Birthday in the Cotswolds

Coming from a single-child family, my parents made a point of making my birthdays pretty special. On every 18th of August I felt exactly that – pretty f-ing special, the most important person for my parents which is safe to say that I am still are. For the past 3 years, however, I was proven that this day can get even more important. I happened to fall in love with a man who was born on the exact same day, a few years earlier and that changed it all. Ever since we started being together, we doubled our celebrations on the day. The title is kind of giving it away, but let me explain why we decided to go to Cotswolds and not just buy each other gifts.

The older I am, the clearer it becomes that I am a person who values experiences much more than objects. Luckily, Paul is the same so we made a point of going to a place that we always wanted to see instead of exchanging objects for our birthdays. We now share an experience. Last year we went to Paris, my very first time in Paris and it was dream-like even though our romantic birthday dinner took place in a McDonald’s.

Cotswold is the kind of place that I grew up seeing in British movies and thinking that the entire UK is like that. It turned out, I was not quite right in believing that, but once you get anywhere in the British countryside, it is breathtakingly beautiful. I dare you to Google “Cotswold”. That is what I did and then I felt like I needed a doctor because my eyes were only seeing beauty. That can’t be all real, can it?

But it was! Small, charming villages, powdery mint green doors, flowers everywhere as if all houses were ready to be photographed, narrow streets where nobody gets angry- a bliss! I just put this Area of Outstanding Beauty (I didn’t make this up!) on the list of places to take my parents when they come and visit. Imagine how these villages must look during Christmas time! It’s not even mid-October and I’m already thinking of Christmas…typical.

I actually stopped writing at this point, went to my Instagram Highlights section and re-watched my Cotswolds Insta Stories to remember what else happened and where else we’ve been (which you can do as well in case you didn’t already :P) And after watching them, I decided I won’t be trying to explain how beautiful this part of the UK is, and just bombard you with pictures.

Also, the villages that we visited were Bilbury – the best known one, where the picture from Google is taken from, Woodstock where we slept at Crown Inn, Upper-Slaughter and Lower-Slaughter and can’t wait to go back and visit some more.



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