The perfect spring accessory -the wooden watch (and a smile)

Ever since I was a child, I was surrounded by clocks and watches. My grandfather was a great collector as most Hungarians are. They love their antiques – from stamps to coins and something a bit more specific to grandpa, all kinds of unique watches. After he retired from work, he started repairing clocks and watches. This was more of a social activity for him than it might seem like at a first glance, because most of his clients would stay with him while he was repairing the watch and either tell them stories which he was very good at except the fact that they were never-ending, or listen to them….so on top of his beautiful collection of clocks that he had displayed in every single room, he collected stories also.

Me, as most kids, loved stories so I often spent weekends and holidays at my grandparents’. Some people might find it strange and rather annoying, but I loved the fact that in the room where I slept, were a ton of clocks. For me the ticking was not annoying at all, rather on the contrary, I found it quite relaxing and it gave that fantasy-like atmosphere…kids and their imagination.

Anyways, I love watches and what I love even more is gifting them. I did this for dad this Christmas and it was so much fun to ask mom to take pictures of all of his watches, just to make sure he doesn’t have the one that we had our eyes on, so as you can see, the love for watches runs in the family.

I asked people around me if they are celebrating Valentine’s Day and most of them have a very realistic view of what this day has to look like. They say that they don’t need a specific day to show their love, but then is this the pragmatic era that we live in talking, or is it that romanticism is almost an extinct characteristic?

Personally, I am somewhere in between. I don’t need a romantic dinner and candles, but I might initiate a candle and lace night, but Paul, my fiance is the most unpredictable person I know and he loves surprising me. This time he wanted to surprise me with a watch and when Jord Watches reached out to us, everything got even easier for him. These are luxurious wooden watches, with quite a minimalist design to them which I love because I usually wear my watches with bracelets. If I wanted to surprise him with a watch, which I can’t now because he is probably reading this soon, but if I wanted, I could because Jord has a wide collection of men’s watches also. He picked the watch for me, which I find perfect for spring and when I wore it, I felt like I was matching perfectly the spring decorations in London. The women’s watch he chose was the Frankie Purpleheart and Plum design that, as the name suggests is a berry colour with rose gold detailing. I love the natural wood strap because it makes the watch very light and frankly, unique. I have never seen anything like this.

To make your timepiece even more personal, you can opt to have the watch engraved or the cedar box that it comes in. If you find the watches as exciting as I do and you know the right person that you want to gift one to, or have it for yourself, why not, Jord is offering you a $100 gift voucher to make that desire a reality. All you need to do is click on the link below and fill in your details until the 11th of March.

I feel that this year will be an exciting one with a few trips planned and a few giveaways to show my appreciation to you who are spending your time reading about the products I love, the trips I take and come with me down the memory lane also .

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Luxury Wooden Watch

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