The perfect autumn Mango outfit

Have you noticed how with every change of season, people seem so inspired with their outfits. It feels like we all had that outfit idea at the back of our minds and we were just waiting for the right weather to wear it. This is what happened with this Mango outfit. Since it was still full on summer in London, I had this idea of a colourful chunky knit with a midi skirt.

It’s no news that I love versatile outfits and this Mango outfit is the perfect example. Put on some flats, even sneakers if you dare, and here you have your autumn uniform. Or, and this still gives me the Sex and the City vibes – put on a pair of Manolo Hangisi and the outfit immediately becomes a casual chic, very feminine one.

You might think that I am ahead of the season here, talking about chunky knits, but only last week, it was so cold in the UK (especially in Edinburgh). Now, of course, I check the weather and it gets to 22 degrees C, but after the Indian Summer phenomenon leaves us, we’ll be in desperate need of knit.

Pleated skirt chunky knit silver bag Chelsea pink house Mango outfit | Miss Casual

The green sweater

When I was little, my Mum was a red-head and consequently, she wore a lot of green. Can you tell that I have a soft spot for greens? However, I have put my own spin on it, well, Mango’s spin, and picked a brighter shade of green than what Mum used to wear. Bonus for this chunky knit, I only had a body suit underneath, so the knit was touching my hands and chest directly and it was perfectly comfortable. It was not itchy at all and this is coming from somebody who has quite a “reactive” skin.

The midi pleated skirt

For this Mango outfit, a pleated skirt was hunting my dreams. It just took a while to find the right one. I believe the midi length brings such an elegance to the outfit. Also, surprise, surprise, I was not cold wearing it and one more important thing – it was wind proof. After I moved to London and felt how windy it can get, I stayed away from skirts and dresses from the fear of not flashing anybody. With this Mango outfit though, you’ll have no problem…except if you find a Marilyn Monroe tube situation.

The silver bag

Can it get more versatile than this? A silver bag can be worn with so many colours! Also, because of the boxy shape, it adds such a laid back element to the outfit even though thinking of silver, you’d expect something very “in your face”. For this Mango outfit, I knew exactly that I want to photograph it with a colourful background, so the outfit being this colourful already, I needed subtle coloured accessories. And this is how I came across the bag.


I have almost put this Mango outfit in the £100 series because if you take out the bag, the sweater and skirt are just a few pounds more than 100. However, I thought I was getting too flexible with this series rules, so instead, it became just a normal outfit post.

Where would you wear this Mango outfit? Do you think it’s the right weather for it. Keep in mind that I am always cold:)


Pleated skirt chunky knit silver bag Chelsea pink house Mango outfit | Miss Casual

Pleated skirt chunky knit Chelsea pink house Mango outfit | Miss Casual

Pleated skirt chunky knit silver bag Chelsea pink house Mango outfit | Miss Casual

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