The “R” word on everybody’s lips – Raffia

Raffia is in the air…hopefully not as much “in the air” as it is in my room, but you get what I mean. It is definitely the season for it, but even before it was hyped, raffia has slowly become my way of infusing a bit of summer into the box our room is. When you hear it, you might be thinking of hats, bags in all shape and forms and maybe even earrings and shoes, but my passion for it does not stop at clothes.

I can’t say that I’ve been into home decor because we are still renting the flat that we live in so we can’t do much to it. However, Paul and I recently discovered that when it comes to decor we are maximalists. Probably, we weren’t before but at some point we’ve put up a big board where I’d pin all my magazine cuts that I liked at that particular moment (I maybe change it once a month). The room started feeling so cosy and much more “us”. So we realised that we are that kind of people who need their room to have a personality. As much as I appreciate minimalism visually, I could not live in a minimalist place.

So where is the place where a maximalist can still find cute things in the budget? (except a flee market / Car boots) Ikea! So at the moment we have one big raffia cube and a few raffia plant pots that we’ve attached to the wall and I use them as makeup brush holders. On top of that, my eyes are doing the “Puss in boots” trick every time I see a ratan lamp shade…so there will be some changes coming forward. Can it be the summer fever that got me into this? Or is it really that my home decor instinct is starting to take shape?

Just like in the previous post, I will go back through our photos and attach the ones where I am wearing anything raffia, plus a few more inspo items that might make you feel you’re on holiday…even though you’re caught in traffic (and hopefully not driving and reading).

Summer kisses!

raffia hat / white suit / st paul's cathedral / london / office wear / miss casual / women suit
neon rose store / neon rose brand / summer outfit / Romania / miss casual
I am half-cheating with this photo because I believe that basket is actually made of rattan, but it could have been raffia 🙂
raffia / natural history museum | ootd | how to wear a printed blouse | spring outfit | london | miss casual
A Car-boots find that can hold a bottle of wine without problems…picnic anybody?
raffia / christmas tree | christmas decoration | cozy home | sequin top | river island | miss casual
This Fortnum and Mason hamper box currently holds our video games…looks nice too
raffia / summer dress / party dress / fitted dress | miss casual
raffia bag / summer outfits / beach outfit / asos | miss casual
Take me to the beach – bag

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