Monthly round-up – APRIL

Another month has passed and I don’t feel a second older. The only reason I started talking about time in general, instead of just talking about April is because I had my high-school headmaster’s speech in mind. We would crack up laughing and trying to guess how his speech would start: it was always something about time, and something about the weather…then, we’d loose interest so I have no idea how his speeches ended. Oups:D

Drive me, baby!

I have all respect for people who have bought a car, and even more a house, keeping cool as a cucumber. Most time I was as cool as a volcano! I can’t believe how time consuming the first faze is – to search the right one on the internet. Sounds so easy – you’re just clicking…yep, but you’re clicking your day away sometimes with no result. And I am not the most patient person when all we had to do was wait for the right car to pop up.

We’ve been looking to buy a car for some time, but now, for reasons that are way too boring to write about, we needed to buy a car. So one Sunday afternoon, after many weeks of searching for the car with the right specs and right price, we found the one. Like every other decent man, booked a viewing immediately after it was released, but the first slot available was 3pm. As somebody who has more experience than us suggested, we just went earlier than our booking…an hour earlier. While we were looking for a parking spot, we see that somebody took the car for a test drive.

Little was our surprise when we actually got to talk to a sales person about the car that we found out that it was sold…minutes ago, maybe second ago, right from under our noses! Fine…it wasn’t ours to be. And fair enough, next day after this incident, another similar car was released on the market, and this time, we made it ours. For some reason, Beyonce with her “Single Ladies” lyrics has invaded my mind: “If you like it…put a ring on it” more like – if you like it, put your name on it:D

Retail gems

Working in retail is a job that allows you to observe people…a lot – I mean you have 8 hours a day to stare at people and talk to them, and from time to time, to sell them something. April on the other hand was special this year. The moment spring comes to London, so do the tourists…and so do the celebrities. My very first celebrity that I happened to cross paths with on a gloomy Sunday morning was none other than David Beckham.

The surprises don’t stop there though. Last summer we saw John Snow (Kit Harington) and his lovely wife whose name I will not Google right now, but I can tell you that Winter was not coming. Another GOT cast member and it seems I was the only one to notice her even though she has such an imposing presence: Gwendoline Christie aka Brienne of Tarth or should I address her with her new title? I will not say anything more for those who have not watched the second episode of the last season.

Biggest surprise I had watching celebrities pass in front of my work place was not even the back of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s neck (I got there too late to see his face), but only a few days ago, on a hot April afternoon – Mr. Valentino Garavani. Ah…the little pleasures in life.

Napkin or cake?

Continuing with my headmaster’s speech, let me tell you a thing or two about the weather. Don’t trust it! It might say 18, but in the shade your posterior will still freeze…mine did. So I caught a cold right before the big heatwave. Can you imagine building a napkin castle while 24 degrees outside? People were sunbathing it was that hot this Easter.

Well, I guess things balance out because the month for April, is the month of many birthdays in this family. I don’t know what you think when you think of birthdays, but I personally think of cake. And to be precise, 4 cakes in the month of April plus Easter. Have I told you that we celebrate both Easters? Maaaan, how sweet life can be with cake.

Sweet kisses!

april round-up / red dress / spring outfit / alexandra palace / london / miss casual
april round-up / red dress / spring outfit / alexandra palace / london / miss casual
april round-up / red dress / spring outfit / alexandra palace / london / miss casual

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Morning at The Louvre | Red dress

Where better to spend our last morning in Paris than at the Louvre? And when I say morning, that means that we woke up at 6am, which is 5am in the UK by the way, and by 7 we where in front of this mesmerizing Museum. Makeup and hair was done, we were just not caffeinated enough.

If you are travelling to a new city, or really, even in the one that you leave, try to explore it early in the morning. Preferably during the weekend because we all know how fierce people can be when they go to work. You will find that the city looks so different to how you are used to seeing it. I found that Paris, just like London, is much more beautiful in the soft morning light, where you actually have space to see and take in all the beauty.

I am writing this post two weeks after we’ve returned from our Parisian trip, but the whole morning is as clear as yesterday. Social media is full of pictures with the Louvre, but in all the pictures you see one huge constant. It’s full of people! So we thought we have no chance of taking pictures at the Louvre without having at least 10 more curious tourists like us. However, we couldn’t have been more surprised.

Paul and I were getting close to the Louvre, when we saw a family running. Mom, dad and sun looked like they were running from behind the gates that the security team has put to keep the tourist attractions safe at night. They were holding a camera so we thought they were trespassing to take those spectacular pictures that we wanted to take also. This would explain why one of the security guards was walking in their direction and them running from him.

By this time,  confused from the lack of caffeine and the scene that was happening before our eyes, we just continued our way towards the museum. When we got to the before mentioned gates, the security guard was just unlocking them – he actually wanted to let the family know that the Louvre Museum is now opened and not at all what they probably thought was coming.

I thought this was the perfect occasion to wipe the dust off of my pointe shoes. I have not trained for them in what feels like ages, but I still love this beautiful little torturous dancing shoes. A red dress was just a must, really! I especially loved this one from Warehouse because it was so light, had the slit for any dance pose I wanted to do and it is perfect for those who can’t decide between a flower print or stripes. Haha, I am one of those. I did not do my research on the Warehouse brand before, but after wearing this dress,  am curious what more they have in store.

Now, because I am already nostalgic of summer and a big glass of rum and tropical juice is waiting for me, I will end the blog post here. From all the shots that we’ve taking in this past year and a bit when we started, it would be unfair to pick only one, but this would definitely be in my top 3. Can it get better than this? Paris, summer, my man, our birthday celebrations and Louvre?


Louvre | miss casual

Louvre | miss casual

Louvre | miss casual

Louvre | miss casual

Louvre | miss casual

Louvre | miss casual

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