Things I did in my first year of blogging that I am not doing anymore

Only two years into blogging and there are things that I look back at and cringe. When I was in high-school I used to write a lot, much more than I do now, in fact. Then one day I read what I wrote before and again, I found myself cringing. This all might sound as a negative, but it is not. This is the best way for you to compete with yourself and the healthiest way to compete in my opinion. We want to constantly better ourselves, don’t we? So me cringing at my writing from a few years ago, it means I know and I can do better now (hopefully)…but back to things I did and I am not doing anymore.

Violets are blue, peonies are rosy…

Granted that our camera and our computer that we used to edit our photos on were not very good, I had an idea in mind so we didn’t want to wait. Before I started blogging, I thought I needed the perfect camera, the perfect laptop, the perfect everything until I realised that I am the one holding myself back. So we just started.

I wanted my photos to have two sides: the outfit inspiration one, so the main attention was supposed to be on the outfit and the second element was escapism. For this reason, we used to go to all London’s landmarks, far enough to have them in the background, and add this violet filter that I though will make the world rosy. Only that it didn’t. If you are an OG subscriber on Instagram from when I started my blog, you would probably remember what I am talking about. I hope you are as glad as I am that we ditched the violet filter 😀

Early birds do much…but tire easily

I can’t wrap my head around where did the motivation come to wake up at 5 am sometimes to put on a full face of makeup and go shooting. Blogging made me do it! I know I was much shier then and I wanted to take the picture before what I call the “tourist hour” came so that we were practically alone on the streets. Now it’s either that we got lazier or we stopped avoiding having people in our pictures. 5 am though? That was not something I could keep up with a full time job on the side of blogging.

Stress ball

I used to stress about everything. My expectations of what I needed to do were so high that I would get these brain-freezes. Because I am close to a perfectionist, I still overwhelm myself from time to time, but then my logical mind kicks in and reminds me that this is a journey. I can’t expect to excel from the first try. And looking back, our style has changed so much. Writing, the way we take pictures, how we edit them, everything has evolved into something that I feel is more and more “me” and it’s likely to continue evolving. So I need to accept this and not stress which I am getting better at, promise!

Building up my immunity

Mom will read this with a frown and that is how I am writing this as well. How silly! We used to shoot silky soft dresses in the winter. What exactly went through my mind? I remember always connecting taking pictures to being cold and I knew things need to change. In the beginning, I was silly like that. If I had something I wanted to shoot, I would do it regardless of the weather. Now again, it’s either that I grew a brain or I grew too lazy to torture myself.

My fondest memory of being cold is when we shot the most gorgeous silver dress from Mango in Greenwich. Everybody who went to that beautiful place will know that it is skirt blowing as well…meaning that it’s always windy and being by the Thames, you don’t even have the protection of the high buildings. But I did it – pointe shoes on, silver dress on, we took the picture. I like to think that you can’t tell how cold it was just from looking at the picture but it seems I like to learn the hard way. I need to burn myself or ice myself – to know it’s time to make a change.

I am sure there are a few other things that I used to do in my first year of blogging that I am not doing anymore but my lesson from this is: change is good. For one, our pictures are not so dark anymore. I had my pastel period as well, but I noticed that I like vibrant colours the most. No more high contrast, no more adding black, just give me colour, Paul! (he is editing the pictures)


blogging / spring outfit / neon rose top / mini skirt / london / miss casual
BLOUSE – Neon Rose (similar)
Skirt – Asos
blogging / spring outfit / neon rose top / mini skirt / london / miss casual
blogging / spring outfit / neon rose top / mini skirt / london / miss casual

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