The importance of taking a break

If you thought this will be a lovely article about how to optimise your life and how to take a break, already imagining yourself in the most comfortable sofa, a few timid rays of sun washing over your face while you’re in a state of silent bliss…you are wrong! I have no idea how to take time off. So I am in no way in the position in which I can tell you how to do it.

I do hope to turn this into a conversation and ask you how do you deal with this kind of anxiety and more importantly, what do you do to take a break? Especially when taking a break gives you more anxiety.

Before I go further, if you are sensitive to this kind of topics of conversation, you can take a break from myself by clicking the “x” at the top right corner and tune in on Monday for a more cheerful post. Today I need to keep it real. Escapism is all lovely, but like yin and yang, we need that root in reality to truly have something to escape from.

I can’t believe I went down this rabbit hole! But now that I am sliding slowly, I will continue until my bum hits the soft soil at the bottom and I find a potion on which “solution” is written in capital letters. Whenever I have this kind of enigma about myself, I start analysing my feelings and reactions. How does taking a break make me feel?

Considering that we live in a society where you have to be an over-achiever in order to be successful, taking a break makes me feel that the ride to the top will be even longer. Then, there is always something to do, to tweak, to improve, to get inspired from. Which takes me to my next point: in this situation we feel like we never do enough and we start being hard on ourselves.

Even as I was writing this, I kept on thinking in my head about the solution. So my potion bottle first says: balance. This is a marathon, not a sprint and for that we need balance between speed and breathing. How long can we do something without a break? Then, next thought was: I need to organise myself! I need to organise what I want to do in a day…realistically, and then not feel guilty if I don’t do more. Any organisation app suggestions? I remember I read an article on the NotJessFashion blog, I need to go back and check it out.

Before this gets exasperating for both of us, I will end it here. What do you do to relax? Do you find it easier to relax than I do? And even more importantly (not really, but sounded fancy) – should I do this kind of an improvised self-analytical post ever again?

We are all just human kisses!

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river island outfit | zebra print | animal print | taking a break | personal development | london

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