Dior Capture Youth – changing up my skincare

Is it too soon at 25 (almost 26) to start introducing age-delaying products to my skin care? I’ve read all kind of opinions, but I can’t really make up my mind. However, the age-delaying properties are not what I had in mind when I purchased the Matte Maximizer from the Dior Capture Youth collection.

I’ve been watching Youtube makeup tutorials regularly for almost three years now and I’m always drawn and mesmerized by the amount of skincare products the girls use. As much as I would like to introduce the Farsali Oil or the Guerlain L’Or primer serum to my routine, I have to keep in mind that I have oily skin and these products might not work.

This time, not on Youtube, but on the blogs of my favourite influencers, I started reading about the new Dior Capture Youth collection. As much as the price tag was scaring me off, I kept on thinking about the collection. I felt like this time, there really is something for my skin too.

One of the Dior Capture Youth serums is a Matte Maximizer. Anyone who gets as shiny as a disco ball (like me) after just a few hours from applying makeup, will surely relate.

The Matte Maximizer is a treatment serum – so don’t expect instant results. Even so, you will feel a slight tingle immediately after application which I’ve found quite unusual because it is refreshing also. The instructions suggest to put on the serum first and then your moisturizer, SPF and makeup. You’ll find it unusually tacky but this just makes me think that anything I put on top, will cling to it.

If you like knowing about the ingredients, I have to tell you that a combination of lactic acid derived from sugar cane, pink clay, iris extract and zinc gluconate are the ones to keep your sebum at bay and give the appearance of softer pores. I can hands down vouch for the pores part. It is not as miraculous as a silicone primer that hides the pores almost completely, but is it nonetheless giving them a softer look.

I will keep you posted regarding its shine reducing effects, but for now it just gives my skin the most beautiful natural healthy matte look – that’s a mouthful! Also, minimized pores and the slight tingling sensation that I mentioned before.

Have you tried anything from the Dior Capture Youth collection? I feel like finally this is a collection that targets almost all skin little issues – from redness to fine lines, dehydrated skin to the excessively shiny one.

Check out the comments in a few weeks for feedback on the shine-reducing properties! 😀


dior capture youth | miss casual

dior capture youth | miss casual

dior capture youth | miss casual

dior capture youth | miss casual

dior capture youth | miss casual

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