The perfect gift – Naked Heat palette

From all the things that you can gift and be gifted, I have two favourites. One of them is jewellery, I love giving jewellery and even more, I love receiving it. If you read my post about my rings collection, you’ll know by now that I have so many memories related to the jewellery that I received – people, places, situations. The second favourite thing to give, and be given even more, is makeup. I am not a hoarder, but makeup just sparks my candle (is this the expression?) and when my parents came to visit and they’ve given me a beautifully wrapped package in a Sephora bag – my eyes went wide, my heart started beating faster. It was the Naked Heat palette from Urban Decay.

If you know me, you know that most of the colours that I wear are warm tones: corals, browns, bronzes, reds, and sometimes I do venture into cool tones, but I always come back to my first love. The Naked Heat palette which you might have seen all over Youtube is the fantasy which became reality of a warm-toned lover. I am one of those. I could barely stay away from not swatching the eyeshadows before we took pictures of the palette.

When it first came out, it was sold out in a matter of days, re-stocked and sold out again. In London, it was impossible to find it and so many people wanted it. And now, I have my own well-traveled (it came from Romania) Naked Heat palette. I’ve wore it non-stop for a week which is not the longest time but keep in mind that I wear eye makeup daily so I did at least 7 looks with it. Were they all very different from one another? Most of them, no. The looks that can be done with the palette are quite similar but exactly because of the fact that all the shades can be worn with each other, you can never fail. If you’re just starting in makeup, this palette is really making your job easier.

Are you afraid of wearing reds? We’ve been hearing that it makes us look sick, or like we’ve been crying. The truth is, if we spend a bit more time on the base – foundation, and we conceal every bit of redness, add a bit of bronzer, we will not look like that boyfriend of ours messed around with our feelings when wearing red. On the contrary, regardless of the colour of our eyes, red brings out shades that no other colour does. My eyes are hazel and I usually love it when eyeshadows make my eyes look even more green, but red makes my eyes look like a honey – hazel. They look much much lighter.

Another thing that I like in the Naked Heat palette is that there are a ton of mattes: from the bone colour one that’s perfect to set your eye primer, to a few crease shades, from light to darker and a few colour that I love putting either all over the lid or on the outer edges for dimension. The four shimmery eyeshadows though, are something else! They are so creamy and easy to apply and of course, they compliment any of the other shades in the palette. Something that I noticed with the matte eyeshadows is that they are very powdery when I put my brush in them. Personally I don’t find this a problem because I just tap off the excess and when I apply them to the lid, I have no fall out.

Would I suggest you buy the Naked Heat palette? If you are into warm eyeshadows and you don’t have the colours yet, I would say go for it! It’s a good quality palette which will come in handy not just during summer, but any other season really. Also, I was curious, do you like gifting and be gifted makeup? I know everything is a matter of preference and with complexion makeup you need to know the exact shade, so that might be a bit more difficult. Although, I feel that with eyeshadows and lip products, you can never go wrong. Oh and if your friend is a nail polish lover – that’s even better because there are so many shades at so many price tags.

Did you try the Naked Heat palette? If you did, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


naked heat | miss casual

naked heat | miss casual

naked heat | miss casual

naked heat | miss casual

naked heat | miss casual

naked heat | miss casual

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