Why the Blog turns heads when Instagram doesn’t

Hi, there and welcome to the battle of the social media platforms. No, not really! It wouldn’t be fair – the Blog is a fossil platform already whereas Instagram is shooting for the stars and quite frankly, reaching them. Since you are going to soon find out which of the two is my favourite, I would be so curious to know which is your personal favourite and of course, the reasons for it.

I know that we are comparing two very different social media platforms, one more interactive, one that can be interactive, but is more informative than screaming for that “like”. By the way, Instagram is seriously considering dropping the like button for the reason that chasing likes is affecting our mental health, however it is a social media platform as much as an advertising one so I personally doubt this will happen. Or the “save button” will become the new like…which reminds me of a platform I love and have been using for almost 10 years, Pinterest. Remember when they had the like button?

Instagram rocks

I am not surprised at all that Instagram is still keeping us in it’s magic bubble. I am in it, my cousin who is 10 years younger uses the platform and my parents use it also. Ok, they might have started using Instagram when I moved to London so that they can see what I post…also called stalking (my first supporters), but at the end of the day, they are on the platform. Hats off to Insta for keeping 3 generations and counting, on it.

They say that a product is truly successful when it helps developing the vocabulary: Are you an Instagrammer? Let me Instagram this first, and then I’ll tell you the story. Is this cafe Instagram-worthy? And so on! It’s like thanks to this social media platform, new jobs have been created, a new style of escapist photography has been born and most importantly only because it’s about coffee, new cute, take-my-picture kind of cafes have started sprouting.

I personally have a bunch of girls I’ve been following for years, for the only reason that, if I were to judge after their Instagram pictures, they seem to have the life I wish I will have. Over the years, I started getting more invested in their personal life, the little they share about it, but for me, the connection stops right there.

The platform seems to be made to convey short pieces of information, something that can serve as a quick distraction, a short text, 1 minute videos (now with Insta TV more), but it personally leaves me wanting more. I don’t feel I get to know somebody by scrolling their feed as much as I get to know them from a long video or…and this takes me to my next point, a blog.

But the Blog rocks even more!

Let me start by saying that I might be biased, and I probably am. I much prefer reading to watching videos, so it is natural that I prefer my social media of choice to be text-heavy. Going back to the girls I follow on Instagram – if they have a blog, I get more curious about their almost instant life updates that they do on Instagram. However, at least with me, they have built the connection on the blog.

Looking at it from another angle. I have both an Instagram profile and a Blog. Instagram is ideal for daily updates, but I feel like I can never say it all. Whereas on the blog, I feel I can say many more, share more about myself, my thoughts, my fears, things that inspire me and things that make me happy. For me the Blog is for stories and stories take patience both from the one who writes them and the one who reads them. I do agree, however, that the way things are evolving, the first thing in this automatised world that we lose, is patience so you might consider me one of the fossils who still likes the oldies but goldies.

I promise this is not for cross-promotion purposes, but I’d be really curious to know if you feel you can get to know me better on Instagram or on the Blog? This will only help me forward, to find a way to introduces the qualities of one platform to the other one, so that this gap is smaller and smaller. So tell me the truth: are you an Instagram aficionado or a Blog one?

Curious kisses!

instagram / blog / social media / denim jumpsuit / pergola hill hampstead / spring outfit / miss casual / mango
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instagram / blog / social media / denim jumpsuit / pergola hill hampstead / spring outfit / miss casual / mango
instagram / blog / social media / denim jumpsuit / pergola hill hampstead / spring outfit / miss casual / mango

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