Are we born with style?

I find myself looking through magazines – currently Harper’s Bazaar, previously Vogue and exclaim from time to time – this model has style! But then I see, at the bottom of the page the name of the stylist…which does not mean that outside of the picture that I see the model doesn’t have style. It just means that I will take the stylist’s name, type it into Instagram and have a curious look at her/his Instagram.

Being surrounded by stylish people, I am pretty sure rubs off. Looking at pictures of outfits from when I was a teenager, I quite hope that good style rubs off and that it can be learned. I would be curious to ask a stylist this question.

Did you expect me to give you an answer for this question? Than I must disappoint you and throw the ball back by asking you – what do you think? Are we born with style or is it something that we can acquire along the way?

Not that is has much to do with style, but I have been binge watching a Vogue fashion series. It is with the International Editor-at-Large, Hamish Bowles who introduces us to his favourite places to buy vintage for his almost life-long collection in the making. Even though I used to, I am not one that has the patience to go thrifting any more, but now I started understanding the charm of it so I might venture into charity shops in the hopes of finding a lost Chanel blazer. Haha, sweet dreams! Did I say how the series are called? Vintage Bowles – if you are just slightly into fashion, I guarantee that you will enjoy it.

P.S. I’d be really curious to see what you think – are we really born with style?

TOP – Stradivarius
SKIRT – Stradivarius
SHOES – Zara (similar)
style / are we born with style / chelsea / stradivarius outfit / summer outfit / uk blogger / miss casual
style / are we born with style / chelsea / stradivarius outfit / summer outfit / uk blogger / miss casual

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Pastels for spring? Groundbreaking!

If you can’t hear Miranda Priestly’s voice in your head when you read this title, I don’t know if we can be friends. Hihi, just joking, but I would convince you to watch “Devil wears Prada” with me first. Pastels are already a cliche when it comes to spring, but after all the black and the rest of the stern colours that we wore during winter, we need to load up on pastel outfits, don’t we?…or maybe this is just my excuse to wear colours.

Also, if you are not yet a colour person but want to experiment with them a bit, pastels are the easiest to pull off. I promise colours can do wonders for your complexion. The right colours for you that is, because if I personally wear red without foundation, I look pinkier than a peony whereas a peachy pink makes me look awake…even when I’m sleeping (haha, not exaggerating at all)

First year that I started blogging, I was only two months into blogging when we reached a new year. I then wrote that I do not feel such a big difference between the 31 of December and the 1st of January, except that it takes me around a week to write the date correctly. For this reason, I am not really into New Year Resolutions, or at least, not during the most conventional time when people usually make these resolutions.

Spring on the other hand, always takes me by surprise. I feel like I am waking up from hibernation and am ready to change everything up. That is when I actually think of my New Year resolutions. This is when I have the extra energy to invest in thinking about changing things, making plans, improving what I am doing already. When the cherries blossom, my mind blossoms as well.

When I did my thinking through everything that I am doing, which I am still in the process of, I realised that my style has changed just slightly. I noticed that my tendency to pick really colourful outfits is slightly milder. After receiving so many compliments for the more neutral outfits that I wore lately, I realised that I am not loosing anything going down this road. At the most, I will be dressed more lady-like. The pastel outfits though are a simple compromise of the two sides of my outfit preferences: colour, but kind of neutral.

My trick to wearing pastel outfits is to combine them with more neutral colours, but light ones: white and beige being my go-tos. The outfit in the pictures below is the perfect example: a lacy white shirt with a pastel yellow satin skirt and for another pastel detail, a lilac belt. Pastel tops are even easier to wear with simple white jeans, beige trousers or if you dare, even another pastel colour skirt.

What are you saying, are you wearing pastels this spring?

P.S. pastels make me thing of ice-cream as well so…pastel kisses!

pastel outfit / yellow skirt / spring outfit / blue house / london / miss casual
SKIRT – Zara
SHIRT – Zara
BELT – River Island (similar)
pastel outfit / yellow skirt / spring outfit / blue house / london / miss casual
pastel outfit / yellow skirt / spring outfit / blue house / london / miss casual
EARRINGS – Les Georgettes (similar)
pastel outfit / yellow skirt / spring outfit / blue house / london / miss casual

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How to wear a white shirt a million ways

You’ve caught me, a million ways is an exaggeration, but I have prepared many ways to wear a white shirt for you to get inspired by. I can’t think of a more boring piece of clothing than a white shirt. Neither of a more useful and versatile one…maybe black jeans.

I meant for the shirt that you see in the pictures to be a white one, but when my delivery arrived and I opened it, little was my surprise that my white shirt was actually beige. Nevertheless, the outfits work just as well for a purely white one as they do for a beige shirt.

For this post, I’ve set a challenge for myself to style this shirt in ways that are as different as possible from each other, for different occasions, and where it is not the main focus. I am missing a skirt on purpose, but you can still replace the trousers with one anytime – I might keep that for another post.

I thought this will be a very practical post now that the weather is slightly friendlier and we started loosing the knits in favour of shirts. And then, the white shirt is…I wouldn’t say a must, because I’m sure you’ll survive without it, but it is really something that all of us seem to have in our wardrobes, right?


Picnic during office hours

trousers / picnic / preppy style / white shirt outfit | vintage outfit / isabella plantation / richmond park / london / miss casual
trousers / picnic / preppy style / white shirt outfit | vintage outfit / isabella plantation / richmond park / london / miss casual
trousers / picnic / preppy style / white shirt outfit | vintage outfit / isabella plantation / richmond park / london / miss casual


richmond park / spring outfit / nature / london / white shirt outfit / miss casual
richmond park / spring outfit / nature / london / white shirt outfit / miss casual
richmond park / spring outfit / nature / london / white shirt outfit / miss casual

Lace me up

belgravia | white shirt outfit | black outfit | miss casual
belgravia | white shirt outfit | black outfit | miss casual
belgravia | white shirt outfit | black outfit | miss casual

Wearing nudes

smart casual outfit | regents park | white shirt outfit | miss casual
smart casual outfit | regents park | white shirt outfit | miss casual
smart casual outfit | regents park | white shirt outfit | miss casual

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Who wears the trousers?

Did I manage to trick you that this will be a post about relationships? If yes, guilty me! Hihi, I was a bit more literal this time, it really will be a post about outfits with trousers…maybe with a peaceful debate on who wears them and who is better to wear them.

Let me start by saying that my favourite place for trousers is on the floor. Now where did your mind go? I was only implying that if I was in such a rush that I would leave them there, I must have something really interesting to do.

I am personally, more a trousers person than a skirt or dress one. For some reason, I have always lived in windy cities and the taught that the wind will blow my skirt and I will flash everyone around, slaps me over my hand every time I choose a skirt. They are more practical, no unwanted glances when you go up the stairs, no skirts caught in the tube door. Also, not that I would climb a tree on my way to work but skirts do not give me a full range of movement.

Which one do you prefer: trousers or skirts? Do you think we’re loosing our femininity with the amount of trousers we’re wearing? I personally don’t. I think I can be just as feminine in trousers and ballerina shoes as I can in skirts and heels.

P.S. We are both wearing trousers…just not the same pair.


cool girl outfit / belt bag / cropped top / magnolias / spring outfit / london /miss casual
JEANS – Zara(similar)
casual outfit | reading | book lover | galaxy shirt | bow jeans | cute outfit | highgate | london
JEANS – Asos


animal print leggings | casual outfit | winter outfit | graffitti | london | miss casual
animal print | asos outfit | spring outfit | zara shoes | london | miss casual

Leather / Vinyl/ Metallic

shopping arcade london / winter outfit / yellow jumper / christmas decorations / miss casual
Vero Moda (similar)
covent garden / christmas decorations / christmas car / scandi knit / christmas jumper / sequin trousers / london / miss casual
New Look
christmas lights / christmas jumper / missguided knit / vinyl trousers / london / chunky knit / miss casual / mustard knit / london / christmas decorations / vinyl pants / miss casual
christmas decoration / leather trousers / sock boots / winter outfit / london / monthly round up / miss casual
trousers / picnic / preppy style / vintage outfit / isabella plantation / richmond park / london / miss casual

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The cool girl’s outfit

Not that I am one, I never was the cool girl, let’s just say that I am good at observing them. Sporty girl? Yes, that and the girl that used to read underneath her desk during boring classes, but never the cool one.

I don’t know what “cool girl” means to you, I hope you will tell me, but for me it means effortless with a little edge to it. A cropped top with a sporty detail, mom jeans, comfortable heels (if you must) or even snickers if that’s you vibe and coffee, always coffee. Did I mention the belt bag? Also, french girls pop into my mind instantly with their effortless style, mixing body fitting and loose clothes – effortless seems to be the key word for my cool girl…and Gwen Stefani.

To come up with this outfit, even though I am pretty sure it looks like a few things that I put together, I had to trick my mind. This style is not something that comes naturally to me so first things first, I started scrolling to my Pinterest “Outfits I love”board. I have all kind of outfits there: girly, elegant, office, street style from fashion weeks…all in all, outfits of much cooler girls than me. After I got into that mental “cool girl outfit” vibe, I went onto the Missguided site and this cropped top that I am wearing in the pictures instantly caught my eye.

Would I have chosen it if I didn’t look at the Pinterest pictures before? We will never know, but I tend to think that I wouldn’t. What I am curious about is where do you look for outfit inspiration? Lately I go for Pinterest more than Instagram, but I am pretty sure that the closest we get to Coachella, I will start spending more time on Instagram also.

Let’s keep things short and cute for this one, what do you say?

Cool girl kisses!

cool girl outfit / belt bag / cropped top / magnolias / spring outfit / london /miss casual
TOP – Missguided
BELT BAG – Missguided
JEANS – Zara (similar)
cool girl outfit / belt bag / cropped top / magnolias / spring outfit / london /miss casual
cool girl outfit / belt bag / cropped top / magnolias / spring outfit / london /miss casual

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An all red outfit

In this world with this many colours, apparently birds can see even more than we do, probably a red outfit would be one of the last ones I’d choose to wear. Why? I always thought that my skin is too pink for reds and that I could never pull it off. However, it’s still quite close to the beginning of the new year when the resolutions are still quite fresh in our minds so I thought why not challenge myself. And I did, a true life and dead challenge and red won! I am not reluctant to wear red anymore so I guess it’s more of a win-win, isn’t it?

After my adventure with red, I discovered that I preferred cooler tones of red. They did not enhance my “pinkness” and didn’t even feel like I was a walking tomato. OK, I admit that a good layer of foundation and a full face of makeup helped in the process, but those are just details.

Another key – I was tempted to say hammer – to nail a red outfit, is to play with different textures. If you scroll down and have a look at the pictures you’ll see that I matched a knit on top to a velvet slip dress. I realized that with a colour that is so strongly associated with cheesy things like passion and Valentine’s day, I needed harder textiles to match the red outfit to my personality. I red lace top wouldn’t have worked for me. Not that there is anything wrong with a red lace top, it’s just..I’m probably not that much of a bombshell. (my mirror agrees)

A red outfit also makes me think of a Tango costume and I admit that with the slip dress I went in the same direction, but the knit top brought the wearability back into the outfit. Can we agree upon the fact that this colour is an attention seeker? If you don’t agree, then why are all the “sales” banners red? Not to go unnoticed for sure.

Another one of the qualities of a red outfit is that it brings back light in a city as grey as London is. How many times did I mention how lackluster London is around this time of the year? We should do a drinking game…or not because we’ll be just as lackluster afterwards. So to brighten London up, more than the double-decker bus can, why not wear a full red outfit?

Last quality, I promise, is that it is an unapologetic colour in how it commands your attention. Weird question: if you speak to somebody who is wearing a red lipstick, how much of the time are you actually looking at the person’s eyes, and how much at her lips? (or his, let’s not discriminate)

I don’t know how much this post is going to convince you to wear red more often, not that that was my aim either, but I though it will be fun to take myself out of my comfort zone and share it…especially because I quite enjoyed wearing a full red outfit.

Can you guess what colour kisses?


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red outfit / topshop / stradivarius / shoreditch / winter outfit / london / miss casual
JUMPER – Stradivarius
DRESS – Topshop
red outfit / topshop / stradivarius / shoreditch / winter outfit / london / miss casual
red outfit / topshop / stradivarius / shoreditch / winter outfit / london / miss casual

Under £100 glam outfit from ASOS

Ok, I admit I am late writing this post. Christmas parties are long gone, even New Years parties are now just a memory, but I am not over the glamorous side of the season. Are you? This Asos outfit would have been gorgeous for New Year no doubt, but I did things differently this year. I actually started my year in a pink silk pyjama…it doesn’t get lazier than this, but now I am making up for the glam time I lost.

If you are anything like me and maybe need inspiration for a birthday party coming up or any kind of party where you want to dress up to, I have the solution. When I think glam, I envision sparkly textures, transparencies, maybe even metallic fabrics, heels, always heels and a bright lipstick. My choice is usually pink , but I’ve heard red is quite popular also (much more than pink, in fact).

I wish I could tell you that I am writing this post from a cafe with huge windows, overlooking a foggy London, not able to decide between another coffee or Prosecco, it would have been much more appropriate for the outfit. However, I am at my desk, cuddled up in a soft fleece turquoise throw on, sipping coffee from my fat cat mug. How glamorous reality is!:)

1. Embellished mesh top – Bershka (Asos)

This is the kind of top that you can wear with jeans and make them look less casual or you can wear it with the fanciest skirt and heels. It is however completely see-through so you might want to wear it with a bralette or a body-suit, or not…who am I to judge?

Even though it is a mesh top and my first instinct would be to stay away from it because it looks too fragile, it is surprisingly not. The mesh is quite sturdy but elastic and if you have a sensitive skin like I do, you should not that is perfectly comfortable. That was a nice surprise!


2. Pleated metallic skirt – Warehouse (Asos)

This skirt does not photograph as nicely as it looks in person…what can I say, we are not all photogenic:)) On the Asos site, I don’t always watch the videos, but this skirt needed the video. Even so, it did not do it justice. Because it’s a pleated one and has these very fine metallic lines along, it is hard to capture it’s beauty on camera.

This is another of those very versatile pieces. You can dress it down with a sweater, make it more serious with a shirt or party-worthy with an embellished top.


BTS aka. Behind the Scenes

We decided to start the year with our favourite thing to do, after travelling, and that is shooting. Who knows, maybe if you start the year this way, you keep on doing it more and more, and more successfully should I say, throughout the year. It literally was the 1st of January, the 1st day of the new year when we went to China Town in the heart of London, hoping that people are too hungover from last night to start overpopulating the streets.

Ha! How silly of us. China Town is almost never empty and surely, it was not empty on the 1st of the year either. However, I knew where we wanted to shoot and we decided some time ago that we should curate our Instagram feed a bit less and take pictures in the moment. If it was full of people, then let there be people.

Have you shot on a busy London street? It is intimidating! Even after almost 2 years, it still gets intimidating. Paul has seen that my energy starts going low, I start going back into my shell and be naturally, intimidated. So he starts almost yelling instructions (many people on the street) so I raise my energy’s pants up and crack on with it. I probably went into full entertainer/ diva mode because I see a funny thing happening at the corner of my eyes.

We were in the middle of the street…well I was, Paul was just a bit lower down so not really in the way. This couple sees us taking pictures, I presume, and decides to not intervene. Very nice of them! Next thing I see is that the woman does a few back and forward steps to go right between Paul and I and the man tries to go behind me. The man then sees that she can’t decide if she should in fact get in the picture, in between Paul and I, or go around, so he comes back to grab her anxiously.

We of course stop shooting and thank them and they were very politely apologizing for disturbing us when I started thinking. Who knows what kind of a witch look I had that I confused them so much.


Happy New Year kisses! (still)

TOP – Bershka
SKIRT – Warehouse
COAT – QED London
china town / embellished top / bershka top / black outfit / metallic skirt / winter outfit / party outfit / miss casual
china town / embellished top / bershka top / black outfit / metallic skirt / winter outfit / party outfit / miss casual

An unconventional “What I’ve learnt in 2018”

It is said that most people are smarter in retrospective and I don’t know about you, but I know that I am. When I stop and analyze something that has happened in the past, I do a much better job than analyzing a hypothesis about the future – my blonde Rapunzel neurons just get tangled up. One thing I knew about 2018, even when we were still in 2018, was that it definitely was the most challenging year so far, but also the funniest. So I would like to focus on the funny side and make a list of some of the things that I’ve learn in 2018.

If you know me, you know that I am not the most conventional person of them all, so you can expect the unexpected (which is one of my lessons I learnt this year also). To give you a heads-up, in 2018 I spent a huge amount of hours on the tube (metro / underground) so I was very tempted to make this blog post about what the tube has taught me this year, but I’ll keep that for another post.

1. Even the British politeness has a limit

…and it’s easier to test it than you might think. When I moved to London and I started hearing how the British speak English, I thought to myself – they are so polite! They make sentences twice as long just to add: would you be able to, will you excuse me, would it be ok with you, do you mind if I, thank you, I really appreciate it, thank you again and again. Wow, they must be the most polite people I have ever been surrounded by.

Now about the limit. I still believe what Sting says :”a gentleman will walk will never run” after he gave way to a lady, but never on the tube. The tube wakes up the beast and there is no rule of politeness except if you are pregnant and wear the badge, as if your tummy would not be enough, you might be offered the first seat. This all tube fierceness got to a point that if somebody does give way to you, you are either left with your mouth open in surprise, or feel you are in their debt for life.

Conclusion : the tube can piss off the British!

2. If you pee blood, it might be beetroot

If you read my November monthly round-up from 2018, you might have read of that lovely Sunday afternoon when we paid a visit to the Emergency because Paul has urinated blood. Blonde as I am, I have not thought of what he has eaten that day, also because it was actually him who cooked, but it turns out – he ate beetroot, hence the red urine. (slap on the forehead emoji)

3.Where to buy your meat

This is absolutely vital information for all Romanians all around the world (except those that are in Romania). Apparently, the Polish like their meat as we like ours. So if you are like me, and can’t get used to how the British like their meat – really, I’ve been eating more Asian food than any since we moved here, only to discover that Polish meat tastes like the meat from home.

Conclusion: Best sausages in London are Polish. (don’t believe me? just try)

4. Added rule to shopping at Zara

I have abided by my set of rules most of the time last year, but this Christmas holiday, a new rule was written. You might remember that I decided not to shop from any central London Zara – they are just too messy and crowded. So I  kept on going to my local Zara, which is just as big as the Regent Street one, but much better organised, the queue is not eye-itching long and you can actually find sizes.

However, I did a huge mistake! I went on the 30 of December. Because I was the one checking opening times, I saw 11 am which turns out to be the Shopping Center opening time, Zara only opens at 12pm. However, we were there at 11 am and people were already queuing in front of the store. We were surprised to see a queue this far from any central Zara, but then at 11.05 people started going for coffee and that’s when we realized it actually only opens one hour later.

At 12pm, the queue was 4 times the size. Once the store was opened, everything got a lot more comfortable because we noticed, not many people were actually browsing around, but the returns queue was reaching the middle of the store…lesson learned: never shop from a physical Zara store during holidays!

5. Expect the unexpected

This happened on the same day with our Zara adventure when we got to the Shopping Center at 11am and almost nothing was open. However, we noticed Boots was open so we went to buy our usual : shampoo and pain killers (Anadin). This might sound like all we do is wash and hurt, but actually, we were stocked on everything else.

For some reason, we didn’t go to self-checkout. We went to the till so the lady starts scanning our shopping and then says: “You do know you should not give Anadin to children under 3, right?” I was left so speechless that I just responded mechanically that we do know and thanked her (the British way) and then it dawned on me. It was not that the Sales Assistant had a glance at our loving faces and thought, yes: they must have procreated the specie, it was actually my Johnson’s Baby shampoo that I use for my brassy blonde hair when it’s at it’s driest that inspired the now logical comment.

6. More sleep is better than no sleep

I tried it the American way and by this I mean that I did take the advice that all these motivational entrepreneurs give: work for your future in your free time, sleep less, work more, your mind has control over your body. But it’s either that my body is in total control or simply the fact that I don’t function with less than 7 hours of sleep. I could do 6 one day, but then the next day I am knackered.

This 2018 year, I felt this more than ever: my mood is much improved when I slept enough…or when I slept enough and it’s sunny outside.

7. Digging up the past

As enticing as this might sound, I am actually referring to the fact that I just discovered that in 2014 I made a Goodreads account that I have totally forgotten about. Funny thing, I used the same email address, so when I tried to make a new account one of these past few days, I discovered books that I’ve read years ago and totally forgot about them.


I wish I would have told you in this blog post that what I’ve learnt in 2018 is the key to success, or how to make more money while lounging on your couch, but I am not that kind of person. Instead, now you know about good sausages, when not to go shopping and what pissed off the Brits.

Coffee kisses! (because it’s 8am when I’m writing this)

amelia rose turquoise dress | maxi dress | holiday makeup | christmas tree | miss casual
DRESS – Amelia Rose
amelia rose turquoise dress | maxi dress | holiday makeup | christmas tree | miss casual
featuring Lorraine
amelia rose turquoise dress | maxi dress | holiday makeup | christmas tree | miss casual
featuring Chloe
amelia rose turquoise dress | maxi dress | holiday makeup | christmas tree | miss casual
amelia rose turquoise dress | maxi dress | holiday makeup | christmas tree | miss casual

Monthly round-up : DECEMBER

Ho. Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas (Eve), if you are reading this on the day that I am writing it (which means that you must have hacked into my account because I decided to post this on the 27th :)). It’s finally that time of the year that I’ve been waiting for since Boxing Day last year…almost. Paul tells me he has never seen me this excited about something as I am about Christmas this year. All I want to do is sing and dance…but for the mental health of my neighbors, I do this in little doses. Also, it’s time for our monthly round-up for the month of December and I couldn’t be happier for things slowing down a bit.

If you read my last round-up, you already know that last month was as hectic as it can get so I am in heavens over the calmness of this month. I am writing this post on the 24th of December, in the morning, when Paul is still sleeping. The Christmas tree is lit and the presents seem to be winking at me…I am so tempted! But I wouldn’t dare do them any harm until tonight. But see you later, presents! (alligator)

1. Jewellery Box event

Now it feels like the Jewellery Box event happened last month, but it actually happened on the 6th of December. Time is a funny thing! It was so much fun meeting fellow influencers, while being treated to crepes in a cute Creperie in Covent Garden. Jewellery Box is a brand that we have worked with before and loved the affordable price tag, needless to say that they have the perfect gifts for any occasion.

We have drooled over the newly launched pieces in the Rose-Gold collection, tried to make our own and met the team. When meeting the influencers, it is curious how, without seeing our Instagram profiles, we already guessed what the genre of expertise of each one might be. I was probably misleading because one of the girls thought I am on the makeup/ beauty side. To be fair, my makeup that day turned out quite nice.

2. Bookshop experience

One of the presents for my nephew, for this Christmas, were the Harry Potter books. Were I a better organised person, it would have been so easy to order them online and find them at home, no fuss, no carrying around. However, I could not be happier that I went to buy them myself – and then I needed to excuse my lack of organisational skills.

I was in Piccadilly when I remembered I still have some books to buy and was walking down from Fortnum and Mason, towards Piccadilly Circus. I remembered I saw at least one library on this side. Right after I pass Fortnum and Mason, I see Hatchards. At first I was so intimidated, it looked so posh! But I was more curious than intimidated so I went inside. Let me tell you, heaven does exist on Earth and it is a big library in Piccadilly!

After I managed to stop drooling over all the books that caught my eye, I realized that the Harry Potter books must be in the Fantasy section, maybe occupying half a shelf. When I actually found the books, I could not have been more surprised. There weren’t on the shelf with the rest of the fantasy books. They had two sections of their own with everything from the Harry Potter franchise.

Honestly, this experience was so delightful that I felt I am gifting myself actually, and not my nephew.

3. Christmas photo-shooting with Paul’s sisters

For this Christmas, we did things differently. Because we have already explored a big part of London with all it’s gorgeous decorations, we decided this year we are going to organize our background ourselves. Well, this is where Paul’s sisters come in the story. Both of them are so good with interior decorations that the first Christmas I spent with them, I thought their living room was out of a interior design catalog. They are that good!

So this year we have met up more than a month before, and did several sessions of brainstorming, including a visit to Ikea for inspiration. Unfortunately, we were more inspired by the meatballs, than by the decorations so Pinterest it was in the end. This year they went for a white Christmas, with small gold and bronze details. Except the tree, we had a faux fire place and a rocking chair – how cozier can it get?

After this experience, we will definitely do our background more often in collaboration with Paul’s sisters, for sure!

4. Best movie I’ve seen

My favourite movie that I’ve seen this month was Colette. It’s not just that I like a strong and outspoken female character, it’s also that I liked the flow of the words, the scenery and even more, the fashion. Both Paul and I were like: that could be Dior, that could be Chanel. I was so inspired! Plus, Paris is still a charming city, but in the 1850-1920 was depicted even more charming than it seems now.

5. Best book I’ve read

I am currently doing a poll on Instagram seeing how many of you prefer books to movies and I have no votes for books. Yet, Hatchards was full with people…maybe I should send them all to my Instagram account to vote.

This month I have really rediscovered my love for reading and even more so, for Haruki Murakami’s writing. I read “Kafka on the shore” which was his first book I read in English (the rest were in Romanian). I usually love reading the books in the language that they were written, but let’s be honest, if that language is not one of the two mentioned previously, I am hopeless and reading in Japanese is not one of my hidden talents.

I have told so many people about this book, while I was reading it and after. It has Murakami’s typical metaphorical style where he combines reality, meta-physics, folklore tales and music. His characters talk a lot about music and reading. Some people might not like that his books can be interpreted in so many different ways, but I do. I don’t mind re-reading a book I did read a few years ago and finding a completely different meaning to it.


By the time I am posting this, Christmas has passed, some of us (including me) are going back to work today, others can’t look towards food any more and their guilt is kicking them to go to gym. Still, I am left with a sweet after taste. This holiday was amazing and relaxing. I hope it was the same for you! Happy what’s left of December.

Cookie kisses!




christmas tree | christmas decoration | cozy home | sequin top | river island | miss casual
TOP – Lavish Alice
amelia rose turquoise dress | maxi dress | holiday makeup | christmas tree | miss casual
DRESS – Amelia Rose
christmas tree | christmas decoration | cozy home | pink pyjama | victoria's secret | miss casual
PYJAMA – Victoria’s Secret
christmas tree | christmas decoration | cozy home | sequin top | river island | miss casual
christmas tree | christmas decoration | cozy home | pink pyjama | hunkemoller pyjama | unwrapping the gifts | victoria's secret | miss casual
PYJAMA – Hunkemoller
christmas tree | christmas decoration | cozy home | sequin top | river island | miss casual

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