How I started reading & a cute outfit

I feel like my story about reading will be so similar to so many people’s from the same generation. It seems like the moment you get to school and you are taught how to read, there is such an emphasis on the importance of it. Will develop your vocabulary, will make you more creative, you will be able to travel with your mind…were you told something different? I was not the smartest kid so these things did not impress me. I was a conscientious kid, so for my parents’ sake, I did attempt reading.

Family inheritance

I could say that I was destined to read, but before you think of arguing with me, let me explain myself. Both my parents are huge, huge readers. Not just book collectors, even though they have bought their fair share of books, but devour-ers of books. Still, I could have been different from them and not care about books. However, there is one more thing that sounds like something out of a Greek Tragedy where Destiny always wins – my name. My Surname is “Konyves” which in Hungarian means – the person with the book. What does that person do with the book? Not body building, for sure. Do you still feel like contradicting me on my destiny?:P

Boredom made me read

At this point I know for sure that I was 7, almost 8 when we’d go to my grandma’s house, 2 hours away from where we’d live, where during summertime the entire family would gather. I have so many good memories from then and in May when Paul and I plan to go to Romania, I will take him to this place to show him my childhood summer ground.

Good part was that my cousins, all male at this point, were there also. Bad part was that they were of the age of partying where I was far from it. So the mornings when they were still sleeping were boring to me. Just adults talking about adult stuff – that’s how I used to see it. So I remember precisely that on my summer reading list from school, I had a Hans Christian Andersen story book which used to keep me company on those boring mornings.

Change is in the air

It was still summer, so it must have been only a month apart from me reading out of boredom, when something changed absolutely everything for me reading wise. My parents had the first Harry Potter movie and we had the most amazing movie night that I remember to this day. Everything has changed, I discovered Narnia…what am I saying, even better, I discovered Hogwarts.

Then my parents bought all the Harry Potter books that were then available in Romanian – the first three, and Mum and I took turns who read them. She was a much quicker reader than I was – well, years of practice – but I was on holiday and she had to go to work so I would always catch up to where she was.

Suddenly reading became fun, and not something I had to do for school. I did it for myself, out of curiosity and the Harry Potter books did put me under their spell. A spell that is still up to this day, as at this point I have read the books twice in Romanian, once in English and I attempted reading them in Hungarian but that was a fail. Sorry, grandma!

What was your first experience with books? Are you from the Harry Potter generation? And the question that I will attempt in another post – Do you need to read to be smart?

The book-worm’s outfit

Now about the outfit that I promised I will show you. Except the fact that I have a magazine in the pictures, it does make me think of reading. The silk-like shirt has the most beautiful pale ashy blue shade with moon and star signs all over. It’s light and perfect for the transitional weather. I am in spring mood already, even though the weather is not…I don’t know about you.

Now the jeans…let’s just say that if I had them when I started reading, I would have refused to take them off. They are mom jeans, so quite easy to move in them, but the interesting and eye-catching part is actually the bows. Am I too old to wear such jeans? I would say I am not:D What do you think?

casual outfit | reading | book lover | galaxy shirt | bow jeans | cute outfit | highgate | london
casual outfit | reading | book lover | galaxy shirt | bow jeans | cute outfit | highgate | london
casual outfit | reading | book lover | galaxy shirt | bow jeans | cute outfit | highgate | london

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Monthly round-up – JANUARY

January was probably the most un-eventful month since I started to write these series. How I know to pique your interest, don’t I? But, just because we were in London all this time, it doesn’t mean we got to the point to be bored, not at all. This was a month about food, a bit less than last month, I admit, about moving out of our flat, and about learning to take things slow.

If January is not the laziest month of the year, I don’t know what it is. After all the hustle and bustle of December, is it me or I am not the only person taking it slow. As if we’re all thinking- it’s just the first month of the year, I need to conserve my energy. Or maybe it’s the weather that…let’s just say, doesn’t really encourage you to sit outside a cafe and enjoy the view aka all the other people who have urgent things to do, when you don’t. Ah, the simple pleasures in life…

I am back on the reading band-wagon. I started the year finishing one of the smartest chic-lits that I’ve read – Penny Vincenzi is your girl if you’re looking for something easy to read, but not Sophie Kinsella easy. The highlight of the month was Stephen Fry’s “The Fry Chronicles” which was so funny and well written that now I want to read everything he wrote. By the way, if you were ever wondering, yes, I am one of those really weird people who when reading books, are blank-faced most of the time, and then they just burst out laughing. 😀

I continued with my mom’s favorite author, John Steinbeck “Of Mice and Men” which was heart-breaking and with dad’s favorite author, Haruki Murakami “What I talk about when I talk about running” which I have mentioned before and I am working my way through everything he has written also.

Now, if you are not interested in reading, what are you doing here reading my blog? Just kidding :)! I have something for the podcast lovers, especially if you are a fashion lover also, which I assume you are. MatchesFashion are doing the most amazing podcast – The Collector’s House where they interview people (you have heard about) from the fashion industry and asks them about their inspiration. I promise that this podcast makes going to work much easier.

Now, except the fact that we are moving out of our flat and that I have bonded a lot with east-Europeans over our national dishes, which are surprisingly similar, nothing much has happened. If you remember my November and December round-ups, you might remember that I said that so many things are happening that I can hardly “digest” them. Well, January has been a blessing with all it’s slowness and moodiness.

How was your January?

Lazy kisses!

sky scrapers / london architecture / winter outfit / girly outfit / blue outfit / sunset / january / miss casual
Skirt – Vintage (oups)
sky scrapers / london architecture / winter outfit / girly outfit / blue outfit / sunset / january / miss casual
sky scrapers / london architecture / winter outfit / girly outfit / blue outfit / sunset / january / miss casual

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