Under £100 outfit from Zara

Why do I feel like I haven’t written an “Under £100” outfit post in ages? Well, it’s only been a few months, unless I woke up one night, wrote a post and went back to sleep…without my knowledge:D. It is no secret that I like affordable fashion and gladly, that’s what high-street retailers are all about. One that is on everybody’s lips when they have a spontaneous party/ event coming up is Zara. At least it’s on my mind every time I need to find an outfit really fast. While I have my doubts about their physical store (blog post – here), and you can read all about it here, their online store is more and more pleasantly surprising.

First thing I noticed when I did my first online order was the packaging. It’s a simple box, tightly closed, then a white tissue paper that protects all my lovely clothes and a simple sticker to keep the tissue in place. Minimal packaging is my favourite! It would be absurd to talk about saving the planet with minimal packaging when we are talking about one of the fastest fashion retailers, but at least this is a compromise.

If you are rolling your eyes reading this because you are an online Zara shopper with experience and are saying: “Hey, blondie! It’s been like this for years” I must say in my defence that I’ve been living under a rock and this is the first time I am buying Zara online. I always found it more overwhelming than the old-school style of going into the store and touching and trying things…and dodging obstacles. What I am saying is that I appreciate that the items of clothing are not individually packed in a plastic bag that you must dispose of…I am sure if you are renting in London, or I heard that New York is the same, your box of a flat makes you very selective of even your trash.

Shall we go back to my Pink Panther outfit?

1. The ruffled top £25.99

For some weird reason, I am back to my grown-up ballerina colours. All I have in mind lately are pastel and dusty pinks, nudes ranging from butter to caramel, even a light pastel blue. Spring might have woken up the ballerina in me. That is what this colour means to me, but to you it can simply be a dusty pink that an adult can wear without any problem. Even though it’s a knit top, it is definitely for the warmer months. It’s very light, pleasant on the skin, and lets your skin breath through.

In these pictures I wore it without a jacket, but it can easily go underneath a classic jacket which will make the entire look more office appropriate. To make this casual or as I like calling it, casual chic, ditch the heels for flats and if you must, ditch the trousers as well for a pair of jeans.

2. The trousers £29.99

Lately, I have been very lucky with Zara trousers. I started experimenting with different designs, not just my trusty black jeans and I was surprised how many of the trousers I like and how many fit me. Does anybody remember when their trousers were really, really long? I am not tall, I am 1.70 m, but those ones seemed to be made for 1.80 m upwards.

These trousers have almost every element I like: they are high-waisted, slightly cropped to show the ankles, that beige/creme pink colour and a belt from the same fabric. I don’t know about you, but this kind of trousers inspire me: I can wear them with a T-shirt and sneakers for a casual look, a shirt for office, an embellished blouse for evening and the list could go on, they are this versatile!

The heels are just my usual metallic heels, but you can replace them with any nude heel you have or as I was tempting you earlier, with flats. Between us, flats would be my go-to. As much as heels elongate the legs and make me feel more confident, I feel flats are more who I really am…most of the time:P

Oki doki (if I’ve ever sent you a message you know I write this quite often) this is all I wanted to say to introduce you to my under £100 Zara outfit for the spring. I feel like something’s in the air so you might see more nude/ light colour schemes from me.

Orange blossom kisses!

zara outfit / under £100 outfit / ballerina outfit / spring outfit / london / miss casual
zara outfit / under £100 outfit / ballerina outfit / spring outfit / london / miss casual
zara outfit / under £100 outfit / ballerina outfit / spring outfit / london / miss casual


Lunik floral print ruffle crop top • $29
Elisabetta Franchi ruffled knit top • Elisabetta Franchi • $278
Asos Design ASOS DESIGN wrap top with ruffle and lace Insert in blue • Asos • $20
TOPSHOP Ruffle Tie Front Blouse • Topshop • $34.97
Asos Design ASOS DESIGN tapered cargo utility pants with buckle detail • Asos • $60
Topshop Emilie Paperbag Waist Tapered Trousers • Topshop • $68
Joseph high-waisted trousers • Joseph • $256
Womens Grey check paperbag waist trousers • River Island • $51.29

Shirt dress + first place I saw in London

I dare you to name a piece of clothing that is more versatile than a shirt dress. It can easily look put together with the right accessories, but just as well could be casual with a pair of sneakers. Even better, undo those buttons and you have a throw on that you can wear over a t-shirt and jeans or even over a simple dress. Also, because we did this shooting in one of the first places that I’ve seen in London, I want to tell you a bit more about that.

My very first trip to London happened in the summer of 2016 and to tell you that it was life-changing, would be an understatement. I was always a huge advocate of how traveling takes you out of your comfort zone and makes your mind more flexible to accept new cultures. Even so, I could have not predicted how much this trip to London would change how I want my life to be. It made me recalculate everything: my career, the place I want to live in and who I want to spend my life with. It so happened that this is the summer when Paul and I re-saw each other as adults, after we haven’t spoken a word in 10 years.

On my very first day in London, my friend Daniela(who was then living here) asked me which is the first place I want to see and my answer couldn’t have been quicker: The Big Ben. Even my house keys had a Big Ben on them so I guess it was meant to be. So yes, after the airport and the tube, the first place I saw in London was Westminster with it’s beautiful Big Ben. I thought it is about time to go back to it, this time doing what I came here to do. You might have noticed that Westminster is also the beautiful background for this shooting featuring the Zara shirt dress.

We might as well go back for another shooting because we could not capture the Big Ben because it was under construction. Whenever such an iconic touristic destination is under construction I think of how annoyed I would be if this was the first time I came to see it and it’s well…still in “hospital”, however that’s exactly what happened with Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and I still enjoyed it.

Back to the shirt dress, though. This is still from my Zara haul, the same one which started our under £100 outfit from the high street brands. I have to admit that this shirt dress was actually picked by Paul. While I was trying on what I picked, he saw a lady wearing it so the moment I came out of the changing rooms he was a;; too excited to show me the dress and I loved it. The textile is so soft on the skin and because it’s not form fitted, it’s so comfortable, yet it looks so put together. Literally the easiest thing to throw on.

I am a huge print fan, you might have read my post about tropical prints, but this one is slightly different. In the grand scheme of prints, this is a mature print, yet still age versatile. It would look just as natural on both me and my Mom. Also, this print gives me huuuuge Versace vibes so if you ever looked for an affordable option for a Versace shirt dress, here you have it. What do we think about the colour? I personally love wearing this red wine burgundy during autumn.

I also saw it in a light cream option with navy and gold pattern and I must say I am quite tempted. How do you like a shirt dress? Do you prefer them to a regular one? Also, I quite love how even though I have only lived in London for almost two years now, I have memories in so many beautiful places that I love sharing with you.

Happy beginning of autumn (it just hit me:D)


shirt dress | Miss Casual

Shirt Dress – Zara

shirt dress | Miss Casual

shirt dress | Miss Casual

shirt dress | Miss Casual

shirt dress | Miss Casual

shirt dress | Miss Casual

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