Teddy coat and a closed Harrods

You know how some people could just stay in the entire day, almost without moving, watching movies or playing video games? I am not one of them. If I have too much time on my hands I feel lost if I don’t do something useful with it. Especially with a lot of time on my hands, I love travelling… as I might have mentioned before.

This time we didn’t travel far, maybe just an hour away, but we were still in London, and more importantly, in one of the most populated places in London – Harrods. I understand why the hype about Harrods, really! I worked there and I know how much they offer both to the customer and to their employees. Even if you just go in without buying, it is a spectacle, they put on a show for you. However, the reason why we chose this location is because it was Christmas Day and we were hoping to take some pictures without many people in them. During a normal day, it is almost impossible, but this time, because Harrods was closed, it was not full of people. But there were still quite a few of them around.

I was so pleasantly surprised to see the Christmas decorations in person. I’ve only seen the Harrods x Dolce & Gabbana collaboration on Insta Stories, but everything is so cute in person. I am sorry I missed the day when Stefano & Domenico came and put up a fashion show in their very own Dolce & Gabbana market that I’ve heard is still up. So curious!

If now is not the time to explore all those places that we can’t when we’re not on holiday, I don’t know when it is. How do you like to spend your holidays?


IMG_4168 final

IMG_4110 final

IMG_4132 final

IMG_4182 final

IMG_4158 final

IMG_4201 final

IMG_4189 final

IMG_4133 final

IMG_4093 final

IMG_4124 final

IMG_4096 final

IMG_4190 final

COAT – Topshop

KNIT – Topshop (similar)

JEANS – Topshop




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