eye shadows to tie the makeup in. I am mostly in love with the duo-chrome shades so I couldn’t help myself and all of the 4 shades that I picked are duo-chrome. Unfortunately, the pigments don’t have names, so I will just write down the corresponding number for each one of them.

Hope you like them!IMG_2938 final

IMG_2934 final

No. 22

IMG_2986 final

IMG_3024 final

IMG_3021 final

No. 84

IMG_3005 final

IMG_2916 final

IMG_2913 final

No. 85

IMG_2995 final

IMG_2900 final

IMG_2904 final

No. 86

IMG_2972 final

IMG_1852 final

IMG_1821 final


L’Oreal X Balmain

IMG_1505 final

This is the first time I am buying an entire collection of lipsticks so naturally, I was a bit reluctant. Now, after I took a picture of all of them, I started actually trying them on and well, I have some thoughts.  What can I say, I am from the Instagram generation, we take pictures of our food before we eat it and wear swimsuits that disintegrate if we get into the water with them. Back to the lipsticks! I was surprised at how comfortable they are. Of course, they are not transfer proof, but they don’t make my lips look like a raisin either.

There are 12 shades, in 3 collections: Safari, Rock and Couture. On the bright side, except the fact that they are confortable, what I noticed is that regardless of your skin tone, you will find at least one shade that will look gorgeous on you.

I am glad I chose this collection to try out because both Balmain and L’Oreal are brands that are known for giving us options regardless of skin tone or race. Also, Olivier Rousteing is one of the people I would have written about in my last post, have I remembered. Blondes!

And again back to the lipsticks. Most of the colours are pretty pigmented and for me they didn’t slide outside my lip lines but I did have problems applying the colour evenly.  For future reference, I will stay away from Confession, Confidence and Urban Safari. If your lips get even slightly dry, these three shades will be a nightmare.

As we keep on hearing, purples are hard to make. Liberation, the darker purple, is slightly drier, but once you put it on the lips, it is opaque and beautiful for those of us who are not affraid of a vampy lip. The lighter purple though, is really easy to put on, but is doesn’t go on evenly. We haven’t edited the lips in the pictures so that you have a fair image of how they go on. For a few shades, I had a problem with them rubbing off the middle of my lips and with others, that I could still see the colour of my lips peeking through.

And now, to talk about the elephant in the room, the navy one – Rebellion and the army green one – Instinct. How unsual these shades are? I love it! I was surprised by the fact that I really like them and I am not one to wear super crazy colours. I need to find an occasion for these two shades. Gone with the comfort zone!

Personal favourite? Fever, a brick red…this coming from a person who doesn’t really wear reds. I must say Domination has a really flattering undertone.

What is your favourite? Because I don’t have the best lips in the world, I thought, instead of lip swatches, I will do an entire look to show you what each colour made me think of without letting myself influenced by the name.


IMG_1540 final

IMG_1553 final

Rock collection

IMG_1556 final

Safari collection

IMG_1585 final

Couture collection

IMG_1630 final

IMG_1647 final


IMG_1658 finalIMG_1667 final


IMG_1742 finalIMG_1767 final


IMG_1780 finalIMG_1797 final


IMG_1802 finalIMG_1812 final


IMG_1821 finalIMG_1852 final


IMG_2113 finalIMG_2130 final

Urban Safari

IMG_2168 finalIMG_2178 final


IMG_2202 finalIMG_2206 final


IMG_2236 finalIMG_2248 final


IMG_2258 finalIMG_2281 final


IMG_2297 finalIMG_2304 final


 I purchased the entire collection from Boots and the package reached my curious hands in two working days 😀  Boots


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