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Spring is coming! Not if you check the prognosis for British weather, of course, but nevertheless change is in the air. Maybe for you this will not be a change, but for me it certainly is. Looking back at last year’s outfits, I realised that I have rarely wore animal print. Actually, I only had one sweater and that was it. So for this spring I thought, why wouldn’t I embrace my inner goddess, lioness, or beast, I will not disclose myself that much, and start wearing some animal print.

I first had this thought at the beginning of winter, I can see that the Regent Street Christmas lights were not yet on, so it must have been early November. Ever since, I started slowly introducing animal print that was roaring at me and I was surprised at how natural it was. Can me being a Leo have anything to do with this?

There isn’t much more that I can say about animal print, but let me tell you another story:

I have been wanting to see Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald ever since it came out in the cinemas, I just didn’t. I blame it on Paul because it’s the easiest but truth be told, I haven’t made any effort either. Then I find myself watching my usual videos on Youtube and all kind of advertisements about the movie come up and I frantically press skip when possible, when not, I just don’t watch it because I don’t want anything to spoil the movie.

At work, we talked about the movie and it was so curious how different are the things that make us excited about seeing it. Some are excited to see the movie because Johnny Depp is playing Grindelwald, I was excited because Jude Law is playing Dumbledore and even more excited, because we get to see Hogwarts again…actually, I can’t say which of the two gets me more excited. Harry Potter fans will understand:D

Finally, today we are watching the movie! Yuppi! Now back to our animal print or fantastic beasts and how to wear them…

Cute/Smart – casual outfits

river island outfit / london / animal print sweater / leather skirt / regent street / miss casual
SWEATER – River Island (similar)
animal print | charleston outfit | zebra print | sequin skirt | london | miss casual
SWEATER – River Island
piccadilly circus / london / print dress/ river island / christmas lights / chunky sweater / asos / personal style / miss casual
DRESS – Asos (similar)

Casual-ish outfits

Podcasts / river island outfit / snake print skirt / winter outfit / miss casual
SKIRT – River Island
animal print | smake print | stradivarius dress | fortnum and mason | london | miss casual
DRESS – Stradivarius (similar)

Most definitely – casual outfits

animal print leggings | casual outfit | winter outfit | graffitti | london | miss casual
animal print | asos outfit | spring outfit | zara shoes | london | miss casual

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Fantastically printed kisses!

Are you an immigrant? I am

I am for the first time in my life an immigrant. I’ve been one for the past two years. Any changes in me? My DNA is probably still the same, I haven’t checked but Papa Science assures me it still is. I have not become more melodramatic, which I notice is quite a common “skill” us, immigrants, acquire. It’s either that I reached my full melodramatic potential before I became an immigrant, or, the version of reality I personally prefer, my not so new anymore immigrant status made me much more practical.

I can’t help it but hear Gary V in my head – yup, I hear voices, call the doctor! In his book “Crushing it!” which is actually the first audio book I ever listened to, courtesy of my friend Daniela, yes the photographer I mentioned so many times already. Gary (how familiar we are already, we go on first name basis) said that he couldn’t be happier that he is an immigrant and attributes all his drive to this. When you’re one, your family is probably far so there is nobody to rely on. You have no option but to succeed.

When things get hard, I get slightly jealous at the second generation immigrants, or should they just be called kids of immigrants? I am not really familiar with the terminology. My jealousy comes from all the opportunities naturalisation in a much better place than the one that you came from brings. Ok, I am not actually jealous (most of the time) but I am from time to time thinking – lucky bastard! Too sensitive a word for you eyes? Then let me rephrase it: I admire the parents who have sacrificed the comfort of their homes, of a country and language that they knew so well, in order to give you more options in life. No pressure on your shoulders, right?

Now, should we tackle an issue that most immigrants either think of or have encountered – how do locals see you? I am a first generation immigrant and I was either oblivious to it, or had a huge load of luck that I didn’t have anybody treating me differently because I was one. It’s either this or I was surrounded by too many immigrants to stand out, which especially in this situation, is fine by me.

I heard so many stories about how Romanians are treated abroad, and how Romanians treat other Romanians, that every time I thought of it, my heart would sink to the size of a flea – Romanian expression. However, I want to take this moment to thank the Romanian girl who I worked with in Harvey Nichols, who not only was super nice and helpful, she actually kept an eye out for any job that might be good for me. Hats off for your kindness.

Another thing about immigrants – after a few years abroad, to me it happened only after two, you start seeing your own country through a sort of a fantasy lens: quick crystalline rivers, sun is brighter, grass is greener, that kind of a thing. You only remember the good of it all. Ok, if you make a conscious effort, you might remember something really bad, but nothing in between, or is that just me?

Except nail-biting Brexit and sometimes still thinking in Romanian and laughing when it comes out all wrong in English, UK feels like home.

I’d love to know your own immigrant stories if you’d like to share in the comments below, I am always fascinated by the subject.

Immigrant kisses!

immigrant / winter outfit / blue coat / river island / neonrose dress / galaxy dress / miss casual
Dress – NeonRose
Coat – River Island
immigrant / winter outfit / blue coat / river island / neonrose dress / galaxy dress / miss casual
Not cold at all…can you tell?
immigrant / winter outfit / blue coat / river island / neonrose dress / galaxy dress / miss casual

How to wear skirts in winter

If all you can think of in this cold is trousers, trousers and more trousers, you might be in need of some “skirtpiration” (skirt inspiration). At the end of the day, if it’s the weather you worry about, you can layer an entire wardrobe under a skirt, but hardly anything under those jeans. Am I right? Tell me I am, I love these odd moments when it seems like I am. Kidding, too much coffee, and it’s only 8 am.

Look, I get it! It is just so freaking convenient to dress in the uniform that jeans + a sweater is, I am stuck in the same rut. But for the days when you want to look more put together, you can’t go wrong with a skirt. Not that it’s a scientifically proven fact, but if you wear a skirt (and look tired enough), a gentlemen if there are any left on Earth, might offer his place on the tube. Don’t test my theory during peek hours, though. Even so, it might be too far-fetched to hope for anything like this.

My personal secret to wearing skirts in the winter, especially in a windy winter which is the only one London gets, is the length. Midi or maxi, nothing mini or I feel like I am flashing everybody that walks past. If you drive in the narrow streets of London on a Friday or Saturday evening, you are guaranteed to be flashed…which I don’t know about you, but it is a big no-no in my book. Enough blabbering, let’s get into some pictures of the skirts that I wore recently.

Skirty(?) kisses

under £100 outfit / topshop / shoreditch / fringe jumper / satin skirt / winter outfit / london / miss casual
red outfit / topshop / stradivarius / shoreditch / winter outfit / london / miss casual
(Oups) Dress – TOPSHOP
london door / red sweater / maxi dress / reading / hatchards / miss casual
Cheating…this is a dress, buuuut, because the top part is covered, can we consider it a skirt?

Dress – Stradivarius
winter outfit / coral pink outfit / maxi dress / fluffy sweater / notting hill / london / miss casual
Another dress:D

Dress – Monki (similar)
china town / embellished top / bershka top / black outfit / metallic skirt / winter outfit / party outfit / miss casual
Skirt – Warehouse
london / vinyl skirt / river island / christmas decorations / chunky sweater / personal style / miss casual
Skirt – River Island (similar)
annabel's mayfair / christmas tree / pearl sweater / asos / personal style / miss casual
Skirt – Asos
christmas decoration / london / bershka knit / pink skirt / asos outfit / miss casual
Skirt – Asos
river island outfit / london / animal print sweater / leather skirt / regent street / miss casual
Skirt – River Island

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An all red outfit

In this world with this many colours, apparently birds can see even more than we do, probably a red outfit would be one of the last ones I’d choose to wear. Why? I always thought that my skin is too pink for reds and that I could never pull it off. However, it’s still quite close to the beginning of the new year when the resolutions are still quite fresh in our minds so I thought why not challenge myself. And I did, a true life and dead challenge and red won! I am not reluctant to wear red anymore so I guess it’s more of a win-win, isn’t it?

After my adventure with red, I discovered that I preferred cooler tones of red. They did not enhance my “pinkness” and didn’t even feel like I was a walking tomato. OK, I admit that a good layer of foundation and a full face of makeup helped in the process, but those are just details.

Another key – I was tempted to say hammer – to nail a red outfit, is to play with different textures. If you scroll down and have a look at the pictures you’ll see that I matched a knit on top to a velvet slip dress. I realized that with a colour that is so strongly associated with cheesy things like passion and Valentine’s day, I needed harder textiles to match the red outfit to my personality. I red lace top wouldn’t have worked for me. Not that there is anything wrong with a red lace top, it’s just..I’m probably not that much of a bombshell. (my mirror agrees)

A red outfit also makes me think of a Tango costume and I admit that with the slip dress I went in the same direction, but the knit top brought the wearability back into the outfit. Can we agree upon the fact that this colour is an attention seeker? If you don’t agree, then why are all the “sales” banners red? Not to go unnoticed for sure.

Another one of the qualities of a red outfit is that it brings back light in a city as grey as London is. How many times did I mention how lackluster London is around this time of the year? We should do a drinking game…or not because we’ll be just as lackluster afterwards. So to brighten London up, more than the double-decker bus can, why not wear a full red outfit?

Last quality, I promise, is that it is an unapologetic colour in how it commands your attention. Weird question: if you speak to somebody who is wearing a red lipstick, how much of the time are you actually looking at the person’s eyes, and how much at her lips? (or his, let’s not discriminate)

I don’t know how much this post is going to convince you to wear red more often, not that that was my aim either, but I though it will be fun to take myself out of my comfort zone and share it…especially because I quite enjoyed wearing a full red outfit.

Can you guess what colour kisses?


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red outfit / topshop / stradivarius / shoreditch / winter outfit / london / miss casual
JUMPER – Stradivarius
DRESS – Topshop
red outfit / topshop / stradivarius / shoreditch / winter outfit / london / miss casual
red outfit / topshop / stradivarius / shoreditch / winter outfit / london / miss casual

Pink+coral to avoid winter blues

It is almost hard to address this season that we have now in the UK as winter, but for the sake of the convention, I will. Is it just me or we all started going back to the very serious black, grey or navy outfits? No more Christmas red and no more New Year’s sparkle…now everywhere I look at outfits, including in the mirror, all I see is dark colours…and we’re wondering why we get the winter blues.

Every year I am so excited when Pantone is announcing the color of the year. Paul and I were guessing which one could it be and even though we had greenery only a few years ago, we both hoped it was going to be teal. It ended up being living coral…which goes nicely with teal so win-win. It’s sunny outside at the moment so the optimist in me just started the morning stretching. This color screams summer to me and in case you didn’t know, that is my favorite season of them all…and not just because I am a summer baby.

Now, how would a coral outfit adapt to each season? For spring it will be lovely against the lilac wisteria, for summer I picture every outfit on the beach against the gold sand and the blue/turquoise of the sea. Autumn…I can even imagine it in autumn with all the colorful leaves and pumpkins and other cinnamon tones, but winter is tricky. For winter, coral needs to act as a cure.

For those of us who have not seen the sun much for the past week, it is no surprise that the winter blues are slowly making their way in our hearts. So not that I am a doctor of any sort, but I am pretty sure a colorful outfit will be a good treatment. My outfit of choice was a pink and coral one. A fluffy sweater and a maxi dress with paisley print.

How would you wear the color of the year? If it is too bright for you to wear a full garment of the color, look for prints that include it, or wear it in your accessories. Hair clips are back in fashion and I can not stop but remember when I used to do ballet and I would wear a high bun, with a bow hair clip right underneath. I even had a coral one!

I will keep today’s post short because there is nothing better than wearing a coral and pink outfit out in the sun. Vitamin D, here I come!

Sunny kisses!

winter outfit / coral pink outfit / maxi dress / fluffy sweater / notting hill / london / miss casual
TOP – New Look
DRESS – Neon Rose
winter outfit / coral pink outfit / maxi dress / fluffy sweater / notting hill / london / miss casual
winter outfit / coral pink outfit / maxi dress / fluffy sweater / notting hill / london / miss casual

Under £100 glam outfit from ASOS

Ok, I admit I am late writing this post. Christmas parties are long gone, even New Years parties are now just a memory, but I am not over the glamorous side of the season. Are you? This Asos outfit would have been gorgeous for New Year no doubt, but I did things differently this year. I actually started my year in a pink silk pyjama…it doesn’t get lazier than this, but now I am making up for the glam time I lost.

If you are anything like me and maybe need inspiration for a birthday party coming up or any kind of party where you want to dress up to, I have the solution. When I think glam, I envision sparkly textures, transparencies, maybe even metallic fabrics, heels, always heels and a bright lipstick. My choice is usually pink , but I’ve heard red is quite popular also (much more than pink, in fact).

I wish I could tell you that I am writing this post from a cafe with huge windows, overlooking a foggy London, not able to decide between another coffee or Prosecco, it would have been much more appropriate for the outfit. However, I am at my desk, cuddled up in a soft fleece turquoise throw on, sipping coffee from my fat cat mug. How glamorous reality is!:)

1. Embellished mesh top – Bershka (Asos)

This is the kind of top that you can wear with jeans and make them look less casual or you can wear it with the fanciest skirt and heels. It is however completely see-through so you might want to wear it with a bralette or a body-suit, or not…who am I to judge?

Even though it is a mesh top and my first instinct would be to stay away from it because it looks too fragile, it is surprisingly not. The mesh is quite sturdy but elastic and if you have a sensitive skin like I do, you should not that is perfectly comfortable. That was a nice surprise!


2. Pleated metallic skirt – Warehouse (Asos)

This skirt does not photograph as nicely as it looks in person…what can I say, we are not all photogenic:)) On the Asos site, I don’t always watch the videos, but this skirt needed the video. Even so, it did not do it justice. Because it’s a pleated one and has these very fine metallic lines along, it is hard to capture it’s beauty on camera.

This is another of those very versatile pieces. You can dress it down with a sweater, make it more serious with a shirt or party-worthy with an embellished top.


BTS aka. Behind the Scenes

We decided to start the year with our favourite thing to do, after travelling, and that is shooting. Who knows, maybe if you start the year this way, you keep on doing it more and more, and more successfully should I say, throughout the year. It literally was the 1st of January, the 1st day of the new year when we went to China Town in the heart of London, hoping that people are too hungover from last night to start overpopulating the streets.

Ha! How silly of us. China Town is almost never empty and surely, it was not empty on the 1st of the year either. However, I knew where we wanted to shoot and we decided some time ago that we should curate our Instagram feed a bit less and take pictures in the moment. If it was full of people, then let there be people.

Have you shot on a busy London street? It is intimidating! Even after almost 2 years, it still gets intimidating. Paul has seen that my energy starts going low, I start going back into my shell and be naturally, intimidated. So he starts almost yelling instructions (many people on the street) so I raise my energy’s pants up and crack on with it. I probably went into full entertainer/ diva mode because I see a funny thing happening at the corner of my eyes.

We were in the middle of the street…well I was, Paul was just a bit lower down so not really in the way. This couple sees us taking pictures, I presume, and decides to not intervene. Very nice of them! Next thing I see is that the woman does a few back and forward steps to go right between Paul and I and the man tries to go behind me. The man then sees that she can’t decide if she should in fact get in the picture, in between Paul and I, or go around, so he comes back to grab her anxiously.

We of course stop shooting and thank them and they were very politely apologizing for disturbing us when I started thinking. Who knows what kind of a witch look I had that I confused them so much.


Happy New Year kisses! (still)

TOP – Bershka
SKIRT – Warehouse
COAT – QED London
china town / embellished top / bershka top / black outfit / metallic skirt / winter outfit / party outfit / miss casual
china town / embellished top / bershka top / black outfit / metallic skirt / winter outfit / party outfit / miss casual

Under £100 winter outfit from ASOS

A few posts ago we decided we are in need for knit. Just try to say that out loud, and if you had no problems saying it, say it twice as fast, repeatedly. That’s a tongue twister, isn’t it? Back to outfits, as an extension to that post, I went to check out some more knits from Asos which, if you have read my blog before, you know I love for the huge selection. Since the holiday  is coming and we might feel more like giving/buying presents for others, I have put together an outfit that is even less than £100 which is the usual in these series – this time it is under £70.

I love wearing skirts during winter, with a good pair of tights and a cozy sweater. I also find this combination a bit more girly – knits with skirts, than my usual knits with trousers. This is probably one of the most bohemian looks that I have ever put together, which really grows on me. It might be the holiday spirit that is making me all mushy, but I definitely have my bohemian side.

1. Asymmetric hem skirt | £38 ASOS

As much as I am in love with knits, this skirt is what started the whole outfit. It has a very soft jacquard look to it, but without becoming heavy looking or feeling for that matter. Do I need to say anything about the colour? It’s like I need to compensate for all my childhood when I didn’t want to wear pink and I am wearing it all now.

When I choose outfits lately, I also think of how they will look in pictures, and how will I feel moving in them. I don’t know if you noticed, but lately, we take more and more dynamic pictures and less static ones. This is just my personal preference and especially when you have a garment that flows and moves with you, it’s a bliss. And this skirt in particular, is exactly that. First, it’s as light as silk so it moved wherever I wanted it to, plus the asymmetric hem gives it another kind of movement.

You might have noticed, but I am not that much into classic skirts. This one is not classic at all and fulfills all my wishes: it’s pink, flowy and has an interesting architecture to it. What more can a girl ask? Swarovskies?

2. Multi-stripe knit | £24.99 BERSHKA

When it comes to knits, it’s very hard to go wrong for me. But one thing that puts me off for life is scratchy knits. I have quite a reactive skin so I get all red if I wear one of those hedgehog knits, but it is not the case with this one. When I saw the price tag, I did not have my hopes up, but I was most pleasantly surprised! It is so soft, even for me and I test drove it for the entire day and had no hedgehog issues.

Again, do I need to say anything about the colour? I love the coral with the pastel blue combination, makes me feel like I am in candy land without ruining my teeth. This is a chunkier design so at first I was not sure it would go with a voluminous skirt, but it totally did! I added a belt just to have a bit of a waist line, but it would honestly go without the belt also. Maybe just tuck the knit in, in front of the skirt for a longer legs effect. This is my most used trick:D


I have the impression that you will see this combination a lot: knits with skirts, because I am in that kind of a mood and then, the possibilities are endless. My Christmas tree is already giving me the looks, so I will finish the post now and start making my flat all Christmassy together with a well-caffeinated Paul.

Carols singing kisses!

christmas decoration / london / bershka knit / pink skirt / asos outfit / miss casual
christmas decoration / london / bershka knit / pink skirt / asos outfit / miss casual
christmas decoration / london / bershka knit / pink skirt / asos outfit / miss casual

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In need for knit – Winter essentials

I can’t imagine how I’d survive any winter without knit. For me, knits are just as much about the cold as they are about the feeling : cosyness! So bring your mulled wine, the peanuts, the coffee if you must, light that pine and cinnamon candle, and let’s get cracking with all the knit I have worn so far. Winter has not even started officially, but I feel that after all the leaves have fallen, autumn is done, so what else could be next? Plus, I am one of the weird ones who immediately after it gets chilly, will be wearing something knit.

missguided knit / mustard knit / chunky knit / london/ christmas lights / miss casual
KNIT – Missguided (similar)
covent garden / christmas decorations / christmas car / scandi knit / christmas jumper / sequin trousers / london / miss casual
KNIT – Asos
christmas decoration / leather trousers / sock boots / winter outfit / london / monthly round up / miss casual
KNIT – Missguided
river island outfit / london / animal print sweater / leather skirt / regent street / miss casual
KNIT – River Island (similar)
pink jumper / harrods laduree / jewellerybox / coffee time / miss casual
KNIT – Pretty Little Thing
espirt knit / pumpkin patch / stripe knit / hippie car / moving to London / personal story / crockford bridge farm / stripe sweater sequin dress / miss casual
KNIT – Esprit 
Pleated skirt chunky knit Chelsea pink house Mango outfit | Miss Casual
KNIT – Mango (similar)
london/ white knit / neal's yard / white outfit / transitional season outfit | Miss Casual
KNIT – Zara (similar)

Bonus part

I am late to post about this, but on December the 1st, which is Romania’s National Day, my friend Daniela Buda who I mentioned in my last post, has published a short film about what Romania used to look like when we were children. She filmed in the countryside, in the place where she spent most of her summer holidays, with a gorgeous model, all dressed in what our grandparents used to wear as a folk costume.

In the past 100 years, Romania has been through heaven and hell, people have moved from the countryside to the cities, and now back to the countryside, factories have opened and closed, communism is still on the lips of my parent’s generation and too many of the young people are leaving for countries with better economies – me included. Still, because for 24 years it was my home, it has something charming to it and I can hands-down recommend a trip to Romania if you are into wonderful scenery.

Harry Potter fans have asked me if we have Dragons – sorry, darlings, this is a national secret I can’t talk about 😛 still, go and visit (but maybe choose Sibiu instead of the capital, Bucharest). Now, back to Daniela’s video. Enjoy!

cosy kisses!

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