Birthday in the Cotswolds

Coming from a single-child family, my parents made a point of making my birthdays pretty special. On every 18th of August I felt exactly that – pretty f-ing special, the most important person for my parents which is safe to say that I am still are. For the past 3 years, however, I was proven that this day can get even more important. I happened to fall in love with a man who was born on the exact same day, a few years earlier and that changed it all. Ever since we started being together, we doubled our celebrations on the day. The title is kind of giving it away, but let me explain why we decided to go to Cotswolds and not just buy each other gifts.

The older I am, the clearer it becomes that I am a person who values experiences much more than objects. Luckily, Paul is the same so we made a point of going to a place that we always wanted to see instead of exchanging objects for our birthdays. We now share an experience. Last year we went to Paris, my very first time in Paris and it was dream-like even though our romantic birthday dinner took place in a McDonald’s.

Cotswold is the kind of place that I grew up seeing in British movies and thinking that the entire UK is like that. It turned out, I was not quite right in believing that, but once you get anywhere in the British countryside, it is breathtakingly beautiful. I dare you to Google “Cotswold”. That is what I did and then I felt like I needed a doctor because my eyes were only seeing beauty. That can’t be all real, can it?

But it was! Small, charming villages, powdery mint green doors, flowers everywhere as if all houses were ready to be photographed, narrow streets where nobody gets angry- a bliss! I just put this Area of Outstanding Beauty (I didn’t make this up!) on the list of places to take my parents when they come and visit. Imagine how these villages must look during Christmas time! It’s not even mid-October and I’m already thinking of Christmas…typical.

I actually stopped writing at this point, went to my Instagram Highlights section and re-watched my Cotswolds Insta Stories to remember what else happened and where else we’ve been (which you can do as well in case you didn’t already :P) And after watching them, I decided I won’t be trying to explain how beautiful this part of the UK is, and just bombard you with pictures.

Also, the villages that we visited were Bilbury – the best known one, where the picture from Google is taken from, Woodstock where we slept at Crown Inn, Upper-Slaughter and Lower-Slaughter and can’t wait to go back and visit some more.



How to wear a white suit 4 ways

Would you think that a white suit is as versatile as I’m going to convince you that it is? From an office look, to a more rock and roll one, to a wedding and a day out with the girls. Do I have your curiosity yet? To be perfectly honest, a white suit was never my first choice. I am quite a practical girl and I wear foundation all the time so for the longest time I stood away from anything white. But, I am now hooked on the trend and I am going with it.

Psst! Don’t tell anybody but I am actually washing my suit in the washing machine at 30 degrees and it kept the shape perfectly. That sounds pretty practical to me, doesn’t it?

Another thing that has always put me off about suits was the fact that they used to be really stiff. Not this one – this white suit will not keep your free spirit in a cage, I promise! Now, I can’t do a full stretching routine in it, which I think is fair enough, but any other natural movement you’d want to do, you won’t be constricted by this one.

Shall we have a look at 4 different ways that I styled the suit? In two of them I am wearing both pieces of the suit, in two I am only wearing the jacket. Which one would you wear the most?

Office look

raffia hat / white suit / st paul's cathedral / london / office wear / miss casual / women suit
raffia hat / white suit / st paul's cathedral / london / office wear / miss casual / women suit
raffia hat / white suit / st paul's cathedral / london / office wear / miss casual / women suit

After office drinks / Concert

white suit / casual outfit /london skyline / summer outfit / band t-shirt / h&m suit / london / miss casual
white suit / casual outfit /london skyline / summer outfit / band t-shirt / h&m suit / london / miss casual
white suit / casual outfit /london skyline / summer outfit / band t-shirt / h&m suit / london / miss casual

Garden party / Wedding guest

white suit / office outfit / summer outfit / neon rose / h&m / london / miss casual
white suit / office outfit / summer outfit / neon rose / h&m / london / miss casual
white suit / office outfit / summer outfit / neon rose / h&m / london / miss casual

Coffee with the girls

white suit / casual outfit / pearl bag / trend lead / summer outfit / neon rose / h&m suit / london / miss casual
white suit / casual outfit / peal bag / summer outfit / neon rose / h&m suit / london / miss casual

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Movies that make you want to travel

Not that there is any time when I am not bitten by the travel bug, but when the weather is nice, I am bitten just a bit harder. So I though, why not ask my friends what are the movies that make them want to travel…in case they need a push for it. I tried not to explain myself too much because I was curious of how their suggestions will fit into categories, but the outcome is much more diverse than I though. It also felt really good having a post written in collaboration with almost 10 people!:D

I have not watched these movies, but I took my friends’ word for them and put them on the list. For those that I was not too sure where exactly will make you want to travel, I watched the trailer – lazy girl, but brace yourself for some conventional and less conventional locations as you are hopefully, already expecting coming from me.


Paris – Moulin Rouge – how did I not see this movie? (blushing)

Paris & Monte Carlo – Monte Carlo – an 8 year oldie but it’s one that I watched and made me want to go to Paris so badly and we’ve been last year ! I wouldn’t mind going to Monte Carlo either

French countryside – The Hundred Foot Journey – this is one that makes me want to do a road trip and eat in every single village as well

La vie en rose -Good music and Paris? This one is on my list to watch!


On an island – Mamma Mia – I am pretty sure there are more movies that will make me want to jump on a plane and head to Greece, but this was the first that I thought of (When I think of Greece, I think of sun, turquoise water, cheerful music and feta cheese)


Rome – When in Rome – A cheesy romance, but one that is definitely going to cheer you up. Btw – I just wouldn’t get into the fountain

I bet you saw this coming – Roman Holiday – If this movie does not make you want to get on a Vespa and wander on the streets of Rome…I don’t know what will

Under the Tuscan Sun – that’s an impulse buy!


Barcelona – Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona – fiery at time, but the scenery….

Barcelona – this is one that I haven’t seen but honestly, I would watch anything that happens in Barcelona


Slumdog Millionaire – This suggestion comes from somebody who has been to India and she said she watches this movie every time she misses it


Ana and the King – ok, this one is a bit “back in time” when Thailand was called Siam, but a beautiful movie that I already recommended to so many


Tomb Raider – this is one that makes me want to go to many places, but the most picturesque seems to be Cambodia


City of God – This is my friend’s favourite movie but she has quite a good stomach so don’t expect a romance on the beach, it actually happens in the favelas

New York

This seems to be a favourite for movie makers as well as series – Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, Friends, The Carrie Diaries, you name it! Funny enough, nobody mentioned a movie, even though there are so many

Non-conformist places

Any jungle – Until things go wrong – Jungle and Jumanji

Underwater – Aquaman

Back in time – The Vikings and Apocalypto

In space – Passengers and A wrinkle in time (Let me check with Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos when we can start buying tickets)

Anywhere by train…but without the murder – Murder on the Orient Express

Auschwitz – Schindler’s List

Now this has been a long one in the making. The idea came to us over a coffee and I immediately texted to ask my friends’ on movies that make them want to travel. Paul’s were the weirder ones, of course – the out of space and such, mine the more conventional. I realised that I can read really tough books, but when it comes to movies I tend to choose more comfortable subjects.

But let’s make this a conversation and find all the missing links in my list (please do!) and add new movies that we should all see and daydream about places that hopefully, some day we will actually travel to see in person.

travel / covent garden / summer outfit / london / miss casual / movies that make you travel
travel / covent garden / summer outfit / london / miss casual / movies that make you travel
travel / covent garden / summer outfit / london / miss casual / movies that make you travel

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Wanderlust- Top 3 favourite cities in Europe

The idea for this blog post came to me most randomly when I was watching bullet journaling videos on Youtube. I am perfectly incapable of drawing, I am more of a sticker (person who sticks things together, usually in a note book). I was watching a monthly spread for December…in March (:D) and I started fantasising about travelling. While at the moment the wanderlust is more than present, until May, it is highly unlikely that we’ll go anywhere. However, I would not mind reminiscing about my favourite cities in Europe that I’ve been to.


Let me start by telling you that this was my favourite city for the longest time. Ever since I went on a school trip when I was 16, I wanted to go back again and again. I’ve been to Prague twice only, the second time for an internship, but coincidentally, both my visits were in December. I don’t know if it gets better than this – with the Christmas decorations everywhere, X-mas markets, sausages and mulled wine at all corners, quite similar to another beautiful European city – Vienna.

What I can tell you though, is that the second time around I felt so alone. My suggestion for myself was that the third time I will visit Prague, it will have to be with my second half – there’s too much beauty to admire it alone.

Now, a secret place to go to. Carol Bridge during sunset might make you call your doctor because it’s jaw-droppingly beautiful. Even more beautiful is the view of it from Kafka’s house. From his house, you need to go a bit further down, towards the river, but be careful, you might be lured by the charms of at least one of the swans…they seem to like this view of the Carol Bridge as well.


Budapest / Top 3 favourite cities in Europe | miss casual
Source : Pinterest

Now this is a city that I’ve visited several times. First time was on the same school trip that later took me to Prague also. With this occasion we went on a boat trip on Danube at night. There is no better view of the House of Parliament and of the bridges other than the one from the Danube. I do need to warn you though, if you like you whisky on the rocks, let’s just say that if you leave your glass of it outside, the wind will take care of providing you the rocks – it’s that cold!

Just like London, this is another photogenic city, everywhere you look, there is something to capture. By the way, you don’t know what the third city is yet, only if you’ve peeked a bit further, but I can tell you it’s not London. The reason is not Brexit which makes it hard for everyone to decide if the UK will still be part of the EU or not, but because I live here so it’s not fair. London had much more time to win my heart.

Did I mention that my parents spent their honeymoon in Budapest? <3


copenhagen / top 3 favourite European cities | miss casual
Source : Pinterest

Now this is the only city of the three that I visited during summer time so I have not experienced too much rain and fog as I usually see in pictures. At least during summer time, the city is perfect for long walks, bike rides or drinks on the canal.

First things first, if you go, I hope you know how to ride a bike. Just like Amsterdam, Copenhagen is packed with bicycles…and riders for that matter. I was surprised at how well organised the traffic is – so from what I’ve heard, they made it really easy for you to ride over there…compared to London where it seems to me like an extreme sport.

I might be biased about this city because the only time I’ve been to Copenhagen, was to visit a very dear friend of mine so it made the experience complete: long talks in the company of multiple glasses of wine, equally long walks, street artists who we actually sang with. Now truth be told, it’s more like my friend was singing who has an incredible voice and whom I will shamelessly plug right here – EIDNAMUSIC

All in all, my favourite city might be Budapest, but I long just as much to go back to Prague or Copenhagen, but then my wanderlust is mentioning so many other beautiful places that I’ve never been to. Have you ever been to any of these cities? What is your favourite thing about them? Which 3 European cities are your favourite?

Funny TUBE stories – part 1

The tube, underground or metro, however you call it, is a place full of mysteries. Even fuller of mysteries are the people that embark the said mean of transport. Why they have such a strong magnetic relationship to the door like bees to honey, when they can move down and not have someone breath down their necks is a mystery for which we might need Sherlock Holmes.

Let’s just say that I’ve spent enough time for two years on the tube, to gather a few of these funny mysteries and now I am sharing them with you. This blog post might go into the same category with the one – Things you probably don’t know about London if you never lived here, but then, I suppose the tube is the tube (or metro or underground), so you might recognize these behaviors. That, or if you come from a city small enough, like I do, that will never need a tube…well, I hope somebody does a series about this kind of travelling so we can all enjoy the experience.

Herring line or Jubilee line?

There are tubes and tubes. And then there are lines and lines and if you change them fast enough, you will notice a huge difference. I must start with: don’t use Central line during peak hours if you care for your life. Or, if you would like to empathize with a canned herring and completely rethink what concepts you had about personal space, be my guest.

Jubilee line was my favorite for the longest time. It went through some of my favorite places in London. Because I embarked it in Stratford which is the end/beginning of the line, I would always find a seat and it would be quite empty. Yes, it’s this easy for a tube line to have my heart, but all of this after I experienced herring in the can and the can in the stove that Central line is.

Switching allegiances

However, Jubilee line was dethroned when I went to visit somebody in the North of London and I had to change to a very suggestively named line – Northern Line. First feeling was as if somebody has finally turned on the lights and spaced out the seats a bit more. Ok, it is not fair that when I experienced Northern Line for the first time, it was not peak hour and I am comparing it to Jubilee on a peak hour, but the tube is not fair making us all wait for it and neither was I.

Now, I thought Northern Line is much more posh, I also knew about it that it is always on time and even better, cuts the pie that London is, right in two, so it takes you many places. And it did take me to many laughing or wondering or wtf places in my mind, every time I saw the things that I am about to describe, because all of them happened on the Northern Line.

Home, sweet (and sour) home

When you travel by tube every day, at the same time and you mostly fight all the same faces for that free seat, it all starts to feel like home. Your home is taking you to work and judging by all the blank/poker faces on the tube, it’s more like your home is force-taking you to work.

Most people will be too busy to play candy crush, some (very few) watch series…yes, the average tube ride is around 30 minutes, but for some it gets an hour long. Even fewer people read. There is only one rule: mind you business! And this rule is actually much more complex than it sounds.

If I were to translate it for you it would be: don’t look anybody in the eye, don’t lean over my seat, I will battle you for the arm rest and you will battle me for it, don’t you dare read from my newspaper if you are sitting next to me, but it’s even more annoying if you’re sitting across from me, and a few more that I will reveal later.

Manicure, anybody?…pedicure?

Going back to the people who feel like home, those are the individuals that do weird things. Doing your own makeup is already quite usual so nobody is surprised by that. I am more surprised though, that all the brushes and the products sit in the same dusty makeup bag, but maybe I am just being paranoid.

However, what left a strong impression on me was something else. It was Friday or Saturday evening when I was going home by tube. I don’t know which of these two days because the crowds’ behavior is quite similar. Most of them are cracking cans of beer open (which is illegal), are much more cheerful, are most probably going partying and are loud. All of these things go hand in hand so there is nothing new here.

I was breaking the rule of not looking at people one of these said nights and I was almost starring at the girl that was sitting across from me. She was so beautiful, with very small elegant features but then I noticed the amount of makeup, the much too dark eyebrows, the overdrawn lips and I thought to myself that she must be much more beautiful without makeup.

Right on cue, as if to annoy me even more, she takes out a glue and some acrylic nails and starts gluing them on Friday/ Saturday night on the tube. I could not believe my eyes, is she really this comfortable that she is going to do her manicure on the tube? That was not all! She was wearing a full sequin dress under her coat and sneakers, so when she started doing her nails, it became clear to the entire train/compartment that she is up to no good…well, probably good partying.

After she finished her manicure, I see her leaning down towards her feet. I was motionless, but my eyes said it all. Is it really possible that she is going to do her pedicure next? OMG, what is happening? Why isn’t anybody else reacting, is this normal?

She takes of her sneakers, puts her socks on the floor, steps on them, puts her sneakers in a bag. I was already tempted to close my eyes, I could not believe them, they must be deceiving me, right? And then she takes out a pair of heels, put them on and gets off the tube at the next station.

To be continued, with other similar stories…

OMG kisses!



sequin blazer / zara outfit / notting hill / london / funny stories / miss casual
BLAZER – Zara (similar)
TOP – Bershka
sequin blazer / zara outfit / notting hill / london / funny stories / miss casual
sequin blazer / zara outfit / notting hill / london / funny stories / miss casual

How Christmas looked like when I was a child

I will be awfully honest with you and tell you that this post is the most egoistical one I have ever wrote. I am writing about how Christmas was when I was a child, in the hopes of reliving those magical moments. I am always curious to know what traditions people have for the holidays in different parts of the world, but whether you want it or not, I will share how my kind of a holiday looks like.

Disclaimer: if you are a Grinch, absolutely every word in this post will annoy you and probably your doctor would recommend you skip it. Before you go though, Grinchy, I just want to let you know that I am writing this post surrounded by flickering lights and listening to carols in the background, the only thing that’s missing, is mulled wine.

I will stop being naughty and teasing the Grinches of the world now, because I still want Santa to leave something under the tree for me.

Christmas Eve morning

This is one part of the holidays that has not changed much along the years. Remember that I said that I remember Christmas as being magical when I was a child? First magical thing that happened is that I did not need an alarm clock to wake me up really early in the morning. This was the most exciting day of the year, why waste time sleeping?

First things first, I would have hot cocoa when I was younger, coffee when I was a teenager. At this point, my parents would have been awake and probably having their second coffee of the day – it’s still a mystery how they actually manage to wake up that early.

After coffee/ hot cocoa and a quick, always forgettable breakfast, Mom would start (well, continue) the baking she started days ago. Dad would go out to buy what we always forgot even though we double and triple checked and I would start dusting and cleaning. I can guarantee that you have never seen me as excited for cleaning as you do on Christmas Eve. Also, while cleaning, I also clean Mom’s dishes that have some extra cream or chocolate – I am that dedicated this time of the year.

Mid-day Christmas Eve

At some point around around mid-day, lunch will follow, but it will be just as forgettable as the breakfast. Who can have lunch after testing if Mom’s cookies and cakes are poisoned or not, anyways? That used to be my favourite excuse to “test” Mom’s cooking before anyone else.

After lunch, something would be boiling, cookies baking in the oven and time would start slowing down. When I was really little, this would be the moment when we’d bring our natural tree in the house and Dad would “chop” the ends so that they would fit in the tree stand. I don’t remember if my parents ever enjoyed decorating the tree, or was it that they realized quite early on that I loved it and just left this task for me.

This is literally my favourite part of Christmas, except maybe watching others unbox the presents I prepared for them…ok, opening those that are for me also, I admit! Now queue the song “Pentatonix – Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” and try to imagine how I decorated – part show, part decorating.

Christmas Eve afternoon (as a child)

Something that might not be the most familiar to most people and we used to do it every holiday, is caroling. Around 4/5 pm, we’d find a friend, sometimes even more than one, and go from door to door. We sometimes checked off the list the entire street, nobody was left un-caroled. We’d knock on doors, ask them if they are receiving carolers and if they did, we started singing. After we finished, probably to get rid of us, they would either give us cookies or 1 leu (Romanian currency) which is like 25p. But those were our hard earned/sung money. At 9/10 we were so proud that we earned our own money while encouraging the holiday spirit.

Evening/ Night (as a child)

This is the part that looked considerably different when I was a child and when I was in high-school / uni. When I was a child, we used to have my grandparents over for dinner. Do I need to say that Christmas food is the best food there is? That, if you’re not on a diet, or you have a slow metabolism. Romanian food is so heavy, it even kept Santa from coming down the chimney these past few years.

After dinner, we’d do the Rolling Stones move, and roll on to the floor, surrounding the presents. You guessed well, it’s unwrapping time! Is it only for Romanians that we associate Christmas with the smell of oranges? Without exception, we’d receive oranges every single year and we loved them.

Christmas Eve night as a teenager

This is the part that gets very different once that I am of the age to stay up at night. I don’t remember at what age we started doing this, but all my classmates and I would gather somewhere and then go caroling to each of our parents. We were absolutely unable to go to all of them, but we did go to at least 8 houses every Christmas.

As we were getting older, this tuned into a all night thing that we did. We knew which of the parents has the best stuffed cabbage and they knew we come hungry so that was kind of a meet-cute (any “The Holiday” fans here?) Other parents were offering us drinks and we would dance, or some where going caroling themselves so we knew that we were welcome to have our own little party…which always ended up in a sleep-over.

Point is, I would always return home from caroling at the break of dawn. Tired and happy. Also, excited because when I was in high-school, I convinced my parents to only open the presents on Christmas morning so I always had something to be excited about when I got home.

First thing when I got home was eating stuffed cabbage. Looking back, I can’t believe that at 5/6am I had the hardest to digest food that I have ever eaten, but that’s tradition, isn’t it? After stuffing myself with stuffed cabbage, it was unwrapping time! Up to a certain age, it seemed like all the Harry Potter books were translated in Romanian and sold around Christmas time because I would receive one every holiday. You can’t imagine how much those books made my childhood, and Mom’s adulthood also.

Let me explain this: after unwrapping all the presents, I would lay in bed reading my new Harry Potter book, until I fell asleep. My routine on Christmas Day was easy : sleep – eat – read – sleep. Only that, once I woke up and my book was nowhere to be found. So I went to ask my parents if they’ve seen it and surprise, surprise: Mom was reading it. I bet she was waiting like the cutest hawk for me to fall asleep.


It took us a few years to build our Christmas traditions – some where borrowed from my grandparents and some we made ourselves, but still to the day, those are the warmest memories that I have of my childhood. Nah, I am getting emotional now, I need some ice to cool me off…see you soon!

Salty kiss!

christmas lights / christmas jumper / missguided knit / vinyl trousers / london / chunky knit / miss casual
TROUSERS – Missguided
KNIT – Missguided (similar)

christmas lights / christmas jumper / missguided knit / vinyl trousers / london / chunky knit / miss casual
christmas lights / christmas jumper / missguided knit / vinyl trousers / london / chunky knit / miss casual / mustard knit / london / christmas decorations / vinyl pants / miss casual
covent garden / christmas decorations / christmas car / scandi knit / christmas jumper / sequin trousers / london / miss casual

KNIT – Asos
covent garden / christmas decorations / christmas car / scandi knit / christmas jumper / sequin trousers / london / miss casual

In need for knit – Winter essentials

I can’t imagine how I’d survive any winter without knit. For me, knits are just as much about the cold as they are about the feeling : cosyness! So bring your mulled wine, the peanuts, the coffee if you must, light that pine and cinnamon candle, and let’s get cracking with all the knit I have worn so far. Winter has not even started officially, but I feel that after all the leaves have fallen, autumn is done, so what else could be next? Plus, I am one of the weird ones who immediately after it gets chilly, will be wearing something knit.

missguided knit / mustard knit / chunky knit / london/ christmas lights / miss casual
KNIT – Missguided (similar)
covent garden / christmas decorations / christmas car / scandi knit / christmas jumper / sequin trousers / london / miss casual
KNIT – Asos
christmas decoration / leather trousers / sock boots / winter outfit / london / monthly round up / miss casual
KNIT – Missguided
river island outfit / london / animal print sweater / leather skirt / regent street / miss casual
KNIT – River Island (similar)
pink jumper / harrods laduree / jewellerybox / coffee time / miss casual
KNIT – Pretty Little Thing
espirt knit / pumpkin patch / stripe knit / hippie car / moving to London / personal story / crockford bridge farm / stripe sweater sequin dress / miss casual
KNIT – Esprit 
Pleated skirt chunky knit Chelsea pink house Mango outfit | Miss Casual
KNIT – Mango (similar)
london/ white knit / neal's yard / white outfit / transitional season outfit | Miss Casual
KNIT – Zara (similar)

Bonus part

I am late to post about this, but on December the 1st, which is Romania’s National Day, my friend Daniela Buda who I mentioned in my last post, has published a short film about what Romania used to look like when we were children. She filmed in the countryside, in the place where she spent most of her summer holidays, with a gorgeous model, all dressed in what our grandparents used to wear as a folk costume.

In the past 100 years, Romania has been through heaven and hell, people have moved from the countryside to the cities, and now back to the countryside, factories have opened and closed, communism is still on the lips of my parent’s generation and too many of the young people are leaving for countries with better economies – me included. Still, because for 24 years it was my home, it has something charming to it and I can hands-down recommend a trip to Romania if you are into wonderful scenery.

Harry Potter fans have asked me if we have Dragons – sorry, darlings, this is a national secret I can’t talk about 😛 still, go and visit (but maybe choose Sibiu instead of the capital, Bucharest). Now, back to Daniela’s video. Enjoy!

cosy kisses!

Monthly round-up 1 (What I’ve been doing)

I don’t often sit down and open up completely over here. On one hand it’s because I’m very bad at talking about myself when it comes to serious stuff and second, I never know if anybody would be interested in reading anything that personal. However, this month I realized that the Youtubers I watch are the very honest kind of people who do talk about products, but about what goes on in their lives as well.

So I thought this might be something I’d enjoy writing about as well, and you hopefully, you reading about. I plan on doing this as a monthly round up of everything major or just majorly funny that happened in my life. You just bring your coffee, possibly wine – although, if you’re more of a beer person, I don’t mind that either.

This month that is ending soon, November, was like a ballet class. It started slow and easy to control and then we got to the piruetes (turns) and jumps and partnering and it all started feeling like a storm of so many things happening at the same time. Needless to say that I was tempted to look at it cross-eyes to make some sense…oups that must be from too many piruetes.


Daniela talked me into Vlogging

Well, she tried.

Just before she flew for her next job, Daniela came and visited us for a week. We often know that these periods that she spends with us are slightly life changing. I did ask myself actually, what is going to happen now? Between glasses of wine and cheek-cramping laughter, we always talk about what we do and how we can improve it. We are all content creators so you can imagine what kind of debates we are having.

What she tries to talk me into though, is vlogging. The elephant in the room was addressed, and I don’t mean a cute, stuffed one, and we got to the point of asking ourselves if people do still read blogs. I do, she and Paul don’t…(beeep, not even mine!). I still said I’d give vlogging a go and only a few hours before going to the airport we went to the most Christmassy part of London: Piccaddilly and Regent Street. Daniela took pictures for her Shift in Perspective project, I attempted vlogging.

What I can say is that I did not feel as uncomfortable as when we did our Punta Cana vlog, but my spoken English is still not where I would want it to be. However, I am promising you now, it is coming…at some point.


Funniest trip we could have had at the Hospital

Sunday evening, before going to the airport with Daniela and before going to central London, we went to the Hospital. If you ever went to a walk-in Hospital or Emergency in the UK, you know you can expect gray hairs before you’ll actually be seen by a doctor.

It seems it was our lucky day, because it only took us an hour. What a weird place to be lucky at…The reason we went to the Hospital makes me cringe still, and it’s because Paul had blood in his urine. Now before you click “X” thinking that this is becoming to serious for your taste, do keep reading, I promise you something unexpected.

After he was seen by a nurse, and another nurse, he was seen by the GP. They got to the point of discussing the possibility of an STD or even prostate cancer which they counted out, and in the end, it turned out he ate beetroot! Very pigmented beetroot! You can’t imagine how we couldn’t stop laughing after all that tension…what a month!


Our first magazine appearance

Yesterday, a very dear project to us was published in Bridal Musings. It was our first time modelling together (Paul and I), but we had an amazing team of photograhers, videoraphers, HMUA, florists, special stationary, cake bakers, and needless to say, the most beautiful gown I ever wore (thank you, Shikoba Bride), and a nice suit for Paul (Zebel Bespoke). Needless to say, if we needed support, we had plenty! What left me without words, and even now looking at the pictures I’m still crushing on, is the venue: Patrick’s Barn, where the most whimsical decor was created. I dare you to look at these pictures and not dream of having your wedding in this barn.

A few months back when we had the shooting, we thought it will be a good idea to surprise my parents and send them pictures from behind the scenes without telling them what was actually going on. We only told them that we have something special coming up. So we sent them the pictures…and nothing. I had so many scenarios of how they’d react, but a lack of reaction, I did not expect.

So in the evening I call my parents to get their feedback on the pictures and it turns out, the surprise was ours. They totally bit the bate…only a bit too hard. They thought we got married without them being present. OOf, how silly of us all!

All in all, I don’t expect December to be a breather either so you’ll probably see a monthly round up for the next month also. Do let me know how you like these posts. Do you prefer more outfit posts and less personal ones? I love doing both and more than that, I know I haven’t posted about beauty in a very long time, but I have something special, with something affordable for the holidays.

Wine-stained kisses!

christmas decoration / leather trousers / sock boots / winter outfit / london / monthly round up / miss casual

christmas decoration / leather trousers / sock boots / winter outfit / london / monthly round up / miss casual

christmas decoration / leather trousers / sock boots / winter outfit / london / monthly round up / miss casual


What I wanted to be when I grew up

When was the last time you thought about what you wanted to become when you were a child. I always find it so interesting when I ask friends this question, because sometimes you really hear the most random things. Probably most of us are at the age that our child self imagined us to be this or that. I am wondering how many of us are actually what our child self wanted us to be?

My oldest wish that I can remember is that I wanted to be an archaeologist and more specifically, an egyptologist. Needless to say that I was so fascinated with the Pyramids and absolutely everybody knew. I even remember receiving books about Egypt for a few of my birthdays and I used to cherish and devour them. This for some reason sounds so wrong, but that is exactly what I used to do with the books.

It’s strange that I don’t even remember how this whole Egypt thing has started. I don’t remember seeing a cartoon or a movie first, but there is something that could have influenced me to go towards archaeology. Let me rephrase that: I know for sure that I wanted to be an archaeologist because of the Tomb Raider games.

We used to play them a lot: Dad and I. This was our favourite game. Then you still did not have means to cheat or research if you got stuck so I remember us using our brains a lot. Dad was the one actually playing, I was the extra mind….and the swimmer. That is the only thing I did better than him. Easy to say that for sure Lara Croft was the idol of my childhood.

At some point I even received a plastic hand gun so I would tie a few things to my hair for it to look longer and braided, and I would play around the house with my gun, searching highly valuable artifacts. What do you think, did I find anything? All of this happened at my Grandma’s so I did start finding “artifacts” later when I started being into fashion and I would go into her first, jewellery and then clothing collection.

Funny thing is that in my mind I was Lara Croft, but in reality I was going to ballet classes and I learned being more like a fragile swan, less like a gun-holding-Lara. After this, I remember wanting to be a few more things: a vet at our local zoo (in Targu Mures, which is gorgeous btw), a judge, a poet and writer (ahm! by this time I was around 15), a model…did I want to be anything else? Probably the first half of my life I wanted to be an archaeologist and the second half, except the few mishaps, I wanted to be a dancer.

How funny it is what our child self expectations are of ourselves and sometimes how far from the reality of today they are. Please do dare to share in the comments what you wanted to be when you were a child -I’m pretty sure we’d get some really interesting ones.

Melancholic kisses!


pink missguided dress / tower bridge / party dress / dance photo / london at night / miss casual

pink missguided dress / tower bridge / party dress / dance photo / london at night / miss casual

pink missguided dress / tower bridge / party dress / dance photo / london at night / miss casual



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