Monthly round-up – car edition

I am the kind of person who doesn’t know how to talk about her problems. Didn’t know. Well, I am forcing myself to talk about them because at the end of the day, they are part of life as well. If you are starting to frown, relax those eyebrows, this monthly round-up isn’t going to be depressing, I promise! That is also because I kind of cheated when it comes to this car issue, because I waited for us to solve the problem before telling you about it.

For everything to make sense, I need to give you some background info about Paul. I have actually checked with him whether he is comfortable with me sharing more about both our personal lives and especially in this situation, his work life.

Background info

Paul has started working for Uber in September last year and because our car only had two doors (aka much, much more affordable than one with 4 doors) it was not appropriate for Uber-ing. I already know that WordPress will want to correct “Uber-ing” but I won’t, because it makes sense to me. So because of this (2 doors), we had to hire a car that was accepted by TFL (Transport for London).

Needless to say that a big part of his earnings went on the rental because you’re not only paying for the car, but for any unpredictable issues you might come across. To be frank, you are overpaying in case you have an accident.

To sell, to buy?

It was clear that we didn’t need two cars and it was even clearer that it’s not worth doing Uber on a rental. The only option was to sell our own car and buy one that we could use both for Uber and personal trips. Easier said than done! It took me a few seconds to write about it, but it took us a few months to actually do it.

Finally in March we were able to sell our own car and started looking for the Uber-appropriate one. I can not emphasise enough how time-consuming this is. How many times did the car that we wanted sell right from under our noses. One time it was as literal as it gets!

We had an appointment that we got to 1 hours early, just in case. It’s only that the “just in case” happened despite our precautions. When we arrived, we saw somebody test-driving it and by the time we got to park the car and got inside to speak to an agent, it was sold! Literally from under our noses! I imagine that buying a house will make buying a car seem like child’s play, but we are not there yet.

The starts have finally aligned…but did they?

It was the 14th of April when we finally found the one! Now, you might be wondering – how come did you not read about this in the April monthly round-up? That would be because we took it for our second ride ever (the first one being from the car dealer, home) when the Emissions light came up in the dashboard. I, of course, did not know what that is, Paul knew a bit more so just to be thoroughly informed, we decided to consult the technical book.

To explain it in a simple manner (not because I knew how to get into technical terms) there was either a problem with the engine or one with the sensor. Keep in mind that we have just bought this car and we took it for our second ride when an issue already came up. I didn’t know how serious it was, but even the calmest person (which I’m not), would go bonkers and paranoid when the technical book says something along the lines: Refrain from driving the vehicle, it might cause serious damage to the engine. Contact a garage immediately!…Bonkers

The light at the end of the tunnel

After endless emails, two garage trips – 17 errors later, I am happy to (finally) say that this is actually like a fairy tale – all’s well when it ends well. We had a hell of a ride – pun intended – but finally, at the end of June our new car is on the roads Uber-ing.

I know I usually make a more general monthly round-up of everything that has happened, but our car issue is something that I have challenged myself to share with you so I hope you don’t mind that I’ve picked a subject and that I went in depth with it.

P.S. If you have Paul as a driver (and you like his driving), first say “hi” from me and then rate him nicely:)

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monthly round-up  car issue / office outfit / summer outfit / neon rose / h&m / london / miss casual
monthly round-up  car issue / office outfit / summer outfit / neon rose / h&m / london / miss casual
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SKIRT – Neon Rose
monthly round-up  car issue / office outfit / summer outfit / neon rose / h&m / london / miss casual

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May round-up – Holiday time!

It’s holiday time, baby! Well, it was for us, I know that the regular seaside holidays only start in July/ August, May is too cold for that, but we went to my favourite place, the place that feels most like home. Especially because it actually is home- Romania. I want to see the world and all, but I needed a recharge of my parents, my friends, my cats, that entire place! And man, did we receive it!

Even though we’ve only spent half of the month in Romania, the month of May is completely overpowered by the holiday. I can hardly remember what I did before that – actually I do, but it’s the same old routine : work, home, blog. I can hands down say that I now think of things as something that happened before holiday, and something that happened after – it was that good!

Jaw-numbing time

It was the month of catching up – not the Heinz type, but the one where you don’t know if your jaw is this sore from talking or laughing. It was the best idea to invite my friends over to our house, ready with beers and a ping-pong table. The rain came one hour into our game so we had to move inside, but even so, it was such a good catching up time.

At some point I felt like they do in the movies. Each one of your friends is already married and you are still climbing the ladder of success. Something similar happened – not all my friends are married, but half of them already have very charming children. I love it how we can have our own life, but once we get together, it feels like we are still schoolmates, like time has not passed over our friendship at all.

Cats galore

If you have ever met me, you know that I love cats. I grew up surrounded by cats and since my parents moved outside the city in a cute house, they have been a cat magnet. Living in the UK, and renting your flat, kind of keeps you from having a pet so I went home not only wanting to play with the cats, but needing it!

We knew at the beginning of May that the black cat that it’s pregnant, but we were surprised by another one of the neighbourhood’s cats who gave birth first – we didn’t even know she’s pregnant! Then, a few days into our holiday, the black cat gave birth to 5 kittens, as big as the palm of my hand. Can you imagine the high octane that I reached every time I played with them? Aawww!

It might be a little late to say, but if you don’t like cats, you might want to skip this whole bit of the post. The only cat that is actually my parents’ is the Siamese. Yes, this cat is as moody as you imagine it. We had another cat that we sterilised and became lazy and unhappy so our vet suggested that we give the Siamese their version of anti-contraceptive pills. Which we did for many years. Last month when my parents took the cat to the vet, he said that it is too old to go into heat so there is no point to giving her the pill.

Surprise, surprise! The cat is old when she wants to be old! As expected, she went into heat and miawed all day and night until she managed to lure in male cats. Then the male cats started verbally fighting for their territory – and entire cat drama. All in all, let’s just say that our old Siamese is not a maiden anymore.

Spa in the woods

This spa trip included some of my favourite things: roadtrip, pruning in a pool and laughing our posteriors off with my family…and a bit of unpredictable May weather. We went to a place in the Hungarian part of Romania that is known for their treatment baths. So that is exactly what we did – treated ourselves to a long bath, went into the different saunas that they were providing, my favourite being the Hungarian one where they had Christmas tree branches on the walls so you can imagine how good it smelt.

In between the hot saunas there was a small pool of cold water for whoever wanted to cool down quickly – nope, not my cup of tea. But it was the most entertaining sitting in the closest sauna to the pool and listening to peoples’ reactions. Did I mention that we saw 3 bears? Not in the zoo, but roaming around the touristic areas – we actually had to stay in the bus until a ranger came to “convince” the bear to go back into the woods.

All in all, it’s not even worth telling you about the part of May that we’ve spent in London. It has no spark compared to the half that we spent in Romania. However, I can tell you this: because we didn’t have an actual holiday since September, we were already so tired and stressed that we became worriers instead of warriors. This trip home helped us disconnect and come back with a fresh view of the world and much, much calmer.


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may round-up / holiday / Romania / countryside / Neon Rose outfit / miss casual
TOP – Neon Rose
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may round-up / holiday / Romania / countryside / Neon Rose outfit / miss casual
Did you see this one coming?
may round-up / holiday / Romania / countryside / Neon Rose outfit / miss casual

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Monthly round-up – MARCH

Another one of the calmer months has past, that if we exclude Brexit of course. March was a bit of all – relaxing, productive at times, found us thinking of re-branding ourselves, changing up small things related to the blog and social media. Also, March is when we decided we’ll go back to Romania in May for a two weeks which gets me skyrocketed excited.

About the new neighbourhood

I have more observations about the new neighbourhood. The last one which was cleaner and not crowded at all did not inspire me as this big mess of a neighbourhood does. One thing that this one is not lacking is bet houses. Not that I’d be interested in them, but I have one on my way to the tube so I see it every day. Silly me, I thought it’s something that only men are interested in, but I was going to be proved wrong. Haven’t really noticed it until one morning, a lady around 65 was coming out of the betting house with a shopping trolley – not the metal one but the fabric one. Has she been lucky that day?

Another one of the beauties of this area is that there are a lot of houses. Nothing wrong so far, on the contrary. Small gardens with flowers, a magnolia tree here and there, a beauty…if you fail looking at your feet. Problem is, people are producing more trash than the council is picking up. Unfortunately, the proof of it stays at every corner of a street where trash bags stay proud like flowers.

Related to the trash problem, in March we have won ourselves a new tenant. A rat has helped itself to our eggs from the storeroom (which is on the balcony) and keeps on coming back for more. My city girl ass has no idea how to deal with it, I rely on Paul’s family completely. Would it be better if it was a fox? Probably not, it can eat even more eggs.


Especially towards the beginning of March, London has been so, so windy. And I don’t mean that if it’s raining you are thinking twice if you should open your umbrella – windy. (which I do) I am saying that it was so windy that I was thinking of going to the gym just to be able to walk to the tube station. It got better now.

What a blondie! I just realised that I can reserve books at my local library. I am so happy because all of my favourite authors were missing from the book shelves and I can not stand another love story. Ah, and I am only the 22nd in line for Michele Obama’s autobiography:)

This happened the weekend before Brexit deadline. I was going to work on Saturday and had no idea why the station was so crowded and the entire traffic redirected. Until I got to the “surface” and I started seeing the EU hats and all the banners. It was the #peoplesvote march. Did you ever feel that something you are living through will go into history books? This is what I feel about this Brexit mess. We’ll live and see…and march sometimes.

Ok, darlings, this was it for the month of March. I was glad to have another chill month before summer comes and time seems to rush just a bit more. See you Monday!


highgate / spring coat / spring outfit / march round-up / miss casual
COAT – Asos
highgate / spring coat / spring outfit / march round-up / miss casual
highgate / spring coat / spring outfit / march round-up / miss casual

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Monthly round-up : FEBRUARY

If January was a slow-paced, calming river, February was more like a quick-ish mountain spring: refreshing and activating. Do you know the feeling when you’ve already done everything you could, you just need to wait for thing to happen? That was January for us, gladly February was when things actually happened.

Mi casa…no es mi casa anymore

We moved out of our flat! Somewhere just a bit further away from central London, but enough for our wallet to feel the difference. Who even keeps cash with them? The bank account feels the difference and so do I when I check the balance. Haha, don’t worry, I will not start talking about money now, as controversial as that might be. I will just say that I have many things to observe in this lively neighbourhood that we live in now.

At night when I come home from work and I am hungry like a hyena (I dare you to picture me), I walk past a few…how should I call them – smell spots sounds too rough, scented areas sounds too posh – no Jo Malone around here – well, two of them are restaurants, one of them is a tanning place. The smell at night kills me gently, first the spicy Lebanese food, at this point I start drooling, then the tanning place which smells like sun, like holiday, like Pina Colada, all the good things and then a chicken place. At this point it might not sound appetising, but believe me, on an empty stomach it would.

I realise I just started filling you up on my adventures in the month of February, and I already wrote half of the number of words I’d usually write, just describing my new neighbourhood. Another thing that’s different about this place, and this might be a marketing strategy, please let it be a marketing strategy: the ladies at the till are eating sunflower seeds. You can only be disgusted or go buy yourself a bag. Another thing, if you are really bored and look at everything around you, you will notice an elastic band at approximately every 200 m. Cool, right?

Blondie, you are not a Barbie girl anymore!

Now this is something out of a horror movie for most girls. Dying your hair in the UK is terribly expensive, especially if you have a quick metabolism like I do and in a month my roots are already out and about. So I was cheap like that and I started dying my hair at home. It worked fine for a few months, then I wanted to go lighter and I did, then I realised I can go even lighter.

Can you picture the rings on a tree trunk? That’s how you could see all the different stages that my hair went through. I’ve been using this hair dye for months now and I loved the results, but this month I decided I wanted to get rid of the tree trunks. And man, that’s exactly what I did!

Even though everybody you ask from mum to grandma, to the cat, will tell you that with blondes, you are never to dye your entire hair, just touch up the roots. Did I listen? Hell, no! Did I suffer? Hell, yes! Half of my hair turned out as healthy as a sweep, as sticky as a nasty chewing gum on the tube sit – do you need more details to be able to imagine it? Yuk! So half my hair is now in the bin and long live the medium length bob!

Is Christmas over?

The weird series continue with me randomly still murmuring Christmas songs…in February. I can’t control it! I haven’t listened to any carols since Christmas but still, it’s like I haven’t fulfilled my quota this year. Am I the only weirdo?

Fashion is in fashion

This month I have been chained to my Insta stories watching all the content from the fashion weeks. Oh, how I longed to be there! I watched all the vlogs – Song of Style does some really nice ones about NYFW, I have read the articles on the Business of Fashion site, and most of what I did was watching Leonie Hanne’s insta stories. Can’t how these girls can do this many things…hoping I will find out.

I don’t want to end it on a low note because all in all it’s been a beautiful and active month, but when Karl Lagerfeld died, I felt like such a big egoistic person. I wanted to meet him and I wanted time to get up there to be able to work with him…but I did fear this will happen.

Ok, darlings, I will end my February round-up here, literally on the last day of the month looking forward for spring. A friend of mine was noticing that all I write in my captions on Instagram is about sun and coffee…but anyone who lives in London will understand – we are deprived. Of sun that is, so we try to make it up with coffee.

So coffee kisses…in the sun!

february round-up / silk top / sequin skirt / winter outfit / elegant outfit / nobu london / miss casual
TOP – Asos
SKIRT – Warehouse
february round-up / silk top / sequin skirt / winter outfit / elegant outfit / nobu london / miss casual
february round-up / silk top / sequin skirt / winter outfit / elegant outfit / nobu london / miss casual

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Monthly round-up – JANUARY

January was probably the most un-eventful month since I started to write these series. How I know to pique your interest, don’t I? But, just because we were in London all this time, it doesn’t mean we got to the point to be bored, not at all. This was a month about food, a bit less than last month, I admit, about moving out of our flat, and about learning to take things slow.

If January is not the laziest month of the year, I don’t know what it is. After all the hustle and bustle of December, is it me or I am not the only person taking it slow. As if we’re all thinking- it’s just the first month of the year, I need to conserve my energy. Or maybe it’s the weather that…let’s just say, doesn’t really encourage you to sit outside a cafe and enjoy the view aka all the other people who have urgent things to do, when you don’t. Ah, the simple pleasures in life…

I am back on the reading band-wagon. I started the year finishing one of the smartest chic-lits that I’ve read – Penny Vincenzi is your girl if you’re looking for something easy to read, but not Sophie Kinsella easy. The highlight of the month was Stephen Fry’s “The Fry Chronicles” which was so funny and well written that now I want to read everything he wrote. By the way, if you were ever wondering, yes, I am one of those really weird people who when reading books, are blank-faced most of the time, and then they just burst out laughing. 😀

I continued with my mom’s favorite author, John Steinbeck “Of Mice and Men” which was heart-breaking and with dad’s favorite author, Haruki Murakami “What I talk about when I talk about running” which I have mentioned before and I am working my way through everything he has written also.

Now, if you are not interested in reading, what are you doing here reading my blog? Just kidding :)! I have something for the podcast lovers, especially if you are a fashion lover also, which I assume you are. MatchesFashion are doing the most amazing podcast – The Collector’s House where they interview people (you have heard about) from the fashion industry and asks them about their inspiration. I promise that this podcast makes going to work much easier.

Now, except the fact that we are moving out of our flat and that I have bonded a lot with east-Europeans over our national dishes, which are surprisingly similar, nothing much has happened. If you remember my November and December round-ups, you might remember that I said that so many things are happening that I can hardly “digest” them. Well, January has been a blessing with all it’s slowness and moodiness.

How was your January?

Lazy kisses!

sky scrapers / london architecture / winter outfit / girly outfit / blue outfit / sunset / january / miss casual
Skirt – Vintage (oups)
sky scrapers / london architecture / winter outfit / girly outfit / blue outfit / sunset / january / miss casual
sky scrapers / london architecture / winter outfit / girly outfit / blue outfit / sunset / january / miss casual

Monthly round-up : DECEMBER

Ho. Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas (Eve), if you are reading this on the day that I am writing it (which means that you must have hacked into my account because I decided to post this on the 27th :)). It’s finally that time of the year that I’ve been waiting for since Boxing Day last year…almost. Paul tells me he has never seen me this excited about something as I am about Christmas this year. All I want to do is sing and dance…but for the mental health of my neighbors, I do this in little doses. Also, it’s time for our monthly round-up for the month of December and I couldn’t be happier for things slowing down a bit.

If you read my last round-up, you already know that last month was as hectic as it can get so I am in heavens over the calmness of this month. I am writing this post on the 24th of December, in the morning, when Paul is still sleeping. The Christmas tree is lit and the presents seem to be winking at me…I am so tempted! But I wouldn’t dare do them any harm until tonight. But see you later, presents! (alligator)

1. Jewellery Box event

Now it feels like the Jewellery Box event happened last month, but it actually happened on the 6th of December. Time is a funny thing! It was so much fun meeting fellow influencers, while being treated to crepes in a cute Creperie in Covent Garden. Jewellery Box is a brand that we have worked with before and loved the affordable price tag, needless to say that they have the perfect gifts for any occasion.

We have drooled over the newly launched pieces in the Rose-Gold collection, tried to make our own and met the team. When meeting the influencers, it is curious how, without seeing our Instagram profiles, we already guessed what the genre of expertise of each one might be. I was probably misleading because one of the girls thought I am on the makeup/ beauty side. To be fair, my makeup that day turned out quite nice.

2. Bookshop experience

One of the presents for my nephew, for this Christmas, were the Harry Potter books. Were I a better organised person, it would have been so easy to order them online and find them at home, no fuss, no carrying around. However, I could not be happier that I went to buy them myself – and then I needed to excuse my lack of organisational skills.

I was in Piccadilly when I remembered I still have some books to buy and was walking down from Fortnum and Mason, towards Piccadilly Circus. I remembered I saw at least one library on this side. Right after I pass Fortnum and Mason, I see Hatchards. At first I was so intimidated, it looked so posh! But I was more curious than intimidated so I went inside. Let me tell you, heaven does exist on Earth and it is a big library in Piccadilly!

After I managed to stop drooling over all the books that caught my eye, I realized that the Harry Potter books must be in the Fantasy section, maybe occupying half a shelf. When I actually found the books, I could not have been more surprised. There weren’t on the shelf with the rest of the fantasy books. They had two sections of their own with everything from the Harry Potter franchise.

Honestly, this experience was so delightful that I felt I am gifting myself actually, and not my nephew.

3. Christmas photo-shooting with Paul’s sisters

For this Christmas, we did things differently. Because we have already explored a big part of London with all it’s gorgeous decorations, we decided this year we are going to organize our background ourselves. Well, this is where Paul’s sisters come in the story. Both of them are so good with interior decorations that the first Christmas I spent with them, I thought their living room was out of a interior design catalog. They are that good!

So this year we have met up more than a month before, and did several sessions of brainstorming, including a visit to Ikea for inspiration. Unfortunately, we were more inspired by the meatballs, than by the decorations so Pinterest it was in the end. This year they went for a white Christmas, with small gold and bronze details. Except the tree, we had a faux fire place and a rocking chair – how cozier can it get?

After this experience, we will definitely do our background more often in collaboration with Paul’s sisters, for sure!

4. Best movie I’ve seen

My favourite movie that I’ve seen this month was Colette. It’s not just that I like a strong and outspoken female character, it’s also that I liked the flow of the words, the scenery and even more, the fashion. Both Paul and I were like: that could be Dior, that could be Chanel. I was so inspired! Plus, Paris is still a charming city, but in the 1850-1920 was depicted even more charming than it seems now.

5. Best book I’ve read

I am currently doing a poll on Instagram seeing how many of you prefer books to movies and I have no votes for books. Yet, Hatchards was full with people…maybe I should send them all to my Instagram account to vote.

This month I have really rediscovered my love for reading and even more so, for Haruki Murakami’s writing. I read “Kafka on the shore” which was his first book I read in English (the rest were in Romanian). I usually love reading the books in the language that they were written, but let’s be honest, if that language is not one of the two mentioned previously, I am hopeless and reading in Japanese is not one of my hidden talents.

I have told so many people about this book, while I was reading it and after. It has Murakami’s typical metaphorical style where he combines reality, meta-physics, folklore tales and music. His characters talk a lot about music and reading. Some people might not like that his books can be interpreted in so many different ways, but I do. I don’t mind re-reading a book I did read a few years ago and finding a completely different meaning to it.


By the time I am posting this, Christmas has passed, some of us (including me) are going back to work today, others can’t look towards food any more and their guilt is kicking them to go to gym. Still, I am left with a sweet after taste. This holiday was amazing and relaxing. I hope it was the same for you! Happy what’s left of December.

Cookie kisses!




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TOP – Lavish Alice
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DRESS – Amelia Rose
christmas tree | christmas decoration | cozy home | pink pyjama | victoria's secret | miss casual
PYJAMA – Victoria’s Secret
christmas tree | christmas decoration | cozy home | sequin top | river island | miss casual
christmas tree | christmas decoration | cozy home | pink pyjama | hunkemoller pyjama | unwrapping the gifts | victoria's secret | miss casual
PYJAMA – Hunkemoller
christmas tree | christmas decoration | cozy home | sequin top | river island | miss casual

Monthly round-up 1 (What I’ve been doing)

I don’t often sit down and open up completely over here. On one hand it’s because I’m very bad at talking about myself when it comes to serious stuff and second, I never know if anybody would be interested in reading anything that personal. However, this month I realized that the Youtubers I watch are the very honest kind of people who do talk about products, but about what goes on in their lives as well.

So I thought this might be something I’d enjoy writing about as well, and you hopefully, you reading about. I plan on doing this as a monthly round up of everything major or just majorly funny that happened in my life. You just bring your coffee, possibly wine – although, if you’re more of a beer person, I don’t mind that either.

This month that is ending soon, November, was like a ballet class. It started slow and easy to control and then we got to the piruetes (turns) and jumps and partnering and it all started feeling like a storm of so many things happening at the same time. Needless to say that I was tempted to look at it cross-eyes to make some sense…oups that must be from too many piruetes.


Daniela talked me into Vlogging

Well, she tried.

Just before she flew for her next job, Daniela came and visited us for a week. We often know that these periods that she spends with us are slightly life changing. I did ask myself actually, what is going to happen now? Between glasses of wine and cheek-cramping laughter, we always talk about what we do and how we can improve it. We are all content creators so you can imagine what kind of debates we are having.

What she tries to talk me into though, is vlogging. The elephant in the room was addressed, and I don’t mean a cute, stuffed one, and we got to the point of asking ourselves if people do still read blogs. I do, she and Paul don’t…(beeep, not even mine!). I still said I’d give vlogging a go and only a few hours before going to the airport we went to the most Christmassy part of London: Piccaddilly and Regent Street. Daniela took pictures for her Shift in Perspective project, I attempted vlogging.

What I can say is that I did not feel as uncomfortable as when we did our Punta Cana vlog, but my spoken English is still not where I would want it to be. However, I am promising you now, it is coming…at some point.


Funniest trip we could have had at the Hospital

Sunday evening, before going to the airport with Daniela and before going to central London, we went to the Hospital. If you ever went to a walk-in Hospital or Emergency in the UK, you know you can expect gray hairs before you’ll actually be seen by a doctor.

It seems it was our lucky day, because it only took us an hour. What a weird place to be lucky at…The reason we went to the Hospital makes me cringe still, and it’s because Paul had blood in his urine. Now before you click “X” thinking that this is becoming to serious for your taste, do keep reading, I promise you something unexpected.

After he was seen by a nurse, and another nurse, he was seen by the GP. They got to the point of discussing the possibility of an STD or even prostate cancer which they counted out, and in the end, it turned out he ate beetroot! Very pigmented beetroot! You can’t imagine how we couldn’t stop laughing after all that tension…what a month!


Our first magazine appearance

Yesterday, a very dear project to us was published in Bridal Musings. It was our first time modelling together (Paul and I), but we had an amazing team of photograhers, videoraphers, HMUA, florists, special stationary, cake bakers, and needless to say, the most beautiful gown I ever wore (thank you, Shikoba Bride), and a nice suit for Paul (Zebel Bespoke). Needless to say, if we needed support, we had plenty! What left me without words, and even now looking at the pictures I’m still crushing on, is the venue: Patrick’s Barn, where the most whimsical decor was created. I dare you to look at these pictures and not dream of having your wedding in this barn.

A few months back when we had the shooting, we thought it will be a good idea to surprise my parents and send them pictures from behind the scenes without telling them what was actually going on. We only told them that we have something special coming up. So we sent them the pictures…and nothing. I had so many scenarios of how they’d react, but a lack of reaction, I did not expect.

So in the evening I call my parents to get their feedback on the pictures and it turns out, the surprise was ours. They totally bit the bate…only a bit too hard. They thought we got married without them being present. OOf, how silly of us all!

All in all, I don’t expect December to be a breather either so you’ll probably see a monthly round up for the next month also. Do let me know how you like these posts. Do you prefer more outfit posts and less personal ones? I love doing both and more than that, I know I haven’t posted about beauty in a very long time, but I have something special, with something affordable for the holidays.

Wine-stained kisses!

christmas decoration / leather trousers / sock boots / winter outfit / london / monthly round up / miss casual

christmas decoration / leather trousers / sock boots / winter outfit / london / monthly round up / miss casual

christmas decoration / leather trousers / sock boots / winter outfit / london / monthly round up / miss casual


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